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Found 2 results

  1. Je ne sais pas si ça a été relayé : Bounty Hunters, GSC, Cultists and more. u/Quarterwit_85 Information compiled from posts on the Necromunda Worldwide facebook page. It's all come from Garro at the Open Day in the UK. Gang war three is mostly written Gang war two will include rules for Orlocks, the new ZM tiles, and rules for hired guns, and hangers on. Bounty hunters are completely custom, having full access to the trading post and about to take up to 5 weapons, and three skills. Hive scum will be a collection of low level add ons who are basically cannon fodder for your gang. There will be four hang-ons to start with: cook, scout, doc, and armourer. Escher, Goliath, and Orlock will get their resin weapon packs early next year around the same time GW2 comes out. GW3 will include a massively increased trading post and house armoury lists. Including the vast majority of imperial weapons and wargear. GW3 will include more specialised missions including one with civilians. White Dwarf will have a 3rd new gang after book 2 launches made up exclusively of bounty hunters. These will have your usual levels of ganger with use of the trading post lists in place of a house list. Gangers will have a level of rarity attached to them Both GSC and Chaos Cultists will both be appearing in White Dwarf. Both gangs will be based around the existing kits (No new models) Genestealer Cults (GC) will focus around the neophite-hybrids with a sub-primus leader, and able to take Aberrants in the gangs. they'll have full access to the entire GC armoury including weapons in the acolytes kits. these weapons should be added to the trading posts lists, but will be in Gang War 3 (GW3) Chaos cults will be god neutral. but will be able to preform a ritual between games, to one of the gods. if successful, your gang gets a buff based on the god, and if it fails, a random member of your gang (other than the leader) turns into a spawn, and remains like it (spawn is added to the gang roster). you get bonuses to the ritual roll, if you stick to the same god, and get negative modifiers if you chop and change. Both gangs will have full gang rules, and access to trading posts .etc so will be able to include other non-faction gear as campaigns go on. Both factions will have a low-power psyker option
  2. Vous trouverez ci-après la liste des différentes entrées de Necromunda allant de Gang of the Underhive à House of Blades avec l'indication de l'existence de figurine dans la gamme nécromunda "officielle" et la référence règles dans au moins un ouvrage (sinon les règles sont disponibles avec la figurine et éventuellement en PDF).
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