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  1. AzarFreymann

    Débuter AoS : Avec boîte de jeu V1

    Si tu aimes les Stormcast et Khorne, fonce sur cette boite ! Elle contient notamment des bons héros comme Vandus/Lord Celestant sur Dracoth et Khorgos Khul/Mighty Lord of Khorne, le héros indispensables pour toute armée de Khorne, le Bloodsecrator et surtout des fig qui ne sont pas disponibles (sauf ebay et marché de l'occasion) en dehors de cette boite : le Bloodstoker, le Lord Relictor et le Khorgorath ! ^^
  2. AzarFreymann

    Warhammer Age Of Sigmar V2

    Hum, j'espère que les armées n'utilisant pas d'invocations seront buffées sur d'autres plans dans ce cas. D'autant plus que la plupart des armées pouvant invoquées sont pas les plus mauvaises en magie (Démons, Morts, Séraphons, ...). J'ai peur que les Ironjawz (par exemple) ne soient encore plus à la traîne que maintenant...
  3. AzarFreymann

    [Épinglé] AOS V2

    Rules Preview: Summoning, For Free! Summoning is one of the most thematic parts of Warhammer Age of Sigmar – whether it’s packs of Daemons ripping their way into reality, the dead rising from their graves or Seraphon manifesting in glittering beams of celestial starlight. Over the past few days, we’ve hinted at some changes to summoning, so let’s take a look! In the new edition, summoning has been changed to work better for everyone and to properly reflect the unique character of each army that uses it; after all, calling Khornate Daemons is nothing like raising the undead or summoning the Seraphon, so why should it work the same way on the tabletop? Rather than summoning units through magical spells, every army that could summon units before now has a unique resource that allows them to bring fresh reinforcements onto the tabletop that fits with their army’s background – if you’ve got the Maggotkin of Nurgle or Legions of Nagash, you’ll have played with rules like this already. The big change for matched play, though, is that summoning now no longer costs reinforcement points! Instead, you earn your summoned units with in-game actions: bloodshed, spreading plague, mastering magic, and other thematic goals. For some recent armies, this ability works just like it does in your battletome today (but free!). For others, their unique summoning ability will be rolled into their army’s new allegiance abilities, which will be found in the General’s Handbook 2018. The Hosts of Slaanesh, for example, revel in suffering and pain, both given and received, so they generate points when their Heroes deal or receive wounds which do not slay their target. Meanwhile, the Seraphon generate points by performing rituals with their Slann Starmasters and Saurus Astrolith Bearers. “Please the gods – get free units!” These changes are great news for any army that uses any form of summoning, offering you more tactical options and thematic ways to influence your games without any downside – we’ll be taking a look at what this means for the Legions of Nagash later today. Units won’t be the only thing you can summon in the new edition of Warhammer Age of Sigmar – stay tuned for more exciting news on the way for EVERY army later in the week…
  4. AzarFreymann

    Warhammer Age Of Sigmar V2

    Sait-on si le système de PC est-il utilisable avec des héros alliés ? Parce que si oui, l'Orruk Warboss sera intéressant à intégrer chez les Ironjawz ! ^^
  5. AzarFreymann

    Warhammer Age Of Sigmar V2

    J'avoue que le boucler mystique n'est plus très intéressant. Autant avoir le même effet en aptitude/équipement (comme le bouclier des Liberator) c'est confortable, mais utiliser un sort pour ça... Peut-être qu'un des nouveaux sorts aura l'ancien effet, mais avec un jet de lancement plus élevé ?
  6. AzarFreymann

    [Épinglé] AOS V2

    Magic: Casting and Unbinding Magic is one of the most exciting parts of a game of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, as wizards attempt to destroy their enemies by unleashing deadly spells or support their allies with powerful sorcery. In the new edition of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, this is still the case, but we’ve made a couple of tweaks to this part of the game designed to ensure your battles feel more balanced and interactive, as well as encouraging all players to make use of a more diverse pool of spells. Magic in Warhammer Age of Sigmar has diversified enormously since the game began, with every new Wizard adding a unique spell (or two!) to the game and battletomes offering each army new spells to choose from. Now, every wizard has an enormous range of options when casting spells. Magic is most interesting when each army’s magic phase is distinct and defined by the unique character of the wizards involved. To do that, the new edition sees a change to two classic spells – Arcane Bolt and Mystic Shield – to offer more incentive to use the unique spells each Wizard has access to. You’ll still find these spells a valuable part of any wizard’s toolkit, but they’ve been toned down in comparison to others. Secondly, you can now attempt to unbind a spell – using one of your Wizards to prevent the enemy spell from working – at a massive 30″ range, up from 18″, making unbinding much easier and also giving you a chance to deny your enemy key spells even in the first turn of the game, where you may not have had a chance to move your wizards into defensive positions. There are all sorts of units you’ll want to add to your armies in light of this new rule. An allied Cygor in a Chaos force, for example, provides two unbinds AND does mortal wounds to your foes when it pulls them off. Our favourite combo by far has to be using the new unbinding rules with a Curseling, Eye of Tzeentch – should your foe try to cast an Arcane Shield in the first turn, you’ve got a chance at unbinding it from across the table, then using Vessel of Chaos to put it on one of your own units! “Hey, did you hear? – we’re great in the new edition.” If your army doesn’t have a battletome or spell lores to choose from yet, don’t worry – there’s plenty of exciting stuff on the way for all magic users. For example, the new edition brings with it a whole Lore of Magic’s worth of spells for almost every realm, depending on where your battle is taking place. Here’s one of our favourites that any Wizard can use, for when you find yourself battling in the radiant vistas of Hysh: This is just one of seven spells available in this realm, and that is just one of seven realms you can battle in! That’s nearly fifty new spells to throw around! And that isn’t even everything magic has in store for you. In another article, soon, we’ll take a look at endless and predatory spells… In the meantime, check back later today when we see how these magic changes will be affecting the Disciples of Tzeentch.
  7. AzarFreymann

    Warhammer Age Of Sigmar V2

    Qui te dit que les Factions Focus s'arrêteront obligatoirement au 1er juin ? Ils ne vont pas s'arrêter de parler de la V2 et de ses nouveaux mécanismes dès sa sortie ! Pour le moment, ces articles ne s'intéressent qu'aux armées "jouables" (c'est-à-dire, qui disposent d'une unités complètes et d'allégeances, traits de bataille propres) et avec lesquelles il est facile de débuter une armée (Start Collecting), mais ça ne veut pas dire pour autant que ce sont les seules sur lesquelles il y aura un focus. Je pense notamment aux armées ayant eu des Allégeances propres dans le dernier MdG (Brayherd, Free peoples, Dispossessed, Wanderers, etc.) qui sont assez présentes dans le fluff.
  8. AzarFreymann

    [Épinglé] AOS V2

    Faction Focus: Blades of Khorne Welcome to Faction Focus – a series on Warhammer Community looking at each of the armies of Warhammer Age of Sigmar in advance of the release of the new edition. In this Faction Focus, we’re checking out the Blades of Khorne, looking at their lore, chatting with a veteran player about why you might want to give them a go and checking out some nifty combos you might want to try… Khorne is the Chaos God of warfare, battle and bloodshed. For his followers, war is no means to riches, lands or glory – war is an end in and of itself, a quest to spill blood and take skulls for their infernal lord. While Sigmar’s Storm may have pushed back the Blades of Khorne in the Realm of Fire, the Blood God remains a dominant force in the Mortal Realms, and his legions remain amongst the largest and most feared armies of the age. Stu Black has been collecting Blades of Khorne ever since the first battles of the Age of Sigmar. Over the past three years, he’s amassed many skulls for the Skull Throne and picked up a few tricks along the way… Warhammer Community: What attracted you to the Blades of Khorne? Stu: The models, particularly the Bloodreavers in the starter set. I’ve always liked the idea of a Khorne army, and I thought the Bloodreavers looked great. I also think Khorne armies look great on the tabletop with their bold colour scheme of red, black and brass – really martial and graphic. The Blades of Khorne introduced lots of great characters to the mortal ranks of Khorne, with the Slaughterpriests being some of my favourite models of all time. They also have a straightforward play style which appealed to me. WarCom: What are your top tips for Blades of Khorne? Stu: Use your Blood Tithe points carefully! It’s tempting to store them all to summon a Bloodthirster, because it’s a Bloodthirster! But I find it best to use the lower level results to move around the board faster or charge unexpectedly. Look for the synergies between units and battalions – I often field a Dark Feast with 3 units of 20 Bloodreavers. By using an Aspiring Deathbringer, the Bloodsecrator (and his Portal of Skulls) and the Dark Feasts bonus, all providing extra attacks – the Bloodreavers deliver 5 attacks each! Quite a lot better than the 1 on their profile. If you couple this with Killing Frenzy – a blood blessing from the Slaughterpriest – and the bonus from a Chaos Warshrine, they can have 5 attacks, hitting on 3s and re-rolling 1s! That’s a lot of dice, a lot of hits and a lot of fun! Overall, enjoy the army, even if your own units die you gain Blood Tithe points – after all, Khorne cares not from whence the blood flows, as long as it flows! WarCom: What advice would you give to a new Blades of Khorne player? Stu: Charge! Have a think about what type of Khorne army you want to collect. All Daemons? Lots of cavalry with Bloodcrushers, Skullcrushers and Flesh Hounds. Heavily armoured killers? Blood Warriors, Skullreapers and Wrathmongers or, like me, a horde of bloodthirsty barbarians – and then collect to that theme. There are loads of command abilities available to Khorne armies. Previously, you’d be restricted to a single one, but with the onset of the new edition, you can start to combine them in fiendish and deadly new ways. Here’s just one example: Start by taking a Chaos Lord on Manticore, Aspiring Deathbringer of your choice, a Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut and a massive unit of Chaos Warriors with the Mark of Khorne. With the Aspiring Deathbringer giving every member in the unit an extra attack from Slaughter Incarnate, the Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut giving them +1 to wound from Blood Stampede, and the Chaos Lord on Manticore allowing them re-roll charge rolls, wound rolls and battleshock tests with Iron-willed Overlord, they’ll be a nigh-unstoppable force! There are all manner of combos like this available to Khorne players and we’re sure you’ll have fun trying to find them all… Many of you have been asking over the past few days about adding more command points to your armies if you don’t want to worry about filling a warscroll battalion. Well, good news! In matched play games, Warscroll Battalions aren’t the only way to pick up some extra command points. This ability allows any army to gain extra command points and is a great way to add some extra tactical options to your army. Very handy for when you’ve added the units you want into your list, but find yourself with points to spare – not to mention costing less than any warscroll battalion, and less than almost all units in the game. There are more reveals on the way soon – if you prefer a more cerebral form of carnage, don’t miss our look at the Disciples of Tzeentch tomorrow, as well as a preview of magic in the new edition. Can’t wait to get started? Start your Khorne Bloodbound army with the Start Collecting!set.
  9. AzarFreymann

    Taille des socles

    Le Bloodsecrator irait mieux sur du 40mm (c'est d'ailleurs là-dessus que je l'ai moi-même soclé) et le Blood Warrioris sur du 32mm comme prévu (pour que ça reste un soclage uniforme). Comme il n'y a pas de règles sur les tailles des socles, tu fais ce que tu veux !
  10. AzarFreymann

    [Épinglé] AOS V2

    New Edition Preview: Look Out, Sir! With the new command ability system making Heroes more useful than ever, the last thing you want is to watch a critical support character get shot off the table before they get to do anything interesting. We’ve had loads of feedback from you via our social media, at tournaments and through the inbox about targeting characters, and we’ve been keen to balance both sides of the argument – given the relatively small number of ranged units in Warhammer Age of Sigmar, they should retain a niche as hero killers, while at the same time, Heroes should feel difficult to take out and should have some options for counter-play. In the new edition of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, we’ve balanced this with a new ability for Heroes that’ll make your smaller and more vulnerable characters a lot more durable at range – Look Out, Sir! By keeping your heroes close to your units, you’ll make them much harder for enemies to kill at range. Nifty! This adds all sorts of interesting tactical dilemmas to the game – from ensuring your Heroes are always covered by a supporting unit to choosing targets – do you make a less efficient shooting attack at a Hero or do you try to take out his retinue first? In melee, meanwhile, you’ll want to try to use your forces to surround enemies and drive a wedge between them and their support. Combined with the new command abilities, we think that the new edition is going to be very interesting for Heroes indeed… We’re particularly excited for armies led by mortal Heroes, like Freeguild Generals, Fungoid Cave-Shamans and Skaven Warlords – by keeping them next to your units you’ll be able to ensure they stay in the fight. We’ll be taking a look at what these changes mean for the Maggotkin of Nurgle (who have plenty of characters who’ll benefit from this rule) later in the day, while you’ll want to make sure you come back tomorrow for even more news and previews.
  11. AzarFreymann

    [Épinglé] AOS V2

    Faction Focus: Maggotkin of Nurgle Welcome to Faction Focus – a new series on Warhammer Community exploring the various armies battling for the fate of the Mortal Realms as we get ready for the launch of the new edition of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. It’s Day 7 of our Faction Focus series, so we’re taking a look at the forces of Nurgle. Read on to find out more about the foul Maggotkin, read an interview with a veteran Nurgle player, and get a glimpse of a new endless spell… The Maggotkin of Nurgle are the devotees of the Plague God. Where other Chaos Gods are cruel and murderous, Nurgle is generous and possesses a twisted sort of kindness. Nurgle treats all his servants, from the lowliest Nurgling to his Daemon Princes, with grandfatherly regard, bestowing poxes, plagues and vile growths upon them so they may better spread his dubious blessings. Nurgle’s servants are no different – with a few notable exceptions, each is filled with morbid good cheer, from the swollen armoured warriors known as the Putrid Blightkings to the capering Nurglings that dance at their feet. Nurgle’s children are horrifically resilient, all but inured to pain and grotesquely enhanced by their patron’s blessings, while their weapons are riven with deadly contagions that cause even the smallest of scratches to blacken and fester in moments. Warhammer Community’s Adam has been a diehard Warhammer Age of Sigmar fan and fantasy wargamer for years, with a huge host of armies. Adam has been playing with the Maggotkin of Nurgle for a while now, putting the new Battletome through its paces in tournament and casual games alike – it’s safe to say he’s very excited about the new edition: Warhammer Community:What attracted you to the Maggotkin of Nurgle? Adam: They look disgusting! I mean, really vile. I imagine the look of horror on their enemies’ faces as these putrid, bloated abominations who have no right to still be alive, come bounding across the battlefield! They’re also super easy to paint. Greens and browns with ink washes and technical paints like Nurgle’s Rot and Blood for the Blood God will get you a great-looking army really quick. But what I really love about this faction is they have a great toolbox of units to deal with all the main tactical challenges in Warhammer Age of Sigmar. In matched play, the game is usually decided by who is better at manoeuvring and holding onto objectives. Plaguebearers and Blightkingsare exceptionally tough to shift from objectives. And with bonuses from other units, they can be incredibly fast for infantry and also deal out loads of damage. Backed up with hammer units like Plague Drones, with the right bonuses, doing dozens of mortal wounds, this will form a very solid force – forgiving for new players but offering a lot of tactical flexibility for experienced generals as well. WarCom: What are your top tips for Maggotkin of Nurgle players? Adam: Pick your route to victory and go all in on that plan. Looking to reduce/remove your opponent’s saves with spells and effects (similar in effectiveness to high Rend)? Then make sure you fill out on every available item and spell slot to achieve this and have the right units in place to take advantage (fast-moving with lots of attacks and some Rend). Or aim for maximum mortal wound output from Blades of Putrefaction, fielding at least two Wizards who know the spell, bonuses to cast it and at least two units to make good use of it (my favourites are Plague Drones and Plague Monks). Throughout the army, the positioning of your characters to take advantage of their bonuses and effects is key, so plan ahead and know your game plan before moving. Finally, always remember the Cycle of Corruption and its current effect. Make sure you’ve checked to make sure you’re getting the best out of it for the turn you’re in, but also, plan for next turn as well. And don’t just take the Plaguetouched Warband warscroll battalion and fill up on Chaos Knights – use your imagination! WarCom: What advice would you give to a new Maggotkin of Nurgle player? Adam: Buy at least three or four Feculent Gnarlmaws – you won’t regret it! In most games, you’ll collect enough contagion points to summon them, and the ability to allow your units to run and then charge is huge. It will catch a lot of opponents off guard with how quickly your normally slow and ponderous infantry can get across the table. And make sure you get plenty of Plaguebearers – they’re a staple Battleline unit that will win you a lot of games, so I’d recommend taking at least one unit of thirty. Battletome: Maggotkin of Nurgle was designed to work with the new edition (it’s even got the new logo on the cover!) and you’ll find the new rules bring a lot of benefits to a Nurgle army – from Look Out, Sir!, to command points, to some exciting (and major) changes we haven’t even looked at yet… With no fewer than seven (appropriate, eh?) unique command abilities in the Maggotkin of Nurgle battletome spread across various Heroes, the new command points system is great news. You’ll be able to build some killer combos as well as ensuring that your choice of general doesn’t restrict how you build your army. Heres just one example of a trick combining multiple command abilities that you couldn’t have pulled off before… Take a Lord of Afflictions to speed up a unit of Pusgoyle Blightlords with the Spearhead of Contagion ability. At the same time, use a Lord of Blightsand his Plague of Flies to make that unit harder to hit. Finally, give every model in the unit (and nearby units) an extra attack with The Glottkin’sLords of Nurgle ability. We have a unit that is surprisingly fast, very durable and super killy. There’s new fun for Maggotkin Wizards as well. Nurgle’s forces in the Mortal Realms have long coveted the verdant Realm of Life. The war for Ghyran still rages, but now, with wild magic rampant, the energies of life (or corrupted life, in Nurgle’s case) form into vast swarms of insectoid creatures, that can be harnessed by any Wizard attuned to them. The Emerald Lifeswarm is one of the new endless spells, but rather than kill your enemies, this power heals your forces – a great boon to an already resilient army, such as the Maggotkin. There are still many more reveals to come that’ll affect the Maggotkin of Nurgle, so keep checking back to Warhammer Community for more information – over the next week alone, we’ll have a host of new Faction Focuses, a look at magic in the new edition and more for you to get your teeth into…
  12. AzarFreymann

    Warhammer Age Of Sigmar V2

    Merci beaucoup pour les infos ! Du coup, les nouvelles règles seront sans doute inclues dans le Manuel du Général, et le tout sortirait en juin ?
  13. AzarFreymann

    Warhammer Age Of Sigmar V2

    Baisse du coût en points pour Gordrakk, du Megaboss sur Maw-Krusha et des Ardboyz. Pas d'infos pour le Weirdnob, il y a intérêt à ce qu'il gagne en utilité avec le nouveau supplément magie... D'ailleurs, le Faction Focus Ironjawz nous en dit un peu plus sur le sort de la Bouche Géante qui a l'air bien fun !
  14. AzarFreymann

    [Épinglé] AOS V2

    Faction Focus: Ironjawz Welcome to Faction Focus – a new series on Warhammer Community exploring the various armies battling for the fate of the Mortal Realms as we get ready for the launch of the new edition of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. If you’re just taking your first steps in the Mortal Realms, we’ll be running down why you might want to try each army, while if you’re a veteran player, we’ll be checking out what the latest news and rules changes mean for your army. In our latest Faction Focus, we’re examining da biggest and da best orruks in the Mortal Realms – the Ironjawz. The Ironjawz are the vanguard of Destruction – a rampaging horde of destroyers who have crushed empires and brought kingdoms to ruin for no other reason than finding it fun. The Ironjawz live for war and nothing else, giving worship to their god Gorkamorka through sheer carnage. Where most Orruks are unintelligent and unruly, the Ironjawz are far more disciplined, organised into a strict hierarchy based on strength and fighting with surprising tactical kunnin’. While an Ironjawz Brute is a fighter with many times the strength of a human, they enhance their strength further by harnessing and training great beasts such as the charging Gore-gruntas to hulking Maw-krushas. The Biggest and Da Best Ironjawz units are a lot of fun to play with – thanks to their allegiance abilities, they’re surprisingly fast, while their durability makes them pretty tough to take down. They’re a classic “tank” army – charging full force into the enemy, dishing out solid damage and taking it in return. Mork’s Kunnin’ Look closer, and you’ll find a surprising level of tactical depth in the Ironjawz army. A number of warscroll battalions allow you to organise your collection and gain powerful bonuses, while support heroes like the Warchanter and the Weirdnob open up the potential for all sorts of nifty combos. Never Stop Smashin’ The Ironjawz have one of the best allegiance abilities in the game – kill a unit in close combat, and another one gets to fight immediately! Play your cards right, and you’ll be able to unleash a deadly combined assault where your units collapse the enemy’s lines in one fell swoop. Pete Foley is head of the Publications studio – essentially, he’s in charge of all our books and boxed games, and makes sure that everything from supplements to new editions are awesome. As a devoted Ironjawz player, Pete is pretty pumped about the new edition: Warhammer Community: What attracted you to Ironjawz? Pete: I loved the Ironjawz as soon as I saw them. Their uncompromising brutality comes across in everything from the miniatures (even their big monster looks like a clenched fist) to their rules. There is nothing sophisticated or elegant about them, and that’s what makes them awesome. They are the epitome of the Destruction Grand Alliance, living purely to fight, to tear down things that have been built up, and they do it with joyful abandon. Warhammer Community: What are your top tips for Ironjawz players? Pete: Using an Ironjawz army effectively is more challenging than it looks. Whilst getting into combat is clearly where the Ironjawz faction excels, they can’t get stuck in a war of attrition. With relatively low Bravery and not many models in your army, every loss counts. Make sure you manoeuvre your army to fight combats you can win, and win quickly. This isn’t as hard as it seems, as the Ironjawz are way speedier than their Movement profile suggests thanks to their allegiance ability and warscroll battalions such as the Ironfist. By picking the right fights, you also stand more chance of triggering the Smashing and Bashing ability, allowing you to fight with more of your units, without your opponent being able to hit you back. Warhammer Community: What advice would you offer new Ironjawz players? Pete: Synergy is the key to getting the most out of Ironjawz. Check all your characters’ abilities and make sure you are always using them. For example, keep your Megaboss near your Brutes so he can use his Go on Ladz, Get Stuck In! ability. Re-rolling hit rolls of 1 with your Brutes will turn them from good fighters into exceptional ones. It’s easy to get distracted in the heat of battle and find that your Brute units have charged out of range – without his stern eye on them, the boyz can soon find themselves getting bogged down. If you’re an existing Ironjawz player, all your allegiance abilities, artefacts, command traits and warscroll battalions will be making the transition to the new edition intact in the latest edition of the General’s Handbook, with a variety of tweaks to points and some rules designed to make your army more balanced and more fun to play. Fans of Maw-krushas will be pleased to know that these iconic monsters have dropped in points for matched play games, as has Gordrakk himself –so you can now fit More-crushing into your army… Your hard-working Battleline Ardboyz also saw a drop in points, allowing you, more than ever, to play the Ironjaws as a vast horde of muscle and metal that can out-scrap pretty much any force in the Mortal Realms. One change that’ll be great for your Weirdboyz is the new magic expansion, Malign Sorcery. At Warhammer Fest, we showed off one spell that Ironjawz players are going to love, and we know many of you are itching to know more… But what do these gigantic gnashing jaws do? Quite a lot of damage, as it turns out… We’ll be revealing more about Endless Spells soon, so keep checking back…

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