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[Epinglé] V9 - Nouveautés Astra Militarum

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Upgraded Cadian Shock Troops

FestDay5 May7 Cadian Content3v

The people who make up the fighting forces of the Astra Militarum come from all walks of life. Some are fresh-faced recruits, while others are embittered veterans of a dozen wars. 


Which is to say, there’s a whole lot more variety in the ranks of Humanity’s infantry than you might think. It seems only right, then, that your units on the tabletop have just as many differences between them, which is why boxes of Cadian Shock Troops will soon be upgraded with a whole new sprue of additional parts.

FestDay5 May7 Cadian Content1g

That’s not all they’re getting, either. The new sprue contains a full complement of special weapons for your Infantry squads, allowing you to field soldiers carrying sniper rifles, meltaguns, and more. You can even give your Sergeant that boltgun they’ve always wanted.

FestDay5 May7 Cadian Content2k

These parts are also an excellent way to jazz up your other Astra Militarum kits, as the heads are compatible with a wide range of other units. Don’t forget, if you’re trying to quickly add more bodies to hold the line, the push-fit Astra Militarum Cadians can bolster your ranks. 


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En précommande la semaine prochaine :


SundayPreview Jun06 40kHeader73h41

The Tanith aren’t the only regiment seeing new goodies next week, as the Cadian Shock Troops (and the many thousands of regiments that model themselves on them) are set to receive a whole sprue of upgrades that we first saw during Warhammer Fest Online

Your squads are more customisable than ever before with 25 new heads (seriously, count them), a full complement of special weapons, and some extra bits and pieces for your long-suffering Sergeants.  

SundayPreview Jun06 AMCadianUpgrades34hc7


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