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Mercenaires (perso) - Thrud le Barbare


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Guest Ouinfem_barbar

Euh, Thrud, on a pas le droit de te donner les règles de personnages, à moins qu'il soit issu d'un white dwarf(et encore..)

Donc à ta place, je chercherai par toi-même, et aussi, j'éviterai de poser ce genre de questions, car tu ne risques pas d'avoir beaucoup de réponses.

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sur Skarlok.deon peut trouver des règles en allemand


Voici la traduction


Thrud ne l'a que très difficilement même sous le contrôle. Pour cette raison il ne peut jamais être le général de votre armée.

Profil M CC CT F E PV I A Cd

Thrud le Barbare 4 6 3 5 5 2 3 3 8

Points : 140 pts.

Le Thrud n'est pas particulièrement une lumière, toutefois si grandement et massivement comme un Ogre construit, alors il cause une crainte pour ses adversaires. Il possède la Hache Destroyer et le Heaume de Jade. Thrud "trouva" ces deux artefacts dans la sépulture d'un prince décès.

Règles spéciales

Hache Destructive : Chaque touche non sauvegardée cause 2 blessures.

Heaume de Jade : Ce casque donne à Thrud une sauvegarde d'armure de 5+.

C'est une bonne base pour travailler. Même s'il lui faut absolument une règle spécial, une ligne "à louer" et du background

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Des règles pour Mordheim


Well, I hope most of us here know who this mountain of might is. The very pinhed barbarian himself. Fingers crossed you know him from old.

So I'll skip the fluff text. If needs be, follow on of the links at the bottom.

I'm probably alienating the younger generation here...... lol

This really isn't a serious DP, more like a fun excersise. But, he would be a heck on an boost to a warband. That said, I havn't even thought about his Hire Fee/Upkeep or his Rating.


Dramatis Personae – Thrudd the Barbarian.

Pinhead Barbarian (not a Halfling Assassin. lol)

Hire Fee: 200GC to hire/ 100GC Upkeep.

“You spilt me BEER!!!”

Thrudd in almost every tavern, pub, & watering hole across the Known World.

May be Hired:

Rating: 200


Thrudd 4 6 3 4 4 3 6 4 9

Weapons/Armour: Thrudd is equipped with a two handed axe, a helm, and a loin cloth. Be thankful.

Skills: Strike to Injure, Combat Master, Web of Steel, Step Aside, Mighty Blow, Resilient, Fearsome, Strongman, Unstoppable Charge, Leap, Sprint, Lightning Reflexes, Jump Up, Dodge.


Loner: Thrudd usually operates alone, though he’ll work for/with a warband if there is enough beer. He ignores the rules for being All Alone (pg 38).

Hard to Kill: Thrudd is a living bulldozer of destruction. He’ll wade through combat like a man through a stream. He is Knocked Down on a 1-2, Stunned on a 3-5, and 6 Taken Out of Action.

Hard Head: Thrudd has a thicker skull than most Black Orcs. Thrudd ignores the special rules for maces, clubs, hammers, etc.

Hardened : Thrudd is a survivor. He is immune to fear.

Drunk: Thrudd likes a drink before a battle. Hell, Thrudd likes to drink. Roll a D6 on the following table to see what effect it has:

1 - Thrudd drinks to forget. This time he has forgotten to turn up.

2 – Thrudd’s head is feeling a bit delicate. His WS and S are both reduced by -1.

3 - It takes more than that to slow down Thrudd. No effect.

4 - The effects on Thrudd digestion become evident to everyone. Any model friend or foe, fighting within 2" of Thrudd is at -1 to hit.

5 - Fortified with liquor Thrudd gains +1 strength.

6 - A bucket of his favorite beer has put fire in his belly. Thrudd is subject to frenzy.

Thrudd the Barbarian comics (yes, comics!) can be found at http://www.thrudthebarbarian.com

Figure can be found at http://www.heresyminiatures.com/

Pictures & name used without permission, pictures & name © Heresy Miniatures.

Thrudd the Barbarian © Carl Critchlow.

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