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  1. Nouvel article sur le War Co: What is the Tithe? Nagash has a plan. This plan needs a deathless army or two to accomplish it. To build a deathless army, The Supreme Lord of the Undead needs some raw materials – which is where the tithe comes in. As we draw closer to the release of the Mortal Realms’ latest army, we’re taking a close look at the fascinating lore of the Ossiarch Bonereapers. The Basics The Ossiarch Bonereapers are Nagash’s new vision for the Mortal Realms. Unlike the Nighthaunt or Flesh-eater Courts, they aren’t risen revenants or deluded cannibals, but a brand-new form of unlife, purpose-built for war. Only the Mortarch Katakros and his chief lieutenant, Arch-Kavalos Zandtos, possess true memories of their time among the living, with the remainder of the Ossiarch legions consisting of consciousness formed from combinations of dozens or even hundreds of mortal souls. These are then used to animate immortal, inviolable and horribly strong bodies constructed from bone. The Ossiarchs are Nagash’s future vision for the Mortal Realms. He intends to create a perfect, endless army spanning every landmass, with everywhere from Azyr to Aqshy rendered into a cold, unfeeling metropolis known as the Necrotopia. Which is where the tithe comes in. The Tithe of Bone The Ossiarch Bonereapers already possess massive armies, having carefully waited out the apocalyptic devastation of the Age of Chaos. However, Nagash’s ambitions of conquering the Mortal Realms require even more warriors, and for that, he needs a lot of bone. Sure, he could just send his armies out to slaughter every living thing they found, but that would be unsustainable, not to mention pretty messy! Instead, the Ossiarch Bonereapers first seek the most deadly of weapons to accomplish their goals – diplomacy. The Tithe Begins The Ossiarch legions are no mindless automata, but intelligent, independently minded and cunning. While driven by the purpose for which they were designed, high-ranking Ossiarchs, like those of the Mortisan caste, are capable negotiators, schemers and manipulators, bringing empires to their knees by word and contract as well as fire and sword. Upon finding a settlement of the living, the Mortisans will present an offer – tithe your bones, or face annihilation. Where the offerings come from matters not to the Ossiarchs – some civilisations may dredge their graveyards for fitting tithe, while others may choose to take the limbs of their citizens in order to supplement a dangerously meagre collection of remains. The Cycle Continues As the years pass, the Ossiarchs will return time and time again to civilisations they tithe from. Sometimes, vast spans of time may pass before they come again, as Ossiarchs that made deals centuries ago come asking for bone in ancient dialects now unfamiliar to a land’s inhabitants. Generally speaking, the tithe is cruel, but sustainable – the Ossiarchs wish no more to slaughter wantonly than a farmer wishes to slay his cattle. However, capricious commanders of the Stalliarch Lords are known to issue impossible terms to empires they wish to destroy, such as requiring exact records of the condition of every bone kept in the city – including those currently residing within its citizens. Forged of Bone The Mortisan’s use of bone is not accidental – indeed, the properties of the matter used to create an Ossiarch Bonereaper shape both their character and their abilities. The Petrifex Elite are forged from fossils, making them ponderous, single-minded and nigh-indestructible. The Null Myriad are forged from those skeletons used in the construction of the Black Pyramid, giving them a terrifying resilience against magic, and a quiet, unnerving pride that unsettles even the champions of Chaos. Perhaps the most terrifying are the Ivory Host. Outwardly magnificent and noble in aspect, these warriors hide a dark secret – forged from bestial bone, they give in to a horrific animal rage in battle, clawing and hacking at their enemies as the bestial energies within their bodies take over. The Tithe Broken Of course, the tithe cannot go on forever. Any empire that falls victim to the whims of the Ossiarchs is doomed, either by the eventual, inexorable expansion of Nagash’s domain or by their own foolish defiance. Should any try to resist the demands of the Ossiarch legions, either by outward aggression or by providing poor-quality tithes, they are slain. When dealing with tithe-breakers, the Ossiarch Bonereapers attack with terrifying force and impeccable discipline, stopping only when their betrayers are utterly annihilated, remains left to flap and flutter on long spears in warning to other would-be rebels. Want to learn more? The Ossiarch legions are closer than ever! Keep a watchful eye on the horizon for further signs of their coming – and maybe subscribe to our newsletter just to be on the safe side. You wouldn’t want to miss the tithe, after all…
  2. Au pire s'il y a de vrai découverte la semaine prochaine, ce serai sûrement du teasing à la "the tithe" pour les Ossiarch mais peut-être pas de nouvelles figs. Vaut mieux ne pas s'attendre à des trucs trop ouf histoire de pas être déçu
  3. Et non il reste encore les Ossiarch. Aussi bien on aura une révélation de la gamme complète et c'est tout. S'il y a une nouvelle armée AoS qui sort elle sera certainement annoncé en début d'année 2020 comme c'était le cas pour les Daughter of Khaine ou les Gloomspite.
  4. Faut que j’arrête ça, je vois des Aelfs à chaque RE
  5. On peut aussi imaginer qu'ils ont modeler des os pour leur donner certaines formes. Comme le palanquin du monsieur d'aujourd'hui ou les catapultes.
  6. Quel que part on le savait déjà. Dans ce trailer, ils disent à la fin "pre order october 2019".
  7. Il y a un lien Imgur en page 9 avec plein d'autres photos du battletome. https://imgur.com/a/ogFzjfY#WEA00cM
  8. Bin le décor on savait déjà Un genre d'autel pour déposer la dîme des os.
  9. Allez viens on est bien, et comme ça tu lâcheras plein d'infos AoS pour nous
  10. Y a pas 2 RE de résolu avec cette sista ? Edit: ha non j'ai confondu avec le brasier du perso Salamanders.
  11. Battle Sister Bulletin – Part 18: Arco-flagellants Today, we bring glorious news as we can, at last, reveal the entire box contents of the upcoming Adepta Sororitas: Sisters of Battle Army Set! While we’ve shown you most of the miniatures in the set so far – and have even given away the amazing new Canoness to a number of lucky individuals* – we’ve kept our powder dry on a couple of the units… but no more! Before we take a closer look at the shiny new Arco-flagellants and Repentia Superior in the box, let’s show the army set off in full… Amazing, huh? Just to recap, here’s a full list of what you’ll get in the box. 1x Canoness 10x Battle Sisters 5x Seraphim 1x Repentia Superior 4x Repentia 3x Arco-flagellants 1x Penitent Engine Exclusive Edition of Codex: Adepta Sororitas Adepta Sororitas Datacards 12x Dice 1x Adepta Sororitas Transfer Sheet 1x Warhammer 40,000 Core Rules booklet Whether you want to start a new Sisters of Battle collection, expand an existing force with the new range of plastic miniatures, or even dip your toes into the (grim, dark and futuristic) waters of Warhammer 40,000 for the first time, the Sisters of Battle Army Set has you totally covered. And no, it’s not an abridged codex – it’s the fully updated new edition of Codex: Adepta Sororitas, with special cover art exclusive to this set! Now that you know what you can look forward to, let’s take a look at the rest of the new miniatures in the set… Arco-flagellants What Are They? In the grim darkness of the far future, it’s really not a good idea to upset the Ecclessiarchy.** To be sentenced to arco-flagellation is to become little more than a weaponised, utterly berserk killer. Over the course of a long, painful process, the convict’s mind is wiped, replaced only with an uncontrollable urge to mete out violent destruction upon their prey. In fact, this process is so effective that Arco-flagellants must be subdued by the pacifier helm rooted deep in their nervous system and cerebellum to render them docile.*** When unleashed in battle, a trigger word is uttered, which not only deactivates the pacifier helms of the Arco-flagellants but floods their bodies with a murderous cocktail of stimms and combat drugs. No sooner has the kill order been given than the pack of Arco-flagellants roars off towards the enemy lines with inhuman speed, tearing through their hapless victims in a destructive whirlwind of cybernetically implanted flails. The Models The design of the Arco-flagellants was heavily inspired by the first example of their kind, the infamous Damien 1427 (seen below) from the classic Inquisitor game.**** Their physiques have been unnaturally distorted by all the cybernetic enhancements, and cables sprout crudely from their skin in multiple places. Some wear ragged clothing or hoods of penance, but they all feature the distinctive pacifier helms, cranial conduits, and the arco-flails that have been surgically grafted in place of their arms. As one would expect from psychotic living engines of destruction, the Arco-flagellants are posed to be sprinting at full speed, wildly flailing their weapon limbs in anticipation of the kill. They certainly look suitably intimidating on the battlefield, and you can trust us when we tell you that you won’t want to be on the receiving end of a charge from a unit of them! Repentia Superior We couldn’t let you go without quickly talking about the awesome Repentia Superior miniature featured in the army set as well. These fearsome matriarchs are tasked with overseeing the Sisters Repentia in battle, ensuring they stay true to their vows by taking the fight to heretics without fear and with the Emperor’s name on their lips. To that end, they wield neural whips with which they can ‘remind’ the Repentia of their duty and deliver a sound thrashing to their enemies. This miniature looks every bit the imperious matron, the snarl on her face showing the grim determination she has to see her charges redeemed in battle. Coming Soon! So there you go – a seriously impressive box chock full of brand-new miniatures and more besides! You may have noticed that the models are all single-pose. The good news is this means you’ll be able to get them assembled and on the battlefield in short order. You may also have noticed that over the course of the series, we’ve hinted at loads of other models that aren’t in this set. That’s because this is actually only the (mind-blowingly awesome) vanguard of an expanded Adepta Sororitas range yet to come. How cool is that? What’s more, you won’t even have long to wait before you can pre-order this amazing boxed set – it’s out next month! In the meantime, remember that the long-serving metal range of Adepta Sororitas miniatures is only available for a few more days, so be sure to pick them up now so you’ve got everything you want before they disappear! * Those who attended the Warhammer Preview at NOVA earlier this year. ** Unless, of course, you have ambitions of living out the rest of your days as a lobotomised, cybernetically enhanced, drug-fuelled killing machine, that is… *** There’s no happy place quite like the one that’s mentally imposed upon you! **** Inquisitor was a role-playing combat game with 54mm-scale miniatures that really delved into the nitty-gritty of the Imperial underworld. Watch Captain Artemis of the Deathwatch and Inquisitor Eisenhorn actually made their debuts in this game as well. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/10/07/battle-sister-bulletin-part-18-arco-flagellants/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Facebook&utm_campaign=40kSistersBox7Oct19&utm_content=40kSistersBox7Oct19&fbclid=IwAR37JfM3jF02rL3qTefPbyb4i-dyc2MILSg9nWKioKUN3fT-FG_zP_QrELI Il y a pas un ou deux rumeur engine avec la repentie superior et son fouet et back packs?
  12. Ha cette fig est vraiment cool! En plus quelques détails entre les 2 versions permettent d'avoir 2 figs vraiment différentes. Je pense par exemple au sabots ou les espèces de pied. Les têtes etc... Moi qui le disait que je devais finir mon projet en cours avant de commencer les Bonereapers bah c'est mal parti.
  13. Ca vient de Lady Atia. C'est plutôt curieux qu'elle se remette à balancer des rumeurs depuis le temps mais bon. Si c'est vrai ça peut vraiment être cool d'avoir un décors pour environnement confiné à moins chère que la résine Forge... https://war-of-sigmar.herokuapp.com/bloggings/4219
  14. Donc on aurai un bouquin par mois du coup? Parce que "avant 2020" ça veut dire décembre non? Mais du coup la question intéressante c'est y aura il des figs avec chaque bouquin? Ou on peut s'attendre à des bouquins sans sortie de fig?
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