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  1. kenbian


    Nouveau (enfin pas tant que ça) land speeder en approche: Forge World Preview: The Proteus Pattern Land Speeder Returns (again) The Horus Heresy has been a fantastic way for our designers and fans alike to revisit classic designs from Rogue Trader and re-canonise them as ancient weapons from the Age of Darkness. Earlier in the year, Forge World breathed new life into the classic Land Speeder – one of the first-ever Space Marines vehicles to be designed – with a retro-tastic event exclusive, complete with “beaky” marines! Of course, the classic Land Speeder isn’t just a collector’s piece – it’s also a great choice for a Space Marine Legions army. So, very soon, you’ll be able to get your hands on this new vehicle in a new kit featuring MKIV Space Marines and a huge host of weapon options: Pick one up as a collector’s piece, add some fast-moving firepower to your Horus Heresy army or use it as an alternative Land Speeder for a Warhammer 40,000 army – the choice is yours! You’ll be able to grab the Proteus Pattern Land Speeder soon – in the meantime, you’ll be able to pick up the retro-style Proteus at selected events and at Warhammer World. If you can’t wait, plan a trip today!
  2. kenbian


    Dernière news FW: Coming Soon to Forge World Kria the Huntress Fresh from the amniotic tanks of House Escher’s alchymyst fleshteks, the death-maiden known as Kria the Huntress will soon be turning the Necromundan underhive into her own personal hunting ground. She serves as one of the matriarch council’s top enforcers, fighting at their sole discretion alongside other Escher Gangs (though a suitably generous bribe will certainly aid any request for her intervention as a Bounty Hunter). Kria is equally deadly whether sniping prey through the telescopic sight of her long las or duelling with her stylised autopistol and long knives. She has even been known to cut her own flesh in order to lace the blades of her knives with her toxic blood! Kria the Huntress will be available to pre-order from this Friday. Seraptek Heavy Construct We have a bit of a treat for you as well – not just the title of the hitherto unnamed Necron heavy construct, but also a sneak preview of one of the formidable weapons at its disposal: That’s pretty nasty, we’re sure you’ll agree – and it’s equipped with two of these brutal guns as standard! The Seraptek Heavy Construct has also just had the last few licks of paint applied, so we can now reveal it in all its complete, fully painted glory! The mighty Seraptek Heavy Construct will be available to pre-order soon.
  3. Non non, le cor et le porte étendard c'est une option, tu peux avoir 6 gars avec bouclier et épée si tu veux.
  4. Forge world c'est la vie, de superbes figurines bien détaillés. Par contre il faut pas oublier de laver la résine à l'eau savonneuse avant de peindre sinon la peinture accroche pas... Il doit y avoir une vdeo de Games qui explique comment travailler la résine. Faudrai que je la retrouve.
  5. Ha oui ? J'ai pas vu passé linfo... Pourtant les références ont carrement disparue de la boutique..
  6. À noter que malgré la renaissance via un nouveau système de jeu que plusieurs références ne sont plus commandable sur le site de Games. Par exemple toute les figs de garde de la citadelle de Minas Thirith ont disparue. Elrond et Gil Galad aussi. Ainsi que des références des Elfes de Mirkwood. Je me faisais une joie de voir le système renaître mais je vais peut être joué la prudence au final...
  7. kenbian


    Pour info, les prix sont maintenant en Euro sur la boutique en ligne.
  8. kenbian


    Les nouveautés à venir pour les Blood! Plus quelques Consuls. Les Blood sont vraiment beaux! Je pense que l'on tient le plus beau Contemptor réalisé.
  9. kenbian

    Forgeworld We’ve spotted some renowned heroes of the Horus Heresy lurking at the event as well – including Jenetia Krole of the Sisters of Silence and the truly terrifying Magos Dominus Scoria, a fallen scion of the Mechanicum. The mighty Carnodon tank is also on display, which will provide more armoured might to armies of the Solar Auxilia. Two Space Marine Legions are getting new commanders, with power-armoured and Terminator armour-clad Praetors for the Blood Angels and Alpha Legion on display.
  10. kenbian


    The Future’s Bright for the Age of Darkness Exciting times lie in store for the Horus Heresy. Last night, Forge WorldFabricator General Tony, and longtime studio veteran Andy, joined us on Warhammer Live to discuss what’s next for the Age of Darkness. As well as answering some burning questions from the community, the guys brought along a couple of tantalising, never-seen-before previews from the next stage of the Horus Heresy – Malevolence. Don’t worry if you missed it – we’ve got the full roundup (and some other teases) for you right here… Malevolence is the eighth Horus Heresy book, set during the investigation of the Signus System and the shadow campaign in the Chondax System. Signus is one of the most important war zones of the Horus Heresy, seeing Daemons unleashed en-masse and Sanguinius’ fateful duel with the Bloodthirster Ka’Bandha. This book will provide both a new perspective on some iconic lore, as well as an exploration of the hidden histories of this dark chapter for the Imperium. Inside, you’ll find rules for new Legion units, an army list for Daemons of the Ruinstorm, campaigns set on Signus Prime and the events surrounding what occurred in the Chondax System. As well as looking at the Blood Angels and White Scars, this book will also include additional content for the Alpha Legion and Space Wolves. Of course, there are loads of new models on the way, too – here’s a sneak peek at just one of them, the Blood Angels Praetor There are more previews on the way, and soon, so stay tuned. If you’re looking to stay up to date with the Age of Darkness, Warhammer Live is planning a regular slot with tactics, previews, interviews and, of course, battles – we know you guys want to see more Horus Heresy content, and we’re happy to provide! You can check these out on Twitch for free by watching live, while for just $5 a month, you can check out the entire back catalogue whenever you like. In the meantime, stay up to date with all the latest Horus Heresy goings-on by following the Forge World Facebook page, and subscribe to the Forge World newsletter for regular updates on news, releases, offers and more.
  11. kenbian

    [GW] The Rumor Engine

    C'est bizarre la forme me fait pensé à une épée elfique. Mais les traces d'usure font plus Destruction ou Death. Peut être une épée pour les fameux gobelins pirate à AoS?
  12. Je sais pas, peut être qu'ils vont mettre un emballage en carton plus de socle en 32mm. D'un point de vue plus personnel je serai réellement surpris de voir la disparition d'unité spé des légions. Les torses pour upgrade à la rigueur mais vraiment les unités spé ce serai trop.
  13. kenbian


    Fire of Cyraxus est repoussé à on sait pas quand, le prochain IA ce sera Custodes/Sœur contre on sait pas qui.
  14. Les Palatine blade vont sûrement être reconditionné. Ce qui explique le "no longer available" car ils vont aussi changer de réf.
  15. kenbian


    Je parle pas d'armes plastiques mais des kits résine sorti chez Forge pour allé sur les MKIV plastique.

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