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[21 Décembre 2002] Passage à La Version Rc2

Guest Administrateur

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Guest Administrateur

La version du forum vient d'être mise à jour, de Beta 4 à RC2. voici ci-dessous la liste des bugs corrigés.

version RC1

#31624: Show Moderators: Not sorting global mods by name

#32846: Forum rules, not showing board name correctly in title

#33080: Missing CSS tag on poll form

#33352: Posting: Smilies parsing in quotes when reply w/quote when parse smilies off

#33386: ACP: Editing a forum "done" screen not showing forum name

#33411: Wrong CSS after QUOTE in signature

#28284: Mod CP: Older version of PHP bug with $ip_bit_count fix

#33660: Calendar: max_post_length bug fix

#XXXXX: UserCP sub auto prune not working fix

#34234: ACP: Deleting member adds wrong name to admin log

#34140: Quote parsing bug fix

#32329: Registration email being sent twice fix

#34090: Unconverting embedded colour tags fix

#33774: Closed topics w/poll not showing results fix

#33647: Registering with banned names fix

#36488: Hardcoded text removed from skin_topic

#36199: ACP: Mass mail, incorrect # posts fix

#35881: Emailer, incorrect language chosen fix

#35776: Emailer, | not converted correctly in emails fix

#34904: Missing check in member mail form fix

#35684: Mod CP: Recount creates wrong post count in stats fix

#XXXXX: View New Posts: Displays in Topic format per several requests

version RC2

#37294: Msgr: sorting / pagination bug fix

#37262: Msgr: Inbox too wide fix HTML bug fix (credit: Richard)

#36808: UCP: Removing custom member title bug fix

#36009: Search: Pagination added to page bottom (Get Active / New)

#34520: MSN JS activation bug fix

#34002: Emailing: "IBForums" changed to <#BOARD_NAME#>

#37726: Help Docs: Wrong error returned when viewing non-existant topic fix

#37724: Help Docs: No desc. shown in search results fix

#37452: Help Docs: Wrong title in search results fix

#37548: Topics: Next Oldest, Next Newest not showing you in browsing topic fix

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