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Amiral Turk

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  • Date de naissance 20/11/1992

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    Warhammer 40 Elysian drop troop, Tyranids

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  1. Up et baisse de prix sur certaine choses.
  2. Up, baisse de prix, séparation de certain lot pour du détail.
  3. Amiral Turk

    Nouveautée slanesh

    GW a sortie une vidéo avec a la fin une nouvelle créature de slanesh.
  4. Amiral Turk

    FAQ Septembre

    Les Elysian était déjà mort la ils sont enterrés et recouvert de béton c'est génial...
  5. UP et ajouts de nouveaux lot Certain lot sont dans des cartons en cours de transport et sont donc invendable pour le moment. Je peux les réserver a ceux que ça intéresse et vous recontacterais quand ils arriveront.
  6. Bonjour je vend un petit lot de décors et de matérielle de soclage payement par paypal ou virement bancaire 40euro fdp inclut une boite "foret" de gw 2 arbre autre un sachet de buisson a fleur un bocal de soclage herbe un boite de mousse de différente couleur pour décors/socles kharadron overlord Battletome (anglais) + carte du code (anglais) 20euro fdp inclus
  7. Amiral Turk

    [SMarines-GImp-Tyranides] Croisade Aeternum

    Du renfort pour les tyty WIP mais la couleur de base est faite
  8. Bonjour je vend des choses inutiles pour en acheter des utiles Paiement par paypal de préférence. Virement bancaire possible sur demande. Frais de ports en supplément. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Astra militrarum 180Euro 1x Eleriel et Alaniel - Anniversary Edition de raging heroes 1x Kapitan Ivanka Kurganova de raging heroes 1x woman character convertie en porte bananière (probablement raging heroes) 1x Knight commader Pask 1x commisar avec power fist 1x commander avec power sword et plasma pistol 1x medic de bataille pour macrage 2x chimera avec 2x heavy bolters 6x armored sentinel (jambes casse mais facilement réparable) avec multi laser + une autre arme. 19x jambes et corps de cadian/catachan/valkyrie 6x melta gun 3x sniper 7x gardsmen avec camo cloack 4x sergent 4x radio 20x gardsmen 1x camocloacked lascanon team (personne sous le camo) 6x "drones" lance flamme 5x Autocanon "drone" de Anvil industry 4x Master of ordonance fait maison quelque rabiots ----------------------------------------------------- OOP Stormtrooper 10x man squad (sergent avec épée et plasma pistol, 3 plasma gun (1converti), 1 radio (converti), 5 hotshot lasgun) 50Euro 10x man squad (sergent avec épée et plasma pistol, 3 plasma gun (1 converti), 1 radio (converti), 5 hotshot lasgun) 50Euro 5x man squad (sergent avec bolter et plasma pistol, 3 melta gun, 1 radio (converti) 30Euro -------------------------------------------------------------------- Tau Crisis 2x missile: 10Euro Farsight Metal convertie: 10Euro 2x Broadside (Convertie a avec les railgun de chapterhouse studio OOP) 20Euro/u 3x Crisis équipées de Burst cannon et plasma gun 25Euro 3x Crisis équipées de Burst cannon et plasma gun 25Euro 3x Crisis équipées de 2xfusion blaster 25Euro 20x Kroots 15Euro 20x Kroots 15Euro 19x Kroots (manque des socles) 14Euro ---------------------------------------------------- Blood Ravens 120E 2x Rhino 1x Heavy Bolter Devastator squad (marine monoblock convertis) 1x Graviton Devastator squad (marine monoblock convertis) 2x Lascannon Devastator squad avec Cherubin (marine monoblock convertis) 2x10 Tactical marines avec 1x missile launcher, 1x plasma gun et 1 combi plasma sur le sergent. (marine monoblock ) Tout le monde a des icon Blood Ravens de chez shapeway
  9. Amiral Turk

    [épinglé] Calendrier des sorties à venir

    Resume: Imperial knight (codex + nouveaux chevalier), Arlequin (codex), Deathwatch (codex) App officiel pour liste d’armée (fonctionne uniquement avec les points de puissance pour le moment) SŒURS DE BATAILLE ! (2019) Breaking News: Major Reveals This is it folks. This is the big one. These are the “where were you when” reveals – you won’t know whether to tear yourself away and share your excitement on social media or keep reading. AdeptiCon is the biggest independent wargaming event in the world, and tonight, it plays host to our biggest Studio Preview ever. To say “new models” doesn’t cut it – take a seat and read on… Lords of the Battlefield The 41st Millennium is a hellish place – but amid the darkness, a noble few still fight for honour and fealty… That’s right – the Armiger Warglaives were merely the vanguard of a new wave of massive war machines. The Knight Households of the Imperium are moving from being a force represented with one kit (albeit, a very flexible one) to a fully realised faction with a wider choice of units and army building options than ever. Sometimes bigger is just better. The Next Three Codexes Over the next few months, three much-awaited new codexes will be landing: Codex: Imperial Knights features the rules for the new Knight units alongside rules for Knightly Households, Freeblades, Stratagems and all the great stuff you’ve come to expect from a modern codex. For the xenos, the Drukhari and the Asuryani are being joined by their mysterious brethren, the Harlequins. For the first time, this army will have rules for dedicating your Harlequins to different Masques (a bit like fielding different Space Marines Chapters), allowing you to customise your forces more than ever, from the chromatic carnivals of the Veiled Path to the sinister spectacles of the Silent Shroud. Finally, with several xenos factions having received a codex this year (and if you’ve not received one yet, don’t worry, it’s coming!) we thought it’d be a great time to revisit the Imperium’s deadliest alien hunters. The Deathwatch are being reinforced with some exciting new content including mixed units of Primaris Space Marines and specific Stratagems for dealing with the vile and varied xenos that have the temerity to try to live in mankind’s galaxy. Introducing Combat Roster As any Warhammer Age of Sigmar player will tell you, Warscroll Builder is an invaluable tool for writing army lists. And to be honest, it’s long past time we had something similar for Warhammer 40,000. Enter Tom Hewitt. Rollcall has been up and running for a while now, and Tom’s done a great job on it. In fact, we liked Tom’s take on a Warhammer 40,000 army builder so much that we decided to team up with him to create Combat Roster: Just like Warscroll Builder, Combat Roster will be a free online tool (and will remain so) and will sit alongside it on the Warhammer Community site. Don’t worry, matched play fans – we haven’t forgotten you! Combat Roster will later be joined by a Warhammer 40,000 app, a bespoke digital companion to the 41st Millennium, which will feature a matched play list builder. And one more thing… You asked. We’re gonna deliver, finally… Yup, plastic Sisters of Battle are on their way. For reals. We know many of you have been waiting patiently (and impatiently…) for a long time for the Adepta Sororitas, and that for many of you this is more than ‘just’ a new army. So, we’re going to do something we’ve never done before – right up until the release, we’ll be bringing you updates on the Sisters of Battle, sharing images and snippets of info and a whole ton of behind the scenes goodness. Emperor willing, the Battle Sisters of the Adepta Sororitas will be ready to take the fight to the renegade, the heretic and the unbeliever in 2019. When we told you this was a big one, we really weren’t kidding – imagine travelling back in time to tell yourself about this a few years ago. Heck – imagine travelling back in time to tell yourself about this 10 minutes ago. Tell us what you’re looking forward to most on the Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Age of Sigmar Facebook pages.
  10. Amiral Turk

    [SMarines-GImp-Tyranides] Croisade Aeternum

    Toujours en attente de ma commande donc j'entame DI CHAPTA MASTA ! et son escorte
  11. Amiral Turk

    [SMarines-GImp-Tyranides] Croisade Aeternum

    Follow me braza I know de way ! Les sterngards sont presque fini j'attends que shapeways m’envoie mes epauliere. J'essayerais de finir la dizaine demain mais je ne promet rien.

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