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Warhammer 40,000: The App’s new update offers more features than ever for less


BFUpdate Feb06 Header4dxsgr

The latest version of Warhammer 40,000: The App is almost here, and this is no regular update. The Techpriests have been hard at work programming entreating the machine spirit and are proud to launch the latest version, featuring:

  • A full suite of matched play list-building tools
  • Custom sub-factions
  • Granular, faction-specific upgrade options, such as Prototype System Weapons, Kustom Jobs, Tanks Aces, and Adaptive Physiology
  • The latest content from Codex Supplement: Dark Angels
  • The foundation for future Crusade campaign and narrative game support coming soon

You’ll get all of this and more for a new, lower price!

We’ve also got a winner of January’s Battle Forge competition to announce. Did you win your dream army? You’ll have to keep reading to find out.

BattleForge Dec09 InSitue3sge

First of all, a huge thank you to everyone who sent in feedback and thoughts about Battle Forge and Warhammer 40,000: The App as a whole – every little bit of it helped make the app even better and brought about the changes you see today. That’s not to say we want you to stop – far from it. Keep sending us your ideas and things can only get better from here.

Battle Forge is out of beta and ready to help build any list you could think of. Not only does it have all of the features dedicated hobbyists need to get a matched play list ready in minutes, but is also a full reference tool for more casual players to have wherever they need it. 

BFUpdate Feb06 Price9sdgr

Among the many changes and tweaks is a new lower price. For just £1.99 a month you’ll get access to the same premium app features as before, plus all of the new goodies being added as development continues. 

That includes the aforementioned support for Crusade campaigns, plus a few fantastic things that we can’t quite talk about just yet. Crusades are one of the best ways to play narrative games in the latest edition of Warhammer 40,000, letting you form your own force and follow their development through games as they fight, die, and level up.


Win your dream army

Battle Forge also lets you enter our monthly competition where you can win an entire army just by submitting your dream list. Okay, some terms and conditions apply – you can read them all here. In fact, we have a winner to announce right now…

BFWinners Feb06 Winner3dsgr

Every month we randomly select one list to win, and you can enter by posting your list on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #40KBattleForge or by emailing it to us at competitions@gwplc.com. We’ll select one winner at random at 11:00pm (GMT) on the 1st of each month to win every Citadel model in their army, up to a total value of $1,000 (USD).

Are you planning to give Battle Forge a go and enter your own army into the next competition? Here’s a handy guide on how you can do just that.

BFUpdate Feb06 Infrographic7gcjv

BattleForge Dec09 GetTheApp3sfe

SiR6UX5eBnAxYbrc-500x108.jpg PLCVbDTHTJYpF4WQ-500x112.jpg


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En précommande la semaine prochaine :


Now let’s take a closer look at what you can pre-order next week, starting with a new battlebox, codex, and a pair of expansions for Warhammer 40,000.

WH40K trademarked logo

Faith and fire meet agility and sadism in the new Warhammer 40,000 battlebox, Piety and Pain. 

14 03 SundayPreview PPFull0xi3

This fantastic set includes two armies – Adepta Sororitas and Drukhari – alongside a 32-page campaign book packed with datasheets, missions, Crusade rules, and Theatre of War rules for urban arenas. There’s also the story behind the campaign, as Lelith Hesperax murders her way through Battle Sisters, which you can find out more about in our suitably grisly preview.

The Adepta Sororitas army includes five heavy-weapon toting Retributors with a pair of Armorium Cherubs, a heavily armoured Immolator, and a Palatine – a new hero with head and weapons options.

14 03 SundayPreview PPSisters9xk1

The Drukhari force is a swift Wych Cult warband led by the legendary duellist Lelith Hesperax. The stunning new plastic model of this beloved character is joined by ten Wyches, five winged Scourges, and a Venom.

14 03 SundayPreview PPDruk8xj3

You can play the missions in the box with these forces, pitting furious firepower against speed, and both armies form the perfect base to expand into larger collections – or add to an existing one. Pre-order Piety and Pain from Saturday, alongside a shiny new codex for the Drukhari.


The Drukhari are also involved in the latest crisis to face the Imperium in The Book of Rust, the first act in the War Zone Charadon series. 

14 03 SundayPreview WZCharadon28xjl93

This campaign book tells the story of the Death Guard invasion of the Charadon sector, home to the vital forge world Metalica. Led by Typhus himself, the followers of Nurgle swarm across the sector, with the Imperium’s defenders standing against them and the piratical Drukhari taking advantage of the anarchy to plunder and pillage.

As well as the epic narrative, the book includes three codex supplements for the forge world Metalica, Imperial Knights House Raven, and the Drukhari Cult of Strife. There are also three Armies of Renown, forces which trade off restrictions in unit choices for additional benefits, including new Warlord Traits, Relics, Stratagems, and even Psychic Powers. The book includes Armies of Renown for the Adeptus Mechanicus, Death Guard, and Imperial Knights.

For players who like to string their games together with a narrative, a new campaign system provides loads of ideas for creating your own awesome story. This can be used alongside the three Legendary Missions and an extensive suite of Crusade rules that can be mixed and matched with those across other publications.

Like Codex: Drukhari, The Book of Rust is also available in a collector’s edition to fancy up your shelves.

14 03 SundayPreview WZCharadonCE17sh3

If you’re looking for even more awesome rules for your Crusade games, the Crusade Mission Pack: Plague Purge will scratch your itch. Hopefully, it’s just an itch… you never know with the Death Guard. 

14 03 SundayPreview plaguepurge2us784


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Pour ceux qui souhaitent budgéter :

Release Date (Last 3 Months) SS Code Product Code Barcode Description TPI
27/03/2021 40-13 01040199128 9781839061837 CROISADE PACK DE MISSIONS: PURGE FÉTIDE €32,50
27/03/2021 40-13 60040199128 9781839061820 PLAGUE PURGE CRUSADE MISSION PACK (ENG) €32,50
27/03/2021 40-18 01040199133 9781839063169 CHARADON: ACTE 1: LE LIVRE DE LA ROUILLE €45,00
27/03/2021 40-18 60040199133 9781839063152 CHARADON: ACT 1: BOOK OF RUST (HB) (ENG) €45,00
27/03/2021 45-01 01030112008 9781839061905 CODEX: DRUKHARI (HB) (FRANCAIS) €37,50
27/03/2021 45-01 60030112008 9781839061899 CODEX: DRUKHARI (HB) (ENGLISH) €37,50
27/03/2021 45-02 01050112002 5011921140367 DATACARDS: DRUKHARI (FRANCAIS) €20,00
27/03/2021 45-02 60050112002 5011921140350 DATACARDS: DRUKHARI (ENGLISH) €20,00
27/03/2021 45-05 99220112002 5011921143979 WARHAMMER 40000: DRUKHARI DICE SET €25,00
27/03/2021 45-43 99120112043 5011921139217 PATROUILLE DRUKHARI €110,00
27/03/2021 PP-01 01010199036 5011921138197 PIÉTÉ ET CRUAUTÉ (FRANCAIS) €140,00
27/03/2021 PP-60 60010199036 5011921138180 WARHAMMER 40000: PIETY AND PAIN €140,00
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La figurine de Be'lakor sera en précommande la semaine prochaine :



SundayPreview Apr11 Belakor1c

It’s not just the Mortal Realms that will feel the sting of his ambition, either, as the 41st Millennium also sees the First Prince step out of the shadows and start carving up some tanks with contemptuous ease. His stunning new model has options for both versions or neither, allowing you to take him onto whichever battlefield you so desire.

SundayPreview Apr11 BelakorDetails2p



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FestDay2 May 40k Header

By the end of Act 1: The Book of Rust, the invasion of the Charadon System at the (unwashed) hands of Typhus and his Death Guard was well underway. Now things are about to, ahem, heat up.

The Book of Fire is the next chapter in this campaign, and it sees fresh forces being drawn into the escalating conflict – including the daemonic hordes of Be’lakor and the newly anointed Abbess Sanctorum, Morvenn Vahl herself.

FestDay2 May4 40k Content1c

The ramifications for all the forces involved in this narrative event are huge, and Battle Group Tarsus of the Indomitus Crusade arrives to combat the growing tide of Chaos invaders before the entire system is lost. Will Metalica hold? Can House Raven’s stronghold, the mighty Keep Inviolate, remain inviolate? You’ll have to wait to find out.

FestDay2 May4 40k Content2p

We will, however, reveal a few tidbits of new rules content to whet your appetite. First up, there are some more Armies of Renown to cater for the new arrivals to War Zone Charadon, including the Disciples of Be’lakor, which comprises both Daemons and mortals. If you love everything Chaos and want a legion led by a big, awesome Character, you might just have found your next army.

Speaking of the Dark Master, the Book of Fire includes his full Warhammer 40,000 datasheet, and if you saw our article telling of Be’lakor’s return to the 41st Millennium, you’ll know he’s an absolute beast.

FestDay2 May4 40k Content4o

Long story short, the Book of Fire is going to be rad, and it’s on its way soon.

Battlezone: Mechanicus – Charadon

Our last reveal of the day is a new Battlezone kit. With more widespread gaming now tantalisingly close after a long hiatus, what better way to get yourself ready for the wars to come than with a stunning battlefield full of terrain? And with the Adeptus Mechanicus on the verge of receiving an updated codex, and the forge world of Metalica in the thick of a major ongoing conflict, the industrial theme of this set is perfect.

FestDay2 May4 40k Content3z

FestDay2 May4 40k Content5l

With all this on the way, the grim darkness of the far future is looking a little brighter. Don’t worry, the setting is still as horrible and foreboding as always – we mean that some great new things are on the horizon.


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Peer Into a Tome of Secrets

What’s this? A new teaser trailer appearing as if by magic? How curious.

It seems like two powerfully psychic forces are preparing to clash in an upcoming battle box. But the warp is fickle, and you’ll need to wait a little bit longer to find out exactly what’s going on here. 

Pardon? Castellan Crowe? We’ve never heard of this man in our lives, and we have it on good authority that there’s no such thing as a ‘Grey Knight’. Sit still, and we’ll send along one of our helpful Inquisitors to show you exactly where you were mistaken.

Are you excited for the new releases coming soon to a 41st Millennium near you? Let us know what you’re most looking forward to on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (we’re really curious), and stay tuned to Warhammer Community for another day of fantastic reveals tomorrow. We have it on good authority that it’s a big one.

Want to be one of the first to find out when you can get your hands on these new releases? Sign up for our newsletter and get the latest news delivered right to your inbox, all ripe for the reading.

Fest2021 NL Button 600Wide

* Which was harder than it sounds, they’re really good at sneaking around.
** Some of our particularly long-term hobbyists may recognise him from the early days of Warhammer 40,000.


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En précommande (et en rattrapage à l'unité) la semaine prochaine :


Drukhari – Lelith Hesperax

It’s not just about the Adeptus Mechanicus next weekend for Warhammer 40,000 – all you realspace raiders out there can also pick up the undisputed queen of the arena herself, Lelith Hesperax. Available separately as a plastic miniature for the first time, this duellist extraordinaire is a must-have for any budding Archon who needs an enemy Warlord – or rival, for that matter – cutting down to size. After all, there are a great many ways to die in Commorragh.

Necrons – Chronomancer and Flayed Ones

The Necrons also have reinforcements inbound next week in the form of the Chronomancer and Flayed Ones. Previously only available in Kill Team: Pariah Nexus, these kits are available to pre-order separately from next weekend.

Adeptus Astartes – Captain with Master-Crafted Heavy Bolt Rifle and Heavy Intercessors

Similarly, the Space Marines half of the miniatures in Kill Team: Pariah Nexus – the hotly anticipated Heavy Intercessors and Gravis-armoured Captain toting a master-crafted heavy bolt rifle – will also be available to pre-order separately for the first time.

Combat Patrols

The Necrons and Space Marines ranges are also about to be bolstered by Combat Patrol sets. Each is designed to be an army-in-a-box that’s ideal for representing a Patrol Detachment for Combat Patrol-sized games, they’re fantastic options for starting a new collection or bolstering an existing one, as they save you money compared to picking up their constituent units separately.

The Necrons set includes a choice of 10 Immortals or Deathmarks, and a Night Scythe or Doom Scythe, as well as a unit of swift Tomb Blades and an Overlord to lead them. Meanwhile, the Space Marines force comprises a unit of 10 Infiltrators or Incursors, an Impulsor to carry them, a Lieutenant in Phobos Armour to lead them, as well as units of 3 Eliminators and 3 Suppressors for some hefty fire support.


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Pour ceux qui souhaitent budgéter :

Release Date (Last 3 Months) SS Code Product Code Barcode Description TPI
29/05/2021 45-37 99120112042 5011921138906 DRUKHARI LELITH HESPERAX €32,50
29/05/2021 48-48 99070101048 5011921138951 CAPITAINE AVEC FUSIL BOLTER LOURD DE MAÎ €30,00
29/05/2021 48-80 99120101280 5011921138555 PATROUILLE SPACE MARINE €110,00
29/05/2021 48-95 99120101288 5011921138869 SPACE MARINES: INTERCESSORS LOURDS €50,00
29/05/2021 49-42 99120110056 5011921139101 NECRONS: DÉPECEURS €40,00
29/05/2021 49-45 99070110003 5011921138944 NECRONS: CHRONOMANCIEN €30,00
29/05/2021 49-48 99120110068 5011921143054 PATROUILLE NÉCRON €110,00
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Warhammer 40,000 may only have one new item up for pre-order next weekend, but it’s a real game-changer.

SundayPreview May23 40k ChapterApprovedHeader

Chapter Approved: Grand Tournament 2021 Mission Pack and Munitorum Field Manual 2021 MkII

The ultimate companion to fighting Warhammer 40,000 matched play battles, Chapter Approved is back with a new Grand Tournament Mission Pack and a range-wide list of updated points values for the units and wargear of every faction in the Munitorum Field Manual. It’s an absolute no-brainer for fans of matched play – especially if you regularly attend or organise tournaments.

SundayPreview May23 40k ChapApp2021

Chapter Approved comes in two separate books for ease of reference. The Grand Tournament Mission Pack includes nine missions each for Incursion- and Strike Force-scale battles, as well as an updated set of secondary objectives, and more besides. Meanwhile, the Munitorum Field Manual is your one-stop shop for all your points value needs.


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Your Matched Play Games Are About To Get a Lot More Competitive – Here’s How


SundayPreview May23 40k ChapterApprovedHeader

The upcoming Grand Tournament Mission Pack 2021 is bringing a host of changes to Matched Play battles. As one of the key ways to earn victory points and pull ahead in your games, secondary objectives have received a lot of scrutiny this time around. We asked three experienced playtesters to talk about their favourite updates and how they’ll be shaking up the Matched Play scene.

40k GTMissionPack May25 Image1ffmikm

Mike Brandt

The Grand Tournament 2021 Mission Pack focuses on the core secondary objectives, replacing some and bringing a greater degree of parity throughout the various categories. Overall, it represents a different type of change from the ‘first turn mechanic’-centric ones seen in the January mission update

Of particular note, there were quite a few secondaries that were difficult to achieve from a timing perspective, despite being interesting choices. An example of this is the change from Investigate Sites to Investigate Signal. 

XmasPreview Dec25 40k Content3hcsc

Previously, Investigate Sites could only begin at the end of your Movement phase if the centre of the battlefield was devoid of enemy units. This presented a real problem. As long as your opponent got at least one model within 6″ of the centre on their turn, you could never score it since you generally can’t destroy enemy models before the end of your Movement phase. 

Now, you can start to perform the action if enemy units are within 6″ and score if you can clear the centre by the time the action completes at the end of your turn. These sorts of changes can appear subtle, but they have major impacts on the breadth and depth of scoring opportunities presented across the game.

40k GTMissionPack May25 Image2ibwsv

Nick Nanavati

With the new rules update comes the opportunity to explore fresh strategies, tactics, and unit choices. One of my favourite changes is the new secondary objective No Prisoners, which replaces Thin Their Ranks. 

No Prisoners counts the Wounds characteristic of destroyed models as long as they aren’t a Vehicle, Monster, or Character. This gives so many options when fighting against the tougher armies out there, like Adeptus Custodes and Death Guard, which offer more kill points for each model removed from the table.

40kDG SpecialRules Jan7 Image2p

The new version of Deploy Scramblers, the evocatively named Retrieve Octarius Data, is also great for opening up more possibilities. Getting extra points for completing the objective in multiple table quarters is more reliable than the previous all or nothing proposition, but also requires a greater degree of coordination and strategic thinking.

 Fast-moving, low wound count skirmish units such as Swooping Hawks and Pteraxii go up in value with the larger emphasis on completing actions. Vehicles and Monsters are also on the rise since they no longer provide kill points for No Prisoners. The meta is ripe for innovation as new possibilities emerge. 


Stephen Box

The new Grand Tournament 2021 Mission Pack has some incredible changes, upgrades, and new rules that will bring about more competitive and balanced games. In particular, this update helps those armies that don’t yet have their own secondary objectives by giving them much better options within the main core rules. 

The changes to the objectives now make selecting the right secondary a much harder decision. This has been achieved by updating the less frequently picked options, due to their difficulty to score or ‘all or nothing’ nature, and replacing them with new objectives that are more achievable and granular.

40k GTMissionPack May25 Image1fihb

This allows players to build multiple mission objectives and have a better selection at the table. These updates will reward those players who understand how their army list can operate and the role of every unit they put onto the table. Being able to build an army that can score consistently in every match-up and mission is going to be vital. 

A mix of mobile infantry units, objective secured troops, and units that can be used to remove their opponent from their objectives through combat are all key to victory. The new No Prisoners and changes to Bring It Down also mean characterful armies made up of Tyranid Monsters, Astra Militarum tanks, or Ork Vehicles are more viable, so might start to see more of these on the table as the meta adjusts.

40k GTMissionPack May25 Image3qlof

How will these objective changes affect your Matched Play armies? Make sure you pick up the Grand Tournament Mission Pack 2021 when it arrives for pre-order on Saturday. It also includes the Munitorum Field Manual Mk II which contains the latest updates to points costs for all Matched Play armies.


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5 of the Biggest Points Drops From Chapter Approved 2021


SundayPreview May23 40k ChapterApprovedHeader

The 2021 edition of Chapter Approved is up for pre-order this weekend, which comprises both the Grand Tournament Mission Pack and Munitorum Field Manual MkII. Today we’re focusing on the latter – this book brings the points values of all of the current Warhammer 40,00 units from Citadel and Forge World right up to date in light of ongoing playtesting and your feedback.*

SundayPreview May23 40k ChapApp2021

First up, we’re taking a look at five units (in no particular order) that have received the biggest points drops. If you’re a fan of any of these units, or you’ve been debating whether to pick one up, now’s the time.

Land Raiders

GTMissionPackPoints May27 2ChaosLandRaidersTerrain ubjwr

Among the oldest and most powerful Vehicles of both Adeptus Astartes and Heretic Astartes alike, the Land Raider is a true Warhammer 40,000 icon. Yet the high points costs of these indomitable tanks have often seen their number limited on the tabletop – and their loss in battle keenly felt.

At 265 points INCLUDING their standard weapons (yes, really), Land Raiders of every variant and faction are in a much more competitive place within their respective Vehicle pools moving forward. What’s more, a Spearhead Detachment of these armoured behemoths isn’t out of the question anymore.

Storm Speeders

GTMissionPackPoints May27 4StormspeederTerrain ewouy

The three types of Storm Speeder – the Hailstrike, Hammerstrike, and Thunderstrike – are devastating mobile weapons platforms, with each variant representing a real boon to the arsenal of the Space Marines. What’s more, at a mere 135-160 points each, depending on your favoured brand of gunishment, they are likely to become quite the staple when it comes to fire support on the battlefield.


GTMissionPackPoints May27 5NECImmortalsTerrain obuwv

Necron Immortals may be bigger and more heavily armed and armoured than Necron Warriors, but they’ve often been overlooked compared to their more numerous cousins on account of their high points cost. No longer! Coming in at a mere 4 points more per model than Necron Warriors, regardless of what gun they carry, an army centred around a solid core of Immortals with super-zappy tesla carbines is now a perfectly competitive option.

Wraithguard and Wraithblades

GTMissionPackPoints May27 7WraithguardTerrain cvibk

The infamous Ghost Warriors of the Craftworld Aeldari are formed primarily from the ranks of Wraithguard and Wraithblades. They may not be as big as Wraithlords or the towering Wraithknights, but each such construct is worth many times the warriors of other races.

If you’re a fan of the Iyanden Craftworld, you’re going to love this one. With Wraithguard having dropped to 35 points per model and Wraithblades to 37, you can field them in much greater numbers than before and watch as they silently and efficiently annihilate your enemies.

Genestealers and Purestrain Genestealers

GTMissionPackPoints May27 9GenestealersTerrain vubjw

Whether they’re fighting as the vanguard of a Tyranid swarm or as the killer elite of a cult uprising, Genestealers are swift as a blur and utterly deadly. Now that they’re only 13 points per model – or 15 for the Purestrain variety – we’re sure the maximum unit size of 20 Genestealers is looking all the more tempting.

Those are just five of the most noticeable changes in the points values found in the Munitorum Field Manual MkII – you’ll find plenty more surprises when you’re flicking through your copy, so make sure you pre-order Chapter Approved 2021 this weekend.

On the topic of surprises, we already know that the Orks and Adepta Sororitas codexes are on their way, but what about the next two?

Well, we’ve got a confession to make – the points values featured in the Munitorum Field Manual MkII for the Thousand Sons and Grey Knights are actually incorrect. That’s because their codexes were intended to be out at this point, complete with their fancy new rules and updated points values. Sadly, due to the fickle winds of fate (for which we can only presume Tzeentch is to blame), the release of these books has been delayed until a little later in the year.

GTMissionPackPoints May27 10GKvsTSTerrain qeqr

But the important thing is, the Thousand Sons and Grey Knights are indeed both getting a new codex in the coming months! In fact, you can take a look at their stunning covers right here.

GTMissionPackPoints May27 11GK TSCodexes ogjbk

As you’ll see in the Munitorum Field Manual MkII, the Thousand Sons are also getting a new HQ choice called an Infernal Master. Sounds ominous, right? We’ll have more on this mysterious new addition to the sons of Magnus nearer to their codex’s release, so keep a third eye out for them on Warhammer Community.

For now, you can download the updated points values for the Thousand Sons and Grey Knights using the button below. These points values cater for all the units from both of these factions, and they are designed to be used alongside their current codexes until their new books arrive.

GTMissionPackPoints May27 Button407klvsr

For those of you who’ve subscribed to Warhammer 40,000: The App, you’ll have it even easier, as all the points will be automatically updated around next weekend as Chapter Approved hits the shelves. Until then, grab yourself some space wizards in preparation for the mother of all psychic showdowns when these two new codexes drop – you can’t go wrong with stocking up on Rubric Marines and Strike Squads to bolster your collections.

* We can’t stress enough how helpful constructive feedback is for the Warhammer 40,000 rules team, so thank you to everyone who has sent in suggestions, and please continue to email your feedback to the team.


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Metalica Is Doomed! Or Is It? Meet the Key Players in the New War Zone Charadon Book


FestDay2 May 40k Header

Things were not looking good for the forge world of Metalica at the end of War Zone Charadon – Act I: The Book of Rust. With the next book in the campaign due for release soon, it’s time to find out the state of play in the Charadon sector and meet some of the key characters who will decide the outcome of this immense battle.

CharadonLore Jun28 BoRTerrainShot01i3k

Where Were We?

Typhus can be a bit of a petulant child, always arguing with his dad, Mortarion. However, he is on much better terms with his uncle Abaddon – Typhus is always willing to help him out with the odd errand. 

That’s why Typhus found himself in the Charadon sector, leading a massive army in the name of the Despoiler. But the Herald of the Plague God has his own reasons for being there too – he wanted to prove that he could spread the blessings of Nurgle to the beloved machines of the Adeptus Mechanicus.*

To begin his conquest of the system, Typhus created a rupture in space which the defenders dubbed “the sore”. From this anomaly, heretic forces assailed the hive world Munis Ferrum, the quarry world Plenitas, and more, fighting countless battles as they made their way to Metalica. 

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Drukhari raiders and Ork pirates took the opportunity to start pillaging the besieged worlds. 

Now, War Zone Charadon: Act II – The Book of Fire adds more missions, new rules, and extra options as we head into the next stage of the conflict.

CharadonLore Jun28 TentacleGuard9h5n6

On the Brink of Annihilation

With Typhus set to unleash his latest plague, the Nemesis Wurm, to cause the slow death of Metalica, is there any hope for the defenders?  Well, reinforcements have arrived in the form of loyalist Space Marines from several Chapters and Imperial Knights from House Raven. 

War Zone Charadon: Act II – The Book of Fire includes campaign rules allowing you to fight these epic battles yourself and decide the fate of Metalica with a range of legendary missions. Will you hold out against overwhelming odds? Or will you claim the sector for the Ruinous Powers?

Before you choose a side, you should know that an ancient and terrible entity has been summoned to threaten the Imperium once more. But who could this dark master be?

Let’s find out by meeting the main protagonists and antagonists of the Charadon campaign.


CharadonLore Jun28 Typhus3j1kll

He hates his dad, they both hate his grandad – if Typhus had been born 28,000 years earlier, he would have been the star of a soap opera. After a busy few years, he’s unleashing his forces upon Charadon. Will defeating an entire forge world earn him his father’s love? Probably not. War Zone Charadon Act I: The Book of Rust includes rules for using Typhus’ own assault force, while the new book features rules for seven other Traitor Legions and other Renegade Chapters.

Heptus Khleng

CharadonLore Jun28 Fabricator38h14

The Fabricator General of Forge World Metalica is thought to be the conduit of the Omnissiah’s will. With his network of data-tethers, he can observe and monitor his entire domain. Unfortunately, this means that when something terrible happens (like a Death Guard invasion), he can’t simply change the channel and enjoy something more relaxing. With War Zone Charadon: Act II – The Book of Fire, you can unleash the chosen warriors of Heptus Khleng in the form of the Skitarii Veteran Cohort, which makes both your Skitarii Rangers and your Skitarii Vanguard even better in battle.

Morvenn Vahl

CharadonLore Jun28 Morvenn2174h

Being a High Lord of Terra can be a bit of a bore – who needs that many meetings? Nearly all of them could have been a data packet transfer anyway. When the plea for aid arrived from Charadon, Morvenn Vahl was only too happy to offer her help at the head of a battle group of the Indomitus Crusade.** Taking to the field in her mighty warsuit, she’s determined to prove the words of a recent Regimental Standard wrong. 

On the tabletop, you can support Morvenn Vahl with the Order of Our Martyred Lady – this most famous of the Orders Militant gets additional rules including new Warlord Traits, Relics, and Stratagems. 


CharadonLore Jun28 Belakor821j3

Uh oh, look who’s here! Maybe there isn’t any hope for the defenders of the Charadon sector after all. Not even the faith of Morvenn Vahl can stand up to the might of Be’lakor and his mortal followers, can it?

The Dark Master is leading his own Army of Renown, the Disciples of Be’lakor. The force is made up of mortals and daemons, and it has access to a range of Stratagems and a unique psychic discipline, so it’s easy for your army to cause havoc across the Charadon sector.

War Zone Charadon: Act II – The Book of Fire is available for pre-order soon. Join us for the rest of the week as we take a look at the Armies of Renown content and discover how the new Warhammer 40,000 rules for Be’lakor stack up against some of the most powerful warriors in the 41st Millennium. If you’ve not already got it, now is the perfect time to pick up War Zone Charadon: Act I – The Book of Rust.

* It’ll be fine – you can just turn them off and back on again, right?

** Read more about other battle groups in the Indomitus Crusade in the Black Library novel, Avenging Son.


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Il est mon beau mon Be'lakor, il est pas cher mon Be'lakor :


Be’lakor’s Back, and the Galaxy’s Mightiest Warriors Should Be Very Afraid



War Zone Charadon – Act II: The Book of Fire, is on its way very soon, and along with it comes the updated datasheet for a certain Daemon Prince of Chaos. 

We previewed some of Be’lakor’s rules and explained how he can chop a tank in half with his Blade of Shadows, but how does he compare to some of the other legendary heroes and infamous villains of the 41st Millennium?

40kBelakor Jun29 Image1

Using three key categories, Hitting Power, Staying Power, and Force Multiplication, we’re comparing the Dark Master to some of the best warriors Warhammer 40,000 has to offer.

Hitting Power

40kBelakor Jun29 Image2

With 6 Attacks before injuries begin to take their toll, Be’lakor has the potential to inflict up to 36 wounds against a single target with Piercing Strike. 

An effective starting Strength of 12, an AP of -4, and the ability to deny invulnerable saving throws from being taken with this attack mode make Be’lakor arguably one of the best Character killers in the game. 

If he can get the jump on them (his Move of 12” and ability to Fly will definitely help), his target won’t even be able to fight back if the Dark Master cuts them down in one round of combat – a hardly unlikely outcome.

Belakor40k Mar15 BladeofShadows91js2

Against lesser foes, he can slaughter his way through them with Sweeping Strike for up to 12 Attacks.

We haven’t even mentioned Be’lakor’s ability as a Psyker yet. With the ability to manifest two psychic powers each turn and access to the Noctic discipline that’s unique to Disciples of Be’lakor, you can turn the Dark Master into a mass mortal wound generator with Smite, Voidslivers, and Betraying Shades.

40kBelakor Jun29 Boxout1

Matches in other factions: Roboute Guilliman, Abaddon the Despoiler, The Swarmlord

Staying Power

Be’lakor’s towering stature earns him a Toughness of 7 and no less than 16 Wounds. That’s pretty good to start with, but his Immortal Vigour and Shadow Form abilities will confound all but the most determined attacks made against him.

40kBelakor Jun29 Boxout2

It may cost you a few Command points, but the Dark Master also has access to one of the best ‘last resort’ Stratagems in the game to help keep him in one piece. Emerging from an apocalyptic explosion entirely unscathed is just so Be’lakor.

40kBelakor Jun29 Boxout3

Matches in other factions: Magnus the Red, Mortarion, The Silent King

Force Multiplication

40kBelakor Jun29 Image3

The various aura abilities and psychic powers available to many Characters enable them to hugely augment nearby units in their army, and Be’lakor is no exception. First up, his Warlord Trait all but guarantees that one of your units will be hitting home with their attacks.

40kBelakor Jun29 Boxout4

But that’s not all – Be’lakor’s shadowy presence can be a boon to other nearby units.

40kBelakor Jun29 Boxout5

One of the Noctic powers available to Be’lakor and his minions is Wreathed in Shades – an excellent choice if you have a squad of Havocs, or another valuable unit, you’d rather shelter from enemy fire.

40kBelakor Jun29 Boxout6

Matches in other factions: Marneus Calgar, Trajann Valoris, Imotekh the Stormlord

Even though he no longer basks in the favour of the Chaos Gods, Be’lakor can still mix it with the biggest names of the 41st Millennium. He is certainly not to be underestimated. 

Make sure you grab yourself a Be’lakor of your own to paint up in preparation for the imminent arrival of War Zone Charadon – Book II: The Book of Fire. Join us again tomorrow when we’ll be looking into the lore of the Order of Our Martyred Lady – these Sisters are ready to join in the fight for the Charadon Sector.



Il est mon beau mon beau mon terrain norme iso 41000, il est pas cher mon mon terrain norme iso 41000 :


Metawatch Warhammer 40,000: Building Beautiful, Balanced Battlefields For Grand Tournament Play



Welcome back to Metawatch Warhammer 40,000 – your go-to series to learn all the hot topics and tricks of the trade for competitive gaming on the battlefields of the 41st Millennium.

Using terrain effectively can give you a significant advantage in battle, so whether you’re jumping into a pick-up game or a tournament match, it’s essential to consider the distribution and layout of your terrain pieces. With the US Open events coming up, our resident events guru Mike Brandt shares his approach to building balanced battlefields for Grand Tournament play in the 41st Millennium.

40kMetawatchTerrain Jun29 Artwork475h14

Mike: Terrain is as intrinsic to the game – and thus the meta – of Warhammer 40,000 as the missions and core rules themselves. In this edition of Warhammer 40,000 Metawatch, we’re taking a break from our regularly scheduled programme to discuss several key terrain considerations. 

What’s more, these are the very same terrain principles that will be used in the US Open Roadshows held later this year – in Orlando, Florida (August 14th-16th), New Orleans, Louisiana (October 1st-3rd), and Austin, Texas (November 19th-21st). At the time of writing, a handful of spots remain in New Orleans for Warhammer 40,000 and Orlando for Warhammer Age of Sigmar, so grab the last few tickets to these fantastic events today.

The layout, density, and type of terrain being used dramatically impacts how a battle plays out. One of the great strengths of Warhammer 40,000 is the entirely fresh and new gaming experience players can have just by changing up the nature of the terrain on a given table. For the purposes of the US Roadshow, we’ve paid special attention to battlefield aesthetics, layout diversity, balance, and fairness. Let’s take a look at each of these in turn.


Warhammer 40,000 is a stunningly visual game, stoking the imagination with beautifully painted, finely detailed miniatures as they battle it out amongst the devastated ruins of a futuristic war zone. Every table of terrain used at the US Open GTs will look fantastic, with different colours and styles to match the look and feel of each battlefield.

Below you can see both US Open GT layouts decked out in fully-painted scenery. Read on for diagrams of these layouts and Mike’s thinking behind each arrangement.

40kMetawatchTerrain Jun29 Terrain1

Layout Diversity

Each game in a given round of the tournament will use the same terrain layout on every table. However, the GT Missions for Warhammer 40,000 are quite diverse when it comes to deployment zones, and the newer board sizes introduced with this edition are tighter and more action-packed than the standard table size of 72″x48″ used previously.

That means that one single terrain layout probably won’t suit every single mission.  Therefore, at the Opens, we’re using two different layouts depending on the deployment zone and round. These will change by the day to add variety and to challenge players to adjust to different factors and variables on the fly. The most successful generals are often the ones who can adapt to whatever they’re faced with.

40kMetawatchTerrain Jun29 Image2


Warhammer 40,000 caters for a wide variety of play styles. Long-range specialists like the Astra Militarum and T’au Empire are the polar opposites to melee-focused forces such as Tyranids or Chaos Daemons, for example.

Terrain placement needs to take these contrasting styles into account. Too much Obscuring terrain makes it too easy for close combat-oriented armies to cross the board unencumbered, leaving them free to slaughter their enemies wholesale. Too little, and the very same armies can be shot off the table in the first turn.

With the layouts we’ve chosen for the US Open events, the goal is a combination of risk and reward when it comes to remaining hidden or exposed. An army can deploy with a substantial level of protection from first-turn shooting, but a lower level of board presence due to how far back some units might be from key positions on the battlefield.

40kMetawatchTerrain Jun29 Image1

The concept of balance also comes into play for Obscuring terrain. This rule allows players and organisers a great deal more freedom when creating aesthetically pleasing, gaming-friendly battlefields. By identifying the outline of Obscuring pieces, you can make terrain block line of sight that otherwise permitted “gamey” and unrealistic shots in the past (e.g. firing a battle cannon shell through several windows at the barely visible corner of a rival battle tank).

That said, this same rule permits line of sight as normal to units inside or firing out of Obscuring terrain. As a result, we took care to ensure a mix of Obscuring terrain elements that include true, physical, line-of-sight blockage, as well as openings (such as windows). This ensures that units can enter some Obscuring terrain without being overly exposed, but aren’t always protected from all angles.

Terrain Piece Types

With all that in mind, let’s take a closer look at our two US Open tournament layouts. Each features three types of terrain piece. 

Terrain Piece 1 elements will almost always be “true” line-of-sight blocking pieces (i.e. obstructed windows, solid walls, few lines of sight drawable through the physical terrain pieces themselves). 

For Terrain Piece 2 elements, the opposite is true – the physical terrain elements are themselves quite porous, so while Obscuring makes the entire piece line-of-sight blocking, this benefit largely dissipates once your units enter the terrain. 

For Terrain Piece 3 elements, the terrain will be fairly broken up, reflecting their Dense Cover rules.

40kMetawatchTerrain Jun29 Diagram1

40kMetawatchTerrain Jun29 Diagram2

40kMetawatchTerrain Jun29 Key091j4

A Note on Objective Placement: For the US Open events, following the guideline of the Grand Tournament Mission Pack 2021, no Objectives may be placed on any of the physical terrain elements. However, there is an “otherwise noted” caveat that they may end up on top of the area-terrain bases for some elements in certain missions. Where this occurs, it has been considered in the overall terrain layout and selection of mission/deployment according to layout.


No game is ever perfectly fair. Nevertheless, at the US Open events this year, we aim to level as many external factors as possible so it’s the players and their armies who determine victory or defeat. In classic matched play fashion, each game is all about the contest between the opponents themselves as they engage across the table, matching wits, rolling dice, and building connections with their fellow Warhammer fans. This goal underpins the decision to use standardised terrain layouts across the many battles of Warhammer at the US Open GTs.

40kMetawatchTerrain Jun29 Image3

Another component to determining fairness includes the type of models people will be using. While the concepts of breachable terrain, and limitations upon the free movement of larger vehicles and monsters, present a flavorful gaming experience, an overly restrictive terrain set-up can create unintended situations. The last thing we want, for example, is an impressive centerpiece model being unable to move across the battlefield to engage with the enemy forces and contest the mission.

Accordingly, while the terrain used at the US Opens will be on area-terrain bases, the physical elements on those pieces will not be situated in such a way as to prevent models like Imperial Knights or large Tyranid bio-constructs from manoeuvring across the battlefield. They may not always be able to move in perfectly straight lines, but there will be no locations that are simply blocked off to them entirely.

40kMetawatchTerrain Jun29 Image4

We couldn’t be more excited to bring large, exciting Warhammer tournaments to Orlando, New Orleans, and Austin this year. We also look forward to attending increasing numbers of events all over the world in the future! Since the opening of US Open registration, we’ve seen many questions about the terrain layouts in the Warhammer 40,000 GT packet, and are happy to share a bit more about the structure and philosophy behind those layouts.

Keep in mind, there is no single, official way to set up and use terrain for Warhammer 40,000 – variety and experimentation are always fun. We may find ourselves using modified or even noticeably different layouts at future events, pending feedback and the continuing evolution of the game itself. While we hope this article provides some useful insight for players and organisers looking for a place to start, all that really matters to count as a great Warhammer 40,000 battlefield is great looking terrain that contributes to fun, memorable battles.

In future months, we’ll return to our regularly scheduled Metawatch programming, as we cover results from events the world over (including the US Opens). More Warhammer is being played more often all over the world with each passing week, and there’s much to cover in July.

Thanks, Mike. If you’re looking to follow Mike’s guidelines for populating a battlefield using his principles of aesthetics, layout diversity, balance, and fairness, check out the full Warhammer 40,000 terrain range on games-workshop.com for everything you need.


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En précommande la semaine prochaine :


War Zone Charadon – Act I: The Book of Rust saw Typhus invade the sector, bringing it to its knees, and now, Act II: The Book of Fire brings this epic battle to its conclusion. The forces of the Death Guard march ever closer to victory on Metalica, whose loss would be catastrophic for the Imperium’s future war efforts across the Segmentum, while a force of shadowy malevolence takes advantage of the chaos to enact a scheme millennia in the making. 

The book is available to pre-order from next Saturday in a gorgeous hardback, as well as a truly stunning collector’s edition featuring a ribbon page marker, soft-touch foil-embossed cover, and some delightfully grim printed page edges covered in screaming faces.

The book features a wealth of background information plus a narrative campaign allowing you to play out the key engagements for yourself and see how you match up to Typhus and Morvenn Vahl as generals. There are also two new Armies of Renown in the form of The Disciples of Be’lakor and Skitarii Veteran Cohort, and a codex supplement for the Adepta Sororitas Order of Our Martyred Lady.

The book also collates a range of existing rules for the Chaos Space Marines in one place. They have been updated with their relevant FAQ changes and formatted for the current edition of Warhammer 40,000 to give you an easy overview of their Traits, Stratagems, and Relics. Here’s the list of included Chaos forces in full.

SundayPreview Jul04 Image3t

With all of these rules in one place, you shouldn’t have any trouble letting the galaxy burn.

Regardless of which Warhammer 40,000 army you play, you’ll be able to take them on Crusade in the Charadon sector with the new mission pack, Amidst the Ashes.

SundayPreview Jul04 AmidstTheAshes4j

The book is filled with new Stratagems, Requisitions, and Agendas, and includes options to enhance your vehicles by Awakening the Strong or to power up your psykers by Corrupting the Weak. There are also 24 additional missions for you to play through – six each for Combat Patrol-, Incursion-, Strike Force-, and Onslaught-sized games, making the book perfect for Crusade forces from the recently formed to the grizzled veterans.


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Take on Fat-bergs and Other Revolting Missions Amidst the Ashes of the Charadon Sector


AmidstTheAshes Jul06 Header23k

When your forces are assailed by the servants of Nurgle, it’s not just the Plague God’s legions of mortal and daemonic servants you must face, nor even the threat of virulent diseases taking root – the foetid fallout left in their wake is extremely hazardous in its own right. Sounds pretty disgusting, right? Well, how about fighting amid floating fat-bergs?*

AmidstTheAshes Jul06 Image1d

Pretty icky, we imagine.

Amidst the Ashes, the second Mission Pack set in the ongoing conflict of War Zone Charadon, is designed to complement the developments in the Book of Fire (which is also up for pre-order this weekend), and puts your Crusade force right in the heart of this rather unpleasant environment.

In fact, one of the Combat Patrol missions is called Fat-berg Clearance, and challenges the attacker to collapse the entrances of a tunnel network that the defender has hollowed out within one of these unsightly abominations. By destroying key objectives on the battlefield, the attacker will prevent the defender from being able to deploy their Strategic Reserves from the fat-berg tunnels to outflank them. Gross.

AmidstTheAshes Jul06 Image3l

The pack includes a total of 24 narrative play missions for your Crusade games – a set of six for each of the recommended game sizes – all of which immerse you in the setting of War Zone Charadon as the worlds of the embattled sector succumb to Nurgle’s corruption. Check out the full list of missions below and you’ll get a taste of the sort of challenges that await your Crusade force.

Amidst the Ashes contains lots of flavourful extra rules in addition to the missions themselves. If you’re looking to send your Crusade force into War Zone Charadon – or continue its campaign exploits there from the Plague Purge Mission Pack – then you’ll be able to choose from a number of new Agendas. You can also awaken the machine spirits of your vehicles and even corrupt the minds of your Psykers with new Requisitions, thereby unlocking new upgrade trees that offer access to powerful new abilities, psychic powers, and Stratagems.

AmidstTheAshes Jul06 Boxout6g

AmidstTheAshes Jul06 Image2w

It won’t be long before you can take a deep dive into the next stage of War Zone Charadon – both the Book of Fire and Amidst the Ashes are available to pre-order from this weekend, so make sure you grab your copies of these awesome, narrative-driven books.

* We’re not really sure where fat-bergs would come from, though a Great Unclean One is almost certainly involved. In any case, we reckon even the mighty god-machines of the Adeptus Titanicus will want to steer clear of any fat-bergs, just in case…


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En précommande la semaine prochaine :



40k 600Wide LOGO

War Zone Octarius Book 1: Rising Tide

We’re in the Octarius sector, where former Inquisitor Kryptmann’s meddling has brought Hive Fleet Leviathan right into the heart of a colossal Ork empire, where elite kill teams fight desperate missions to hold back the tide. What could possibly go wrong?

SundayPreview Oct10 RisingTideBooks

Find out how the Imperium is handling the sudden explosion of violence,** grant your own Tyranids terrifying new synaptic abilities, and marshal the might of Cadia’s remaining regiments in War Zone Octarius Book 1: Rising Tide, available for pre-order on Saturday in hardback or a luxurious collector’s edition.

Octarius Mission Pack: Containment sees the return of deadly Planetstrike missions to Warhammer 40,000, where stoic defenders must look to the skies as their foes rain from the heavens across 21 new narrative play scenarios for Crusade campaigns

SundayPreview Oct10 Containment

Plenty of new missions means plenty of opportunities to roll a fistful of dice, and what suits a Tyranid-infested war zone better than the sigil of the Ordo Xenos? Cast in vibrant purple with white pips, this set of dice will complement your Crusade missions perfectly.

SundayPreview Oct10 OctariusDice


** Here’s a hint: not overly well.


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Prévisualiser au Warhammer Day :


Warhammer Day 2021 – Take the Fight to Terra Itself With the Next Battle Box and Codexes for Warhammer 40,000


WHDay 40kShadowThrone Oct30 Header

Welcome to Warhammer Day, where we’re celebrating the hobby we all love with a packed day of announcements for your favourite games. First up, we’re voyaging into the grim darkness of the far future, where two brand-new codexes are on their way for two factions that could hardly be more different.

But before we get to that, there’s also a battle box that finds a deadly infestation blooming in the most unthinkable of places: Holy Terra itself.

Shadow Throne

The Genestealer Cults have found their way to the heart of the Imperium, and when such a threat to the Emperor rears its head the elite Adeptus Custodes will stop at nothing to stamp it out. 

WHDay 40kShadowThrone Oct30 Image1

Peerless transhuman warriors contend with a cunning, capable, and prepared enemy in Warhammer 40,000: Shadow Throne.

WHDay 40kShadowThrone Oct30 Image2

Leading the charge into the Cult’s lair is Aristothes Carvellan, a Blade Champion whose prodigious swordsmanship puts even his fellow Custodes to shame. Blade Champions are a new type of Character for Adeptus Custodes armies, who can switch between three different fighting styles to chop up any opponent, be they a colossal monster, a skilled leader, or a swarm of lesser creatures. 

WHDay 40kShadowThrone Oct30 Image3

To face such powerful warriors is to court death, and the Cult of the Pauper Prince knows that well. They turn to a hero of the Star Children’s revolution, Mersea Thrayk, a Reductus Saboteur who seeds the battlefield with explosives before battle is joined. Even the mighty Adeptus Custodes are hard-pressed to survive a mining charge detonating under their feet.

WHDay 40kShadowThrone Oct30 Image4

The 32-page Shadow Throne book included in the box contains exciting narrative missions to play out the Unthinkable War. The Imperium’s response is uncharacteristically swift and coordinated, which says a lot about how dire a threat these Cults pose.

WHDay 40kShadowThrone Oct30 Image5

Separately to the Shadow Throne box, codexes for both the Adeptus Custodes and the Genestealer Cults will also be released later this year, bringing new features to each faction. 

Codex: Adeptus Custodes

The Shadow Throne box also contains Sisters of Silence. That’s because the new Codex: Adeptus Custodes combines the Talons of the Emperor into one book, adding the psyker-killing power of the Silent Sisters to your Shield Host.

WHDay 40kShadowThrone Oct30 Image6

In addition to revamped Stratagems, Relics, and Warlord Traits, the codex contains Crusade rules for exercising ultimate authority over the Imperium, choosing your own objectives and earning powerful bonuses upon victory. Beware, however, as failure means suffering dishonour, which can call the command of your Shield-Captain into question.

WHDay 40kShadowThrone Oct30 Image8

Codex: Genestealer Cults

Offer praise to the Many-armed Emperor, dear child, for he has delivered a tome full of new and updated rules for the Genestealer Cults. Infiltrate a planet’s key institutions and ready your cult for the Day of Ascension with thematic Crusade rules, and ambush your prey with updated units and new abilities.

WHDay 40kShadowThrone Oct30 Image7

To prosper in the underbellies of the most heavily fortified planets in the galaxy, Cults need a few new tricks. Already masters of sneaking into forward positions before a battle, they are now able to leap from hiding and catch their targets in a lethal crossfire, rewarding careful positioning with bonuses to shooting attacks.

WHDay 40kShadowThrone Oct30 Image9



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En précommande la semaine prochaine :



40k 600Wide LOGO

The Octarius campaign that began with Book 1: Rising Tide, continues with War Zone Octarius Book 2: Critical Mass. Along with the galaxy-shaking conclusion to this epic conflict, the book contains a codex supplement for the Blood Axes, updated Index rules for Rogue Trader crews, a Speed Freeks Army of Renown, and rules for embarking on an Octarius Sector Campaign with new Legendary missions, branching mission trees, and powerful Crusade relics up for grabs. On top of that, there are also rules for using looted vehicles in Ork Crusade armies – no Rhino will ever be safe again!

The book will be available as a collectors’ edition with soft touch cover, a black ribbon marker, and silver foil blocking, or as a glorious standard edition hardback.

SundayPreview Oct31 OctariusBook2

Alongside this comes the new Crusade mission pack, Catastrophe. Where Containment focused on planetstrike missions, this introduces the new Treachery and Honour system, which offers new ways to play multiplayer games of Warhammer 40,000. It features 21 new missions (six each for Combat Patrol-, Incursion-, and Strike Force-sized games, and three for Onslaught games), along with a host of bespoke Stratagems, Battle Traits, and Agendas. It also includes the new Underdog system, which can help you grasp victory from the jaws of certain defeat.

SundayPreview Oct31 Catastrophe

Perhaps you won’t need those Underdog rules, however, if you use the right dice for the Octarius sector. The Critical Mass Dice Set includes 20 dice in dark green with an Inquisitorial rosette and a xenos skull at the centre on the 6 face. They’ll perfectly compliment the Rising Tide dice set.

SundayPreview Oct31 MissionDice

Whether you’re seeking to claim the Octarius sector for the Tyranids or the Orks, or you’re trying to defend the Imperial worlds, you’ll want to grab next week’s Warhammer 40,000 pre-orders.

There’s one more festive treat to come – we can’t say what just yet, but we’ve already caught a small glimpse of him, and all will become clear tomorrow right here at Warhammer-Community.com.


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En précommande la semaine prochaine :



40k 600Wide LOGO

The main event next week is Battleforces, massive boxes containing a wealth of units for a faction. They’re the ideal place to start a new army for the new year, or to expand an existing force. There are 10 boxes (count ‘em) split between Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Age of Sigmar. First up, everyone’s favourite grim future gets six boxes.

Space Marines: Shieldbreaker Strike Force

SundayPreview Nov28 40k 01 SMBF

Overwhelm your opponent with the explosive might of the Space Marines. This is a Battleforce that hits hard and fast thanks to a Storm Speeder and 29 Primaris Space Marines, including some fairly chunky Gravis-armoured battle brothers.

Death Guard: Plaguefester Warband

SundayPreview Nov28 40k 04 DGBF

This box includes a host of Plague Marines and Deathshroud Bodyguard, accompanied by daemon-touched war machines – three Myphitic Blight-haulers and a Plagueburst Crawler – all able to withstand a huge amount of punishment before crashing into the enemy lines in an inexorable wave of stench and decay. 

For Death Guard adherents in the US, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, this Battleforce is available to pre-order on Saturday. Nurgle devotees in other regions will have a short wait before marching into battle – chalk it up to rusted joints.

Necrons: Worldscour Legion

SundayPreview Nov28 40k 05 NecronsBF

There’s nothing worse than being woken up from your nap aeons earlier than planned, which is a fact of (synthetic) life for Necrons across the galaxy. This Battleforce is especially cranky about it, and wants to put its opponents to bed with esoteric guns wielded by Lokhust Heavy Destroyers and Canoptek Doomstalkers, and the razor-sharp claws of the Ophydian Destroyers and Flayed Ones.

Orks: Killdakka Warband

SundayPreview Nov28 40k 06 OrksBF

Killdakka, what a wonderful word to say out loud… Ork speech is poetry when you think about it. This box includes 20 Boyz, plus a Deffkilla Wartrike, your choice of Orky aeroplane, and a Big Mek. That’s lots of kill, and indeed dakka.

Adepta Sororitas: Purgatos Mission

SundayPreview Nov28 40k 02 SoBBF

What’s better than a tank with a stained glass window on it? Nothing, but a tank with a rocket-launching church organ is just as cool. This Battleforce comes with both – an Immolator, an Exorcist, and 16 Adepta Sororitas on foot, ready to toast a lot of heretics and marshmallows.*

Adeptus Mechanicus: Omnissiah’s Talon

SundayPreview Nov28 40k 03 AdMechBF

If you like eccentric mechanical limbs, gosh does the Adeptus Mechanicus have a treat for you with not one or two, but 15 weird and wonderful modes of ambulation or flight! There’s also a unit of Skitarii and a powerful Tech-priest to lead this gaggle of whirring, clunking, zapping warriors.


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En précommande lz semaine prochaine :



40k 600Wide LOGO

Sneaky Genestealers and stalwart Adeptus Custodes clash in the cavernous chambers within the Palace in Shadow Throne.

SundayPreview Dec05 ShadowThrone

Containing two forces ready to fight to the death, this battlebox is also the first place to acquire the Reductus Saboteur and the Blade Champion, new characters for each faction.

As with other recent big releases, our pre-order weekend promise will be active for Shadow Throne – so if you order it by the end of Sunday you’re guaranteed to get a copy, even if we have to clear the cultists out of the manufactorum by force to make you a new copy.

SundayPreview Dec05 ShadowThronePoP



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13 Dec 21

The New T’au Codex Is Coming Soon, So Here’s a Look at the Cover Art

40k Tau FactionHeader

The T’au Empire are making moves across the galaxy, and with Kill Team: Chalnath newly released and a re-invasion of the Vedik system on the cards, it’s a good time to be blue. It’s about to get even better with Codex: T’au Empire on the way early next year.

How early? We’ll get to that, but it’s close enough that we’ve been able to get some markerlights trained on the cover so you can see the beautiful art right now.

40k TauCodex Dec13 Content1

Doesn’t it just make you want to throw down your lasgun and cast your lot in with the Greater Good? A Commander’s Enforcer Battlesuit is leading the way, and it looks like they’re getting into a furious fight with somebody just out of frame. Luckily, some Pathfinders were on hand to capture the rest of the scene, and it’s a truly remarkable work of art.

40k TauCodex Dec13 Content2

Being that close to an Ork mob might give veteran T’au players a bit of a cold sweat,* but it’s no surprise to see the aggressive Vior’la Sept getting stuck in. They know what they’re doing – with both pulse rifles and pulse carbines levelling up in the new codex, the Breacher Team’s pulse blasters also gain a little extra oomph.

40k TauCodex Dec13 Content3

We’ll be sneaking a few snippets from the codex onto Warhammer-Community.com in the coming weeks. In fact, later today you’ll finally see who that shadowy figure that’s been stalking us lately is.

Codex: T’au Empire will arrive in early 2022, and with the Genestealer Cults and Adeptus Custodes codexes also landing in the same period, it’s going to be an exciting few months for Warhammer 40,000. Sign up for the Warhammer Community newsletter, and you’ll never miss another reveal.


OctariusPreview Jul10 Button

* Do T’au sweat? We’ve heard that they don’t, but we can’t confirm as the Ordo Xenos have stopped taking our calls.

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The Greatest Covert Operator in the T’au Empire Is Stepping in From the Shadows


40k Tau FactionHeader

Did you wonder who the mysterious silhouetted figure was in our Kill Team article on the T’au Empire? It was none other than Sub-commander El’Myamoto, better known as Darkstrider. Check out the new miniature in all his (unshrouded) glory.

40k Darkstrider Dec13 Content1

40k Darkstrider Dec13 Content2

The new miniature sees Darkstrider carefully releasing one of his drone familiars, with his trusty pulse carbine, Shade, tucked under his right arm.

40k Darkstrider Dec13 Content2.1

Darkstrider’s optical scanner incorporates a highly advanced structural analyser, enabling him to direct the fire of his kin at the weak points of their targets with ruthless precision.

40k Darkstrider Dec13 Content2.2

But who exactly is this dashing hero of the T’au Empire? He’s something of a rebel among his kind, never afraid to question (even outright ignore) orders should he decide an improvised alternative is better in an unfolding situation. Darkstrider’s methods are effective, but his insubordination has cost him promotion more than once. He does have allies – Commander Shadowsun herself respects the battlefield instincts of the maverick sub-commander, and trusts his judgement without question – a ringing endorsement!

Darkstrider can usually be found fighting alongside elite cadres of Pathfinders, performing covert vanguard missions of sabotage and subterfuge.

40k Darkstrider Dec13 Content3

The stunning new Darkstrider miniature will be up for pre-order early next year, alongside the shiny new edition of Codex: T’au Empire. Keep an eye on Warhammer Community, as we’ll have more on everyone’s favourite practitioners of the Greater Good throughout the week, and sign up to our newsletter for all the latest info on upcoming releases and more.

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21 Dec 21

Punish Close Combat Forces Who Think They’re Safe With Codex: T’au Empire’s New Battlesuit Rules


40k Tau FactionHeader

Battlesuits are the emblems of the T’au Empire. Each one is designed for a specific purpose, whether it’s sneaking behind enemy lines or assaulting vital links in their command chain, and they’re all potent force multipliers on the battlefield. Codex: T’au Empire is due to launch in early 2022, and it comes with some tasty upgrades for all your battlesuits.

TauBattlesuits Dec21 Battlesuits1

They’re tough, which allows experienced pilots to keep a clear head, even when surrounded by baying hordes of knife-wielding nasties. Those who think they can make easy prey of a battlesuit in melee will quickly become the target of point-blank gunfire, crushed underfoot by these surprisingly sprightly suits.

TauBattlesuits Dec21 Battlesuits

While all weapons carried by battlesuits are just as effective fired directly into someone’s face as they are over long distance, the closer-ranged armaments benefit from shooting into close quarters. Quite a few of these guns have been upgraded in the new codex, now firing more shots than before.

TauBattlesuits Dec21 BurstCannon

TauBattlesuits Dec21 Flamer

Quite a lot of the support systems have also been tweaked by the Earth Caste engineers. Multi-trackers now assist their pilot’s aim when targeting large groups, while target locks highlight vulnerable areas in the enemy’s cover.

TauBattlesuits Dec21 Upgrades

TauBattlesuits Dec21 Battlesuits2

Veteran T’au commanders may remember that moving after shooting was a hallmark of the battlesuits of old, and those days are here again with the Strike and Fade stratagem. When dodging back behind cover isn’t an option, battlesuits deploying from a low-flying Manta can use the Drop Threat Acquisition stratagem for extra accuracy.

TauBattlesuits Dec21 StrikeFade

TauBattlesuits Dec21 DropThreatAcquisition

More information on the new Codex: T’au Empire is on the way, so sign up to the Warhammer Community newsletter to have every juicy detail delivered directly to your inbox. With the T’au, Genestealer Cults, and Adeptus Custodes all getting new codexes in early 2022, there’s a lot you won’t want to miss.

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En précommande la semaine prochaine (et à l'unité) :



40k 600Wide LOGO

The green tide is ready to roll over your battlefields as the Ork Boyz receive their long-awaited glow-up. The set includes ten of these hulking greenskin warriors. One ia armed with a choice of big shoota or rokkit launcha, while the unit’s Boss Nob wields either a power klaw or a (seriously) big choppa. Packed with detail and mean as you like, they’re spoiling to show those ’oomies who’s boss.

SundayPreview Dec26 Content1

Speaking of bosses – or, more specifically, Warbosses – two more are coming to lead your Boyz to victory. One is clad in big slabs of mega armour, and looks ready to cut down anything in his path with an ’uge choppa (and shoulder-mounted, Grot-manned big shoota if dakka is your thing), while the other has the classic kombi-weapon and power klaw load-out, and comes with a vicious attack squig.

SundayPreview Dec26 Content2

Having field-tested their latest flying contraptions in Combat Patrol: Orks, the Mekboyz are pleased to announce that the Deffkoptas are finally ready for the flyboyz to saddle up. You get three of these flyboyz and their perfectly-safe-and-not-at-all-rickety-looking flying craft in the set. Two of the Deffkoptas are equipped with kopta rokkits, while the other has a kustom mega-blasta and aptly named big bomb.

SundayPreview Dec26 Content4

If you


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Warhammer 40,000 Seasons Are Going to Change the Way You Conquer the Galaxy


40k WarZoneNachmund Dec28 VigilusAloneHeader

There’s a new concept coming to Warhammer 40,000 in 2022 – seasons. They’re a new way to explore the vast setting of the war-torn 41st Millennium in much greater detail.

Each season will last six months, focusing on a different corner of the galaxy and all the fighting that’s happening there – we’ll be witnessing pivotal flashpoints where the outcome of battles will have major consequences for the grim, dark future. Each season will be supported by the release of new miniatures, rules, and more – it’s an exciting time to be a Warhammer 40,000 fan.

We’ve got Stu Black from the Warhammer 40,000 design studio to explain exactly what seasons are and how they’ll work.

The first season returns us to Vigilus,* where the fighting is far from over. The Imperium has a fragile hold on the planet – and therefore the narrow corridor of space that acts as a safe corridor into Imperium Nihilus – but it’s a single speck amidst a rising tide of Chaos.

40k WarZoneNachmund Dec28 Image5

Your return to War Zone Nachmund** will play out with a new campaign book. Similar to the War Zone Octarius books, it will feature new army rules, including an Army of Renown and a Codex Supplement, along with legendary missions, Crusade rules for fighting on Vigilus, and ways to link your games together in a campaign so you really feel like you’re fighting for control of the gateway to the other half of the galaxy.

40k WarZoneNachmund Dec28 Image1

Along with the campaign book, there will be a new Crusade mission pack, featuring 24 new missions, extra Requisitions, Agendas and Battle Traits, and a War of Faith campaign system that sees your army casting down false idols and their worshippers for greater rewards from your own deities.

40k WarZoneNachmund Dec28 Image2

The first season introduces a new Grand Tournament Mission pack, which provides the framework for the next six months of competitive play. There will be new missions, new secondary objectives, and updated points costs for the armies in Warhammer 40,000.

40k WarZoneNachmund Dec28 Image3

It’s not just the Imperium and Chaos fighting, though – the Aeldari are coming to the party. We revealed the new Eldritch Omens boxed set on Christmas Day, which is also set in the Nachmund Gauntlet.

40k WarZoneNachmund Dec28 Image4

Behind the scenes, the Nachmund sector is full of special operatives undertaking deadly missions behind enemy lines. Yes, the next Kill Team boxed set will also be set in the Nachmund Gauntlet, and includes two splendid new kill teams.

40k WarZoneNachmund Dec28 KillTeam

Whether you like big games, small games, narrative games, or competitive action, the new season will let you play Warhammer 40,000 in the ways that you prefer to play. Sign up for our newsletter to get all the latest from Nachmund (including who or what those two new kill teams will be) and further updates on future seasons of Warhammer 40,000.

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