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  1. Non, t'as juste le gros laser, le gantelet et la tronço.
  2. Oué, faut voir aussi de quelles unités vous parlez. Les unités de càc qui performent elles le font soit parce qu'elles sont craqués (Grotesques à 35pts 4++ 6+++ E5 4PV), soit parce qu'elles sont buffs à balle par le reste de l'armée (shining spear, boys orks, GC, tzaangor, captain BA, etc). Alors le cac est pas complètement à la rue non plus, certes, mais dès qu'on sort des unités pétés ou surbuffs c'est quand même bien plus compliqué.
  3. Tu fais de la wishlist ou t'as une source qui te permet d'affirmer ça ?
  4. Le shok attack qui est joué c'est une relique de vigilus, ça file 2d6 tirs de F2d6 -5PA et D6 dmg, sur un badmoon qui relance les 1 et avec des strats qui fait retirer sur chaque 5+ et un autre double tir... C'est gamble mais quand ça passe ça tartine. Pas très bien compris ce propos, c'pas comme si les chasseurs gris c'était op.
  5. Waaah dans le genre je troll à fond histoire de bien lancer une flamewar c'est pas mal comme message. Tout le monde se plaignait à raison des trucs forts des SM et sous-dex de SM. Tellement que les trucs ont été nerf successivement. (Rhino rush, spam de canon d'assaut, deathstar de perso débile, thunderwolves chez les SW, codex GK V5 complètement fumé, etc.)
  6. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/06/19/prepare-for-the-apocalypse-part-3gw-homepage-post-1/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Facebook&utm_campaign=40kPrepare4Apoc19June19&utm_content=40kPrepare4Apoc19June19&fbclid=IwAR38YerghybJT66FKDME2TyVmqIPiMUIY1QzqcQykew-yARM0NEhDMgJatE Posted 19/06/2019 Prepare for the Apocalypse – Part 3 In our latest peek at Apocalypse, we’re exploring how your massed ranks of warriors cause damage to anyone foolish enough to oppose them and we’re taking a closer look at how Command Assets can make your army more flexible and deadly. Damage As you’d expect when massive armies and deadly war machines clash, devastation is the outcome. The scale of such destruction can’t be represented by six-sided dice alone and so Apocalypse uses twelve-sided dice too. Of course, this can just mean that there are even more sides that ignore the whispered prayer, “anything but a 1”! When attacking, you use a D6 to see if you’ve hit the target, just as you would in Warhammer 40,000. However, to represent the larger scale of Apocalypse battles and the masses of deadly weapons, you use a D12 to see if you’ve caused a wound. If you roll above the SAP or SAT for the weapon that you’re using, then the target unit gets a small blast marker (we looked at SAP and SAT in our last preview – catch up now if you missed it). If a unit already has a small blast marker at this point, it is removed and replaced with a large blast marker. At the end of each turn, in the Damage phase, you then take a saving throw for each blast marker that a unit has but you roll a D12 for each small blast marker and a D6 for each large blast marker! For each failed saving throw the unit gets a damage marker, and when the number of damage markers equals the unit’s Wounds characteristic the unit is destroyed. So, let’s say that Guiliman is fighting a Khorne Lord of Skulls, and the Lord of Skulls attacks with its great cleaver of Khorne. If it gets four hits, then you’d roll four D12s and compare the scores to the SAT of the weapon (the Primarch of the Ultramarines is so large that he counts as a tank). Now let’s say that you roll 3, 8, 10 and 11 – that’s three successes, so you’d normally put three small blast markers next to Guliman. However, since the weapon has the Destroyer trait, the number of blast markers is doubled! Also, since you place the markers one at a time, this would mean that Guiliman would get three LARGE blast markers instead. Assuming that he takes no further damage in the Action phase, this means that Guilliman needs to take three saves in the Damage phase, each with a D6. If he rolls 2, 3 and 5, then he would get a single damage marker and so he lives to fight for another turn! In general, the more blast markers that you can assign to an enemy unit the better! Command Assets Command Assets are cards that can have a massive impact on your games of Apocalypse and we’ve already taken a look at a few of them in our Apocalypse Faction Focus previews. They represent you being in control of the battlefield, issuing extra instructions to your troops and using esoteric weaponry to defeat your foes! There are two kinds of Command Asset – universal (which say “Apocalypse” on them and can be used by anyone) and Faction specific (which will have the name of the Faction they are for). There are also some Command Assets, such as the psychic powers, that can only be used if your army contains certain units – if you don’t have any Psykers, you’re not going to be firing any mental bullets at the enemy. How They Work Before the game starts, you construct a deck of 30 Command Asset cards that are available to your army and shuffle them. Then, in the Orders phase, draw one card plus one additional card for each Warlord in your army, up to a maximum of 10. The text on each card tells you the effect of the card and when it can be played. Awesome Assets With 400 Command Assets to choose from, there are bound to be some that you want to include in your decks. Some are very straightforward and do things such as increase the survivability of a unit. Some Command Assets let your units take a free action. For example, Honour the Chapter allows a unit to Fight when you play it, meaning that they could Fight after making a Shoot action (which is normally only allowed for Super-heavy units) or letting them Fight twice! Psychic powers can be particularly gruesome for your opponent. Even if you roll badly with Gift of Chaos, for example, you’ll put a blast marker next to an enemy Character, meaning that they could take damage in the Damage phase, but if you roll well, you’ll replace them with a Chaos Spawn! Of course, we weren’t going to miss the opportunity to bring back some old favourites such as the vortex grenade. These are just a small selection of the Command Assets available. You can really build a deck that helps to emphasise the strengths of your army (or the weaknesses of your opponent’s) and playing the right card at the right time can change the game. Join us again tomorrow as we bombard you with even more Apocalypse content. With all of those blast markers flying around, you’re going to need plenty of units to soak them up – we recommend Start Collecting! boxes as the perfect place to find new recruits for your Apocalypse army.
  7. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/06/17/apocalypse-faction-focus-space-marinesgw-homepage-post-2/?fbclid=IwAR3Y0pG0V6EI-aQSOtcvab2wtuW1ptVh6drgJrFy7g9sGGM6tXPyI4TV1qQ Posted 17/06/2019 Apocalypse Faction Focus: Space Marines Welcome to the first in our shiny new Apocalypse Faction Focus series! To prepare you for your biggest battles ever, we’re running through the different factions with an in-depth look at tactics, top units and play style. We’re kicking off with a look at none other than the Adeptus Astartes… Play Style At Apocalypse scale, a Space Marine army can flex its muscles at full Battle Company strength (or beyond), combining hard-as-nails, super-versatile infantry with a vast host of deadly Characters and versatile war machines. If you’re looking for a traditional army, battalions of Intercessors and Tactical Marines are capable of tackling most anything the game can throw at you. What’s more, Adeptus Astartes armies are more resilient to morale than most thanks to their And They Shall Know No Fear Faction ability, awarded to Detachments made purely of these superhuman guardians. If you’re looking for something a little more unusual, however, the massive roster available to Space Marines opens up all sorts of armies never before possible in standard Warhammer 40,000. Ever wanted to field a lore-accurate Battle Company in full strength? A crusading force of Iron Hands Dreadnoughts? An Air Wing of Stormravens, Stormhawk Interceptors and Thunderhawks? Whatever kind of army you want and however you want to play, Space Marines have you covered. Top Units Intercessors Troops are just as useful in Apocalypse as they are Warhammer 40,000. After all, destroying the enemy is one thing, but you’ll need to capture objectives and hold ground to win! Intercessors are incredibly useful for their durability and versatility. Against infantry, they’re capable of scything down squads with bolt rifle fire and respectable close-combat attacks, and they can even threaten tanks in a pinch. When the dust settles after the battle’s ended, you’ll thank yourself for having taken a few of these. Roboute Guilliman Commander, bastion of inspiration and close-combat beast – you can’t go wrong with Roboute Guilliman. Even on the vast battlefields of Apocalypse, the Ultramarines Primarch makes for a terrifying force. Thanks to the Destroyer trait – which doubles the blast markers placed on units you wound – and excellent SAP (Strength Against Personnel) and SAT (Strength Against Tanks) stats. You can learn more about how these work in our rules preview, but it’s fair to say that the Emperor’s Sword will make light work of pretty much anything in your way… Meanwhile, Guilliman possesses a suite of invaluable tactical abilities. Author of the Codex Astartes gives you more Command Assets to choose from, while Master of Battle gives you the ability to change which Order has been issued to an Imperium Detachment, allowing you to react to your opponent’s plans. In short, Apocalypse gives Guilliman a battlefield worthy of his (well-deserved) reputation. Repulsor Executioner Arriving just in time for Apocalypse, this new battle tank offers the Space Marines truly terrifying firepower. Both the heavy laser destroyer and the macro plasma incinerator boast superb stats to match their awesome names… …and each can fire twice provided the Repulsor Executioner moves less than half of its full allowance. The only question is – which will you pick? With Knights, Baneblades, Lords of Skulls and even Titans running around, you’re going to want at least one of these onside to deal with them. Top Command Assets In Apocalypse, every army has access to Command Assets – tactical plays that represent your grand strategy that can change the tide of battle. Each Faction can use universal Command Assets, or Faction-specific choices that represent their distinctive abilities and the character of their sub-factions. Flamecraft, for example, lets you unleash devastating fusillades of Small Arms (a weapon category in Apocalypse) and is perfect for the Salamanders’ mastery of short-range warfare. In Apocalypse, Psychic Powers take effect on a much larger scale. Taking the form of Psyker-specific Command Assets, each has devastating effect. Null Zone is an excellent Adeptus Astartes option that can strip swathes of the enemy army of their saves, allowing you to unleash some devastatingly effective attacks. We’ll be looking into how Command Assets work in more detail on Wednesday, so stay tuned. In short, in Apocalypse, your Space Marines are utterly deadly! Check back soon for more Apocalypse previews – we’ll be posting all of them to this nifty index for your convenience. If you’re looking to conquer the most epic battlefields of the 41st Millennium with the Adeptus Astartes, pre-order your copy of Apocalypse on the 29th of June – aka Warhammer Day!
  8. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/06/16/pre-order-preview-bring-on-the-apocalypse/?fbclid=IwAR16Dd3uJILqdSYqZGM07WMp-Ar8Zc_0Z3ujad_U-oWZr3PSg--Y706JwI4
  9. A noter que tu peux contrer l'armure de Russ and co seulement pendant la phase de càc adverse si il a une unité qui a chargé, donc c'est pas si évident que ça. Edit : En imaginant être le joueur non sw
  10. Je vois pas plus clair, la FAQ dit oui en premier lieu et précise pour les aptitudes spécifiques la marche à suivre. A un moment, faut pas chercher midi à 14h.
  11. FAQ Space Wolves @kikasstou Tu confonds les sagas. Celle dont il parle c'est celle qui file frappe en premier, pas celle du chasseur qui file l'advance+charge.
  12. Hein ? Si t'arrives en renfort tu es considéré comme en mouvement hein donc pas de double tir. Le strat ne change rien il affecte un malus pour toucher, c'est tout.
  13. Youp ! Si quelqu'un trouve un zoum avec le contrast Space wolves j'aimerais bien voir ce que ça donne de plus près merci !
  14. Pas de smash Wolf Lord par contre je trouve ça dommage mais en même temps c'est dure de tout prendre.
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