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  1. Crilest

    [40K-Décors-Autres] [Galériens] Motivation 2018

    Oh bah ca va @Karak dorn laisse moi une soirée quoi XD La preuve, fini !: Flash :
  2. Crilest

    De l'optimisation des vitrines

    Il vaut mieux reprendre les mesures, IKEA change parfois les dimensions de ses meubles legerement.
  3. Crilest

    De l'optimisation des vitrines

    Meme si elle a changé de propriétaire, elle tient toujours @FapFap confirmera ^^.
  4. Crilest

    Romans jeunesse AoS et 40K

    Avec photo direct : Et les persos pour 40K , c'est genre : Twelve-year-old Zelia is the daughter of galactic explorer Elise Lor. She grew up helping Elise with archaeological expeditions on dozens of worlds, digging up ancient artefacts and alien technology. Bright and resourceful, Zelia always thinks she knows best, but isn’t as experienced as she tries to make out. Sharing her mum’s hatred of weaponry, Zelia believes that the best way to overcome fear is to learn about the universe. That doesn’t stop her from being terrified of spiders after being trapped in the web of a gigantic temple-weaver when she was a small child. ou The son of a loyal Imperial Guard officer, thirteen-year-old Talen ran away from home to avoid being enlisted in the military. He fell in with the Runak Warriors, a feral gang who lived in the tunnels beneath Rhal Rata, the largest hive-city on Targian. Used to thinking with his fists, Talen finds it difficult to trust anyone, but has a good heart. Once he is on your side, you couldn't ask for a better friend. Talen has little experience of the galaxy, hiding his insecurities beneath bluster and bravado. His only link to the past is the toy soldier his older brother gave him before going off to war, a treasure he will guard with his life. ou Like all Martians, Mekki is happiest when tinkering with technology, and is able to communicate with the machine-spirits that dwell inside computers and cogitators. A talented inventor, eleven-year-old Mekki created the special robotic frame that supports his paralysed arm as well as servo sprites, a swarm of tiny robot helpers. Even though they grew up together, Mekki and Zelia have never been close. Mekki prefers the company of machines to humans and often finds it hard to make friends. He can be incredibly tough on himself, especially when things go wrong. Pour les Marines, il disent ca : Sworn defenders of humanity, Space Marines are the ultimate warriors, graced with superhuman speed, strength and stamina. Genetically-engineered to fight in the countless wars of the 41st Millennium, these towering giants have two hearts, three lungs and blood that is immune to all known poisons. Organised into Chapters, the Emperor’s chainsword-wielding champions are feared and respected throughout the galaxy. Bravest of all are the heroic Ultramarines. Clad in blue and white power-armour, they plunge into battle, risking all to protect the Imperium against the forces of Evil. Et pour les Crons : Long ago the galaxy lived in terror of the sinister Necrons. According to legend, these evil tyrants transplanted their twisted minds into bodies of living metal, creating immortal armies of indestructible skeletal warriors. The Necrons enslaved thousands of worlds, but were eventually defeated, forced to place themselves in suspended animation for millions of years. Now, they are rising from their secret tombs, ready to reclaim the universe they once ruled. Led by fearsome Overlords, their sickle-winged space-fighters scream through the sky while swarms of cybernetic scarabs devour any metal in their path. Have no doubt, the Necrons are unfeeling and unstoppable. Bref.... Ouais :
  5. Crilest

    [40K-Décors-Autres] [Galériens] Motivation 2018

    Ca commence à le faire
  6. Parties de l'aprem du 19/05/18 (session hebdomadaire) à ALESIA, Antony (RER B et C). GuilBall, 40Kv8, WarmaHordes, KingsOfWar et GangsOfRome! Forum :
  7. Crilest

    [Galériens-01] Etape 4 - 16-31 Mai

    Pour ma part, un mix entre ca : et ca : Aucune idée de la priorité, ca sera selon l'humeur ^^.
  8. Sujet participations : Rappel des règles : # Une photo au début et à la fin de chaque quinzaine. # Aucun univers ou figs imposés ; chacun choisit comment il remplit chaque étape. # Chacun fait un post de présentation, et peut mettre un lien vers son topic de peinture pour le suivi plus précis Les différentes étapes :
  9. Crilest

    [40K-Décors-Autres] [Galériens] Motivation 2018

    Fini! Sans le socle en noir :
  10. Crilest

    [Galériens-01] Etape 3 - 01-15 Mai

    Ettt fini! Sans le socle en noir :
  11. Crilest

    [40K-Décors-Autres] [Galériens] Motivation 2018

    Hop, petit up de WIP. Les Scouts, où il manque : Doré/Bronze, optiques, travailler le blanc et les décalcos. Et les tanks préparés :
  12. Crilest

    Section "Epic & Adeptus Titanicus"

    Fait! Et fait surtout car AT ressort cet été ^^.
  13. Crilest

    [40K][Québec] Recherche joueur & Asso sur Montréal

  14. Crilest

    [40K-Décors-Autres] [Galériens] Motivation 2018

    Ouaip. Entre les 2 faux du Lt. Primaris et de l'archi 'normal', il n'y a aucune différence. C'est le même set (set de Totors, mais bon entre Totor et Marines normal, les mains, c'est pareil ^^).
  15. Crilest

    [40K-Décors-Autres] [Galériens] Motivation 2018

    Bon, donc ce WE : J'ai fini ca : J'ai commencé ça : Et j'ai même perdu du temps, sur mon planning prévu, à monter ca XD :

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