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  1. Heretic Astartes Focus: The Black Legion The Chaos Space Marines are set to receive a huge wave of new reinforcements – not to mention the amazing Daemonkin units in Warhammer 40,000: Shadowspear – so this week, we’re taking a closer look at the Traitor Legions themselves. First up are the main antagonists of Vigilus Ablaze, the dreaded Black Legion… Who are the Black Legion? Ever since Abaddon took up the Talon of Horus and the title of Warmaster, the Black Legion have been foremost among the Heretic Astartes. Far from resting on their past glories as former warriors of the Sons of Horus, the Black Legion earned their pre-eminence through bloody exploits in the crucible of battle. Even their rival Traitor Legions have felt the wrath of the Black Legion for failing to fall in line or foolishly challenging their power. The Black Legion are not only the numerous of the Heretic Astartes, they are also the most varied. Mutants and Sorcerers, Possessed and Daemon Engines – all have a place within the Black Legion. They also include within their ranks former members of other Legions, so it is not uncommon to see automatonic Rubricae and packs of frothing Berzerkersfighting alongside the Black Legionnaires. On the Battlefield As the stars of the show in Vigilus Ablaze, the Black Legion are blessed with a host of bespoke rules to complement those found in Codex: Chaos Space Marines, including eight new Stratagems. Check out Tip of the Spear, which will give you a great opportunity to bag the victory point for First Blood in matched play. Vigilus Ablaze also includes a full set of six Tactical Objectives, Warlord Traits and Relics for your Black Legion army. Just imagine how effective Angelsbane will be with the beta Bolter Discipline rules! But what will a typical collection look like? At the heart of the Black Legion are its squads of Chaos Space Marines, Havocs and Raptors clad in their baroque, black and gold power armour. Beyond that, pretty much anything else is fair game! That being said, there are a number of iconic characters and forces within the wider structure of the Black Legion… Abaddon the Despoiler Despite having power far beyond the Black Legion, Abaddon is still, first and foremost, their supreme commander. With his astonishing new model on its way very soon, what more excuse do you need to include the big bad ‘un himself? Of course, to do justice to the imposing size of the new Abaddon model, Vigilus Ablaze has an updated profile worthy of the mighty Warmaster. The Bringers of Despair Abaddon is rarely seen without his loyal Terminator-armoured bodyguard, drawn from the very deadliest fighters within the Black Legion. If you’re picking up Abaddon, it’d almost be rude not to grab a bunch of Terminators to represent the Bringers of Despair as well. If that isn’t reason enough, Vigilus Ablaze introduces a Specialist Detachment that will really help you get the most of Abaddon’s elite Terminators. The Bringers of Despair can wreak absolute havoc in the Fight phase with the Brutal Subjugation Stratagem, breaking the spirit of the enemy even as they break their bodies – a brilliant counter for elite enemies and hordes alike. The Chosen of the Warmaster In the absence of Abaddon, one of the Warmaster’s foremost lieutenants will serve as an apt Warlord in his place. With titles such as Lord Ravager, Lord Deceiver, Lord Corruptor and Lord Purgator, each of the Chosen of Abaddon is a powerful Chaos Lord or Sorcerer in their own right, tasked with a senior level of command within the Black Legion. One of these dread lords can be easily represented by the Chosen of the Warmaster Warlord Trait. Their presence will make your Bringers of Despair hit even harder. If you’re feeling especially fiendish (you’re using the Black Legion – of course you’re feeling especially fiendish!), you can make the ultimate statement by fielding Abaddon, his Bringers of Despair, and one of his chosen all together by using the Field Commander Stratagem from Vigilus Defiant. Haarken Worldclaimer So far on Vigilus, this guy has been spearheading the Black Legion forces on behalf of the Warmaster. If you’re looking to pick up a unit or two of Raptors for your Black Legion, don’t leave home without the Herald of the Apocalypse to lead them for handy re-rolls to hit in close combat. That’s it for today, but check back every day this week as we cover the rest of the Traitor Legions. You can pick up some Daemonkin units for your Black Legion by grabbing the Shadowspear box, in stores or online, today. If you want to learn about the origins of Black Legion, be sure to give Aaron Dembski-bowden’s Talon of Horus novel a read. 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  2. Les machine démon seront maintenant le gros du soutien (en terme de véhicule) des SMC j'ai l'impression au lieu des chars classiques
  3. Cela marche au tir comme au CAC ??
  4. Oui leur profils sont refaits avec la sortie des nouvelles fig dans la boite shadowspear
  5. Je vais peut être dire une connerie mais le concept de tournoi mou existe il ? Faudrait peut faire faire plus des conventions ou le classement importe peu non ?
  6. Oui c'est le nom en Français et en Anglais.
  7. Oui c'est dans une faq de l'index FW sur chaos.
  8. Les servant ont de base déjà la règle qui dit qu il ne peuvent être pris pour cible si il ne sont pas les plus proches et pour le stratagèmes il me semble que la rapière à le mots clé véhicules.
  9. Bonjour, Dites moi vous les équipez les blightlords terminator ? Vous les laissez en bolter d'assaut ou vous utilisez des combi ?
  10. Bonjour, Tu na pas parler de la hausse du seigneur des cranes.
  11. Salut. Je trouve que tu manque un peu de tir longue portée pour resté dans le trip para j'aurais mis des lance missile dans les troupes.
  12. Oui.
  13. Yaloch

    [Chaos] Une liste anti-Astra

    Salut Franchement pour l'avoir contre moi de temps en temps il est vraiment pas super il coût beaucoup trop cher pour se qu'il fais et s e n'est pas un très bon super lourd.
  14. Vous êtes dans quel coin du var ?
  15. Du coup vu qu'ils ont annoncées/ sortis les 6 principaux gang + les listes pour les cultes genestealers /chaos, Ont a une idée de se qui va sortir par la suite??
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