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  1. I would like to introduce you to my MathHammer App for Kill Team (& regular 40K). The other main feature is the ability to analyse all saved profiles against one another. E.g. add your whole Kill Team of models as Attack Profiles and then add your archenemy’s profiles as Defend Profiles. Then in one tap you can see which of your models is the most effective against every enemy model! There is also support for re-rolls to hit, wound, positive and negative modifiers, Mortal Wounds from Sniper type weapons, Disgustingly Resilient and a whole lot more! App Store https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/mathhammer-40k/id1480073816 Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mathhammer There is also a walkthrough here https://youtu.be/BvQI-q6yJgQ Any feedback and ideas welcome! MathHammer isn't for everyone and every type of game, but if you enjoy a bit of MathHammer then I hope this is a help to you! Enable Kill Team output in App Settings, this will enable the Out of Action Roll percentage shown in the below image. In 40K mode, the default mode, this shows "Dead Models". Future plans include; Extra weapons per profile, so you can see the full damage output - although this is more a 40K feature. Tagging of saved profiles so you can more easily find and analyse your profiles. New rules and abilities as they are requested and needed. This is how the app is currently looking on iOS...
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