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Quelques news 3mm chez Vanguard Miniatures qui espère pouvoir sortir de nouveaux packs d'ici Noël : des titans légers (count as de Warhounds), de l'infanterie d'assaut avec blindés de transports ou encore des engins de guerre avec infanterie lourde (des terminators quoi).


En préparation : des Land Speeders, des Motojets et l'équivalent d'un titan Reaver...


Je développe tout cela sur la Tribune Ludique. Vous y trouverez également une revue de la première vague de figurines 3mm actuellement disponible.







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La gamme 3mm de Vanguard Miniatures s'est enrichie de titans légers, véhicules super-lourds, motojets et autres land speeders... Le tout toujours typé Hérésie d'Horus.




Le travail sur le dernier KS/Indiegogo avance et l'on peut déjà découvrir les premières impressions des figurines 6mm financées pour l'occasion :









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Ca bouge pas mal chez Vanguard Miniatures. Petit à petit le producteur s'impose comme un acteur majeur du marché du 6mm (et du 3mm) avec une gamme de figurines d'une très grande qualité !


Des previews de la Winter infantery 6mm :


La sortie de troupes urbaines pour les Novan Regulars 6mm :







On note aussi de nouvelles sorties 3mm avec le stalker de classe Dreadnought (count as de titan Reaver) :






Une formation de commandement toujours en 3mm :




Et une formation de Gladiators 3mm (count as Dreadnoughts) :





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La gamme 3mm de Vanguard Miniatures s'étoffe encore un peu plus avec l'arrivée d'une nouvelle "faction" : les Novan Regulars  en livrée hiver.


Un peu d'infanterie et d'armes lourdes :




Et des transports, des blindés et des blindés super lourds :











Une bonne base d'armée de la Garde Impériale par exemple...

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Du lourd débarque dans la gamme 6mm !
Novan Elites Eagle Dropship - £28.00
The Novan Elites make use of many types of aircraft including fighters, bombers, shuttles, heavy landers and dropships, the Eagle is a medium class dropship capable of fighting its way past an orbital blockade to deliver a full Maniple of Elites infantry to a planetary surface under combat conditions. Heavily armed and armoured this aerospace craft is also a supremely powerful air asset in its own right. The main dorsal turret can be fitted with a variety of different weapon systems, including an accurate and hard-hitting heavy laser cannon, allowing it to engage heavily fortified orbital and surface positions, as well as enabling ground-support “pylon runs” to strike hardened surface targets. Secondary weapons include supplemental wing-mounted laser cannon and air to ground missile clusters. Close in defence and landing zone suppression is provided by automated heavy machine gun turrets. Even a single Eagle dropship is likely to prove to be an incalculably valuable asset to any Elites battle group.

This set consists of one resin cast model made up of the follow:

1 x Eagle hull

7 x Eagle component sprues

Dimensions: Length 92mm nose to rear thrusters, Wing span 90mm, Height 28mm bottom of landing gear to rear stabiliser wing.


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La Winter Guard continue à s'étoffer dans la gamme 3mm de Vanguard Miniatures :


Malika a écrit :


3mm reinforcements inbound!

3mm Novan Regulars Winter Support Troops Set (S2) - £12.00
[Image: P1060107cav-gren.jpg]
[Image: P1060109c-g.jpg]
[Image: P1060111cav.jpg]
[Image: P1060112gren.jpg]
[Image: P1060113gren.jpg]

Citation :This set consists of two Cavalry squadrons, and two Assault Grenadier platoons with the option to mechanise them in Samson utility vehicles, also included is one Breaching drill to act as a game marker for siege games.

Set contents:

24 x cavalry strips
2 x command cavalry strips
2 x political officers on horse back.

8 x grenadier strips
2 x grenadier command strips
4 x grenadier flamethrower teams
2 x political officers on foot
12 x samson utility/transport vehicles
1 x breaching drill

Basing guide for Dominion:

Cavalry, 60mm x 40mm
Grenadiers, 40mm x 40mm
Samsons, 60mm x 40mm
Breaching drill, optional


3mm Novan Regulars Archer Self-propelled Artillery Company Set (S3) - £12.00
[Image: P1060106arty.jpg]
[Image: P1060114arty.jpg]
[Image: P1060115arty.jpg]
[Image: P1060116arty.jpg]

Citation :This set consists of one complete Archer artillery company.

Set contents:

12 x archer SPA
1 x overlander command halftrack (van body)
1 x warrior command escort vehicle

Basing guide for Dominion:

Archer SPA = 60mm x 40mm 3 – SPA per base
Artillery command = 40mm x 40mm




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Les dernières nouveautés Vanguard Miniatures :

Cybershadow Skitter Main Battle Tank - £8.00
[Image: fLMmenM.jpg][Image: 7SsQkdz.jpg]
[Image: rlz6Vba.jpg]

Citation :The Cybershadow designation for this tank is unknown and we offer here the term most commonly used by our troops, that of “skitter” due to the way the tank seems to skitter across the battlefield. Skitters are a common sight seen most often in support of Cybershadow infantry formations as well as in the main battle tank role. Many weapons systems have been observed fitted to these tanks and they often function in mixed groupings with more specialised weapons mixed in amongst the common types. Despite there ungainly appearance these machines can turn a surprising amount of speed gliding across rough terrain in no time and seem to be protected by more than just armour. These machines are more than a match for our Centurion tanks as should not be underestimated.

Often encountered on garrison duties protecting Cybershadow military and industrial facilities they have become a familiar sight to our front line troops.

Set contains two Cybershadow main battle tanks consisting of the follow components:

2 x upper hulls
2 x lower hulls
12 x legs (3 variants)
4 x hatches 2 closed, 2 open
2 x weapons sprues


Cybershadow Master of Interactions Command Node - £6.00
[Image: 5NcvrN8.jpg]
[Image: yLs3V6L.jpg]
[Image: P5freoj.jpg]

Citation :Master of Interactions is a common term used to describe Cybershadow battlefield commanders, the actual ranking designations and how they interact within Cybershadow military circles are unknown outside the Cybershadow Technocracy but the term seems to refer to many and varied levels of commanders when seen from outside observation.

The highest ranking MoI’s are often seen interfaced with an advanced cybernetic combat rig that enhances their overall command and combat abilities by a very high degree. It is known the combat rig incorporates both short and long range communications networks allowing for a high degree of command and control and also provides the user and those in close proximity to them with energy shield protection from enemy fire. Heavy weaponry is often incorporated into the rig making them a very dangerous adversary even at long range. Needless to say these individuals should not be underestimated and should be considered priority targets for head hunter cadres.

Set contains the following:

2 x Battle commanders (MoI)
1 x Command node (sub commanders) sprue
1 x Labour drone sprue
2 x Combat drone (HMG) sprues

27 figures in total.


Cybershadow Combat Drones (HMG’s) - £5.50
[Image: R63x2tK.jpg?1]

Citation :Guardian combat drones armed with HMG’s, they function as bodyguards for high ranking Cybershadow commanders as well as acting in the front line fire support role.

Set contains 30 x cybershadow combat drones with heavy machine guns in 5 poses.


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Posted (edited)

Ces figurines ont l'air impressionnante de par leur finesse. Je les trouve splendides! (je parle de la gamme en général)

Edited by Newlight

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Oui, que cela soit en 6 ou en 3mm, la finesse des figurines livrées est impressionnante. C'est aujourd'hui l'un des meilleurs producteurs du marché à cette échelle.

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Nouvelle infanterie Cybershadow (count as Adeptus Mechanicus)




Cybershadow Precursors infantry inbound!

Cybershadow Precursors - £7.00
[Vanguard miniatures] - Page 17 HNN6EVQ
[Vanguard miniatures] - Page 17 MjyyhVj
[Vanguard miniatures] - Page 17 HtzuRsy

Citation :
The Precursors are the Cybershadows main combat ground troops their arrival on the battlefield signifies the imminent arrive of the dreaded Warstalkers alongside which they serve. Sporting advanced body armour and plasma pulse rifles these cyborg soldiers are a deadly opponent unmovable in defence and unstoppable in attack they are a force not to be underestimated.

Set contains:

44 x Cybershadow Precursors




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