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Nouveau Kickstarter à venir.




Raise the Black Coming Soon

Raise the Black Manifesto

Warfare and political struggle for control of the rich resources of the New World have raged for over 100 years. Spain has held a tight grip on the majority of those resources for most of that time, but her hand grows weak. In the wake of the War of Spanish Succession, or “Queen Anne’s War” as it is known by the English colonists, the monopoly is broken and trade has taken the place of lucrative privateering. In the wake of this shift, many former privateers are not content with harsh treatment and poor wages offered by merchants and turn a hand to their old trade. Only now, they will not have the backing of their home countries. They make their base in the abandoned English colony of New Providence in the Bahama Islands. From there they set out to make war on the whole world. They make their declaration with the death’s headset upon the black flags they fly. From 1714-1730, thousands of sailors will “Raise the Black” in what will be the final chapter of the golden age of piracy.

Raise the Black is the next major expansion for Blood & Plunder, below are some of the big changes coming to Blood & Plunder :

  • Hard Plastic Range: This expansion will feature an all-new wave of hard plastic sprue kits of Sailors, Militia, and Soldiers. All of which will include multiple customization options allowing them to be used for most nationalities and as various unit types.
  • Plastic Ship Kits: The wait is over! A two-section ship with a variety of rig options allowing you to build several types of ships out of a single kit!
  • Timeline Expansion: As we continue to move the timeline of Blood & Plunder forward, the time of the buccaneer fades away and a new wave of pirates will carry on their old trade.
  • Pirate Captain Legends: All kinds of infamous pirates covered by A General History will be represented in this range including Jack Rackham, Anne Bonny, Charles Vane, Black Bart Roberts, Sam Bellamy, and many more!
  • New Rulebook: Since we launched Blood & Plunder over four years ago, we have made many revisions and changes to the rules as we have received feedback from players. This new book will include new units, new factions, and all errata updated. This version is receiving a layout refresh so that it is easier to understand. This is not a new edition of the game, all previous editions of the rulebook will remain valid. Retailers, fear not! Your product will not become obsolete! Stay tuned for more details!
  • Open-and-Play 2 player box sets: This Kickstarter campaign will be centered around a 2 player starter set including everything needed for your first skirmish on the high seas. The two-player box set will include everything two players need to get started, including 26 miniatures and two ships, all in hard plastic! The set will be themed around Blackbeard’s final battle with the British Royal Navy’s Leftenant. Robert Maynard and will include exclusive miniatures for each.

Coming To Kickstarter
May 2020


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Merci de nous tenir informé sur ce sujet.

Et ils passent au plastique, non de non !! Je suis curieux de voir la qualité de leur plastique, comparé à GW.


Je n'ai pas encore attaqué mes starters, mais ça me démange à un point (j'ai du nécromunda à peindre ...)


Sinon, pour info, il y a un code promo pour avoir les FDP gratuit, à partir de 100$ de commande, sur le site de Firelock:


Valable ce WE.


Profitez-en !!!

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On a de l'humour cher Firelock Games :


New historical characters on their way!


All this time locked indoors has given our historical consultants, Benerson Little and Rufus Devane, a lot of time for research. After watching a 5-part documentary on Caribbean Pirates, Benerson says he has found evidence of new captains and details never before seen in Blood & Plunder! And Rufus has been watching TV. We have decided to move forward with entirely new factions dedicated to their findings. Below is a preview of what is on its way:


Socialite, drunkard, pirate. The privateer, Captain Jack Finch, was an enigmatic figure who proved how thin the line was between genius and insanity. After striking a deal with a nameless figure, Captain Finch came into possession of the finest ship to sail the Caribbean, the Dark Pearl. His career is as known for his awe-inspiring achievements as it is for his appalling blunders. In the words of an opposing captain “…without a doubt the worst pirate I have ever heard of.”

A big thank you goes to our favorite artist, Ian Hosfeld, for this captain art!




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Règles pouvoir jouer à Blood & Plunder en solo : https://www.firelockgames.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/BP-Solitaire-compressed-1.pdf.

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Newsletter du mois :




Firestarters Available Now!

Firestarter units are now available to purchase from our store! These units can be used with the No Peace Beyond the Line expansion rulebook.

Canadian Militia 

    Bravesb53df1ec-01d7-4e58-b609-5b7dcd1fc8fb.png        Indian Fighters

Purchase Them Here ->

Ports of Plunder now Available

New terrain is now available at 4Ground's Publishing. Enhance your Blood & Plunder Wargaming with terrain focused on vital battlegrounds that are port towns!

Ports of Plunder Store Page ->

Cyberwars Roundtable Virtual Gaming Event

Firelock games will be present at the CYBËR WÅRS HMGS Round Table digital event held from July 23rd to July 26th. The events will be held digitally on Zoom and are free to register for.

Firelock will be hosting two separate events on July 25th and July 26th. One we will be discussing upcoming releases, and the other will be about Blood & Valor.
Check out Information and Registor for the Upcoming Release's Event ->
Check out Information and Registor for the Blood & Valor Event ->

No Dice No Glory - Tales of the Sail Podcast

The folks at No Dice No Glory have been running a podcast about Blood & Plunder and Firelock Games, in which they discuss various topics such as Miniature painting, Battle Reports, and more!
Check out the Podcast Here ->


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Posted (edited)

Le nouveau kickstarter se précise pour le 6 octobre 2020 :





For the last 4 years, Blood & Plunder has introduced thousands of people into the world of 28mm amphibious wargaming within the attractive setting of the 17th Century New World. Our last expansion, No Peace Beyond the Line, covered everything from campaigns to larger scale battles and added tons of new units, factions, and ship options. We are excited to continue to add to the gameplay options and to push the timeline of the game forward by exploring a new chapter of history.


The Set Up

Queen Anne’s War book


The universe of Blood & Plunder will be moving onto the 18th century! This expansion book will feature new units and factions with a focus on active powers during the first two French & Indian Wars, King Williams War, and Queen Anne’s War. Mixed European and Native American raiding parties, the last of the buccaneers, and regular army units for all European factions are just some of the exciting additions you can expect. We have even added the option for 18th-century doctrinal reforms for some hugely impressive, well-coordinated tactics!

If you love your 17th-century units, fear not! Not only will Forces from the previous period be balanced to play against the newer ones, but we will continue to support and add to that setting even as we progress the timeline.


The Golden Age of Piracy

Raise the Black Kickstarter Campaign

We are getting asked about our next Kickstarter weekly at this point, so it is high time we address it! We have faced several obstacles in getting this ready to launch. Everything from issues stemming from the worldwide pandemic to staff members dealing with significant illness. But I am happy to say that things are now back on track and we will be announcing a launch date very soon! 

This Kickstarter will launch an all-new series of multi-part plastic miniatures, including a 28mm plastic Bermuda Sloop and customizable unit sprues! These first soldier kits will include enough to build 12 models with several body, head, and weapon options. You can use these kits to build out many of the game’s existing units and even add some new options to those units (like boarding pikes and brace of pistols for all sailors!). They will also be useful in creating some of the new units in the upcoming Queen Anne’s War supplement, such as Provincials, Grenadiers, and Jamaican Privateers.















The Kickstarter will also feature 10 famous pirates of the Golden Age. We will release bios and character art for each pirate over the next few weeks leading up to the launch of the

Finally, the main event of this whole Kickstarter: A Blood & Plunder 2 player starter set! The starter set will be themed around Blackbeard’s last battle with Royal Navy Lieutenant Robert Maynard. Pirates vs. the Royal Navy, classic Blood & Plunder action! As you may know, this was a naval battle between two small sloops, so this starter set will include two sloops and

two crews to man them! You can also expect this box to be a one-stop-shop for players looking to get into the game. Like our Oak & Iron Core set, the box will feature everything needed to play except plastic glue!










Following the new range of plastics for the Kickstarter, we plan to fill in the present time periods with lots of great plastic options. That means new units and ships for both the 17th and 18th centuries in full plastic.

We will also be continuing to move the time period forward. All the way to the early 19th century, at least. I am especially excited to be able to cover the American Revolution!

We are excited by how far Blood & Plunder has come and by all the great things on the way. Be sure to follow us on Facebook & Instagram, sign up for our newsletter, and check our website for the latest news!


Edited by TheBoss™

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