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[Warhammer Fantasy 8.5] Présentation du projet

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Warhammer 8.5 – You just can’t keep a good game down. The fans of this game and the lore are keeping the dream alive.


A guest column by a listener of the FTN Podcast and BOLS reader.  If you are interested in their efforts and following their progress please check out the links below.

“Just over 6 months ago, Games Workshop killed off the game that started them off as a company in order to reboot it and reinvigorate its lagging fantasy customer base. Games Workshop believed that there needed to be wholesale change for their line of Warhammer Fantasy miniatures to continue.

In order to do that, they reduced the cost of entry by reducing the amount of models required to get a satisfactory game. Now Age of Sigmar is a fine game for those who have played it and liked it, but for those who wanted to continue playing games of mass combat set in the Warhammer World using the Warhammer rules there was limited options for those who would like the idea of the rules being at some point updated.

There have been a few contenders such as the Ninth Age or Kings of War, but while they may be more balanced as a tournament game, they lacked the character and inherent customization of the Warhammer Game.

How many hours have Warhammer and 40K players spent trying to figure out the best loadout for their character or unit in their army?

The other issue was that a lot of players liked the rule-set of Warhammer, except for a few strange things that had cropped up around the edges of the rule set over the past few years (the ETC Worst Play document is a perfect list of some examples.) Yet other gamers would put up wish lists of what they wanted to see in 9th assuming the majority of the rules stayed. For gamers afraid of seeing one of their favorite games fallen by the wayside, it was an extremely scary time.

With the support for 8th edition discontinued by GW, but gamers still wanting to play the game with occasional minor updates, a few of us got to work on Warhammer 8.5. A two page update to the core 8thed rules to fix some of the ‘broken’ aspects of the rules (ETC Worst play document) as well as a few minor updates that people wanted to see in ninth. This had the advantage of not forcing people to learn an entire new ruleset, but rather two pages of errata formatted in the same way GW issued their FAQs is all that needed to be read.

The rulebook was the first challenge of the 8.5 process.  Plans are in place to make updates every 6 months and this includes the army books. (Beastmen are next!)


This is a slow but deliberate effort as it gives people stability, not throwing massive changes in every few months but also allowing for the prospect of a meta change with a few minor changes here and there. 8.5 isn’t designed as a tournament game. We are leaving that to the Ninth Age and Kings of War. Warhammer 8.5 is about the hobby aspect, just like its parent game 8th edition. To that end, in between the main Army book releases, minor lists would be released to spice things up, similar to the White Dwarf Lists of the Gnoblars, the Hell Pit list, etc (when I say similar, I mean looking at what White Dwarf did, as well as Storm of Chaos and providing 8th edition updates for those lists)

After a few months of play testing and numerous beta copies flying around, earlier this week, 8.5 was finally released. 8.5 has also launched with a variety of supplements from Regiments of Renown (Armies of a dozen models of 200pts), to Warhammer Skirmish (up to 1000pts), all the way up to Warhammer Legendary Battles (5,000pts and above) with a few other supplements thrown in for good measure such as the WHFB 8.5 BattleBible.

For those interested, here are the links to the War hammer 8.5 Errata & FAQ and the Warhammer Fantasy 8.5 Community Facebook page (where the supplements, Rules packs and early previews are listed.)”

Warhammer Fantasy 8.5 Community Facebook page. WHFB 8.5 Errata & FAQ


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