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[13] Med cup 2022


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Plop. Confirmation de la med cup les 12 et 13 Février 2022 à simiane-collongue ( entre aix et marseille)


 team de 8 joueurs

espérons les teams étrangères habituelles 

donc prévoir de jouer en langue UK 

règlement WTC


le règlement et les lieux d'inscriptions arrivent asap.

Nous venons d'avoir confirmation ce jour pour la salle/date.

Il nous a fallu des mois pour l'obtenir, on ne pourra rien y changer.



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MEDCUP V Tournament package

Last update: December 01th , 2021


This document provides you all the necessary information to prepare your team to enjoy MED CUP V.







Saturday 12th of February 2022 and Sunday 13th of February 2022





The event will take place in the Sports & Culture center, in the small town of SIMIANE COLLONGUE (13109) located Route de Gardanne, in France. It is located ~20km away from Marseille and 15km from Aix-En-Provence.


Discover the city: http://www.simiane-collongue.fr/

The venue: http://www.simiane-collongue.fr/culture/salle-culturelle



Format of the event

This event is opened to 10 (or more) teams composed of 8 players each.

The format will be WTC. The latest issue of the rulespack will be used, up to January 15th. After that date, updates to the rulespack will not be considered.


You can find it here:





No more publications (be it from GW or WTC) are taken into account (ie, the meta is now frozen) after 30 of January.





Please post your team roster by the 01st of February 22:00 at the email I will provide to the captains in the messenger group.


February 2nd: the first round is randomly determined, but we will arrange some to avoid same countries battles. Each team will have to correct its first opponent’s lists.

February 7th 10pm: deadline for the corrections

February 9th 10pm: deadline for list updates due to errors

February 12th: SHOW TIME!



Games schedule


Each round is 3:30 hours long.



Game#1 from 8:30 to 12:00

Lunch 12:00 to 13:00

Game#2 from 13:00 to 16:30

Game#3 from 17:00 to 20:30



Game#4 from 8:30 to 12:00

Lunch 12:00 to 13:00

Game#5 from 13:00 to 16:30





How to go to the city?


By train

Go to Marseille’s « Saint Charles » Train station, and then take Regional Railway (TER) towards Simiane-collongue

Go to Aix en Provence Train station, and then take either a Taxi or a bus.

Check out taxi’s prices here: http://www.itaxis.fr/tarifs/bouches-du-rhone.php#directions_panel


By car

May Mappy and Google Maps be with you.


By plane





Where to sleep ?


There are several hotels in the area, Tripadvisor and Booking will help you.

For exemple :

Kyriad Aix les Mines Hotel


+33 (0) 4 42 37 37 37 (fax 38)










Registration fees


Registration fees are 45 € per participant. For a coach / non playing captain, the fee is 25€.

It covers the cost of renting the venue and other general logistics fees, food and trophies that will be awarded to the first three teams, best general and best painted army, and some money for the Club.

Team registration will only be completed when payment is done.

Only one payment for the whole team please.

Paypal* accepted, as well as checks from French banks, and bank transfert

* If Paypal includes fees, the payer will cover them. Organisers shall have no fee due to the payment via Paypal.



Registration covers tournament entry, breakfasts and lunches for Saturday and Sunday.

Lunches will be different on both days and should be a hot meal. If it's not the case, we will ajust the registration fees accordingly and refund the participants.

If you have some food restrictions, please tell us.


Breakfasts will be made of coffee, croissants, cake, fruit juice.


There will be counter opened all over the week-end selling snacks and drinks. The only tolerated alcohol is beer. Any participant introducing a stronger beverage in the venue, or abusing beers, will be excluded.

Due to cleaning process of the gaming area, only water will be tolerated around gaming tables

A single file will be sent for the whole team to record your orders and options.


Side-stuff : Maps




Floor rules

We recommend you to read the latest WTC rulepack which deals with list submission and behavior during games. Besides, we’d like to make some common sense recommendations:

  • Be a good sport and make sure your opponent and yourself have fun.

  • Have knowledge of the rules & mechanics of your army, be trained to complete a 3H 5-turns game.

  • Have a convenient way to transport your models from one round to another.

  • Have your own mark system to record traits, psychic power, wounds, and any kind of ongoing special effect since memorizing them all is though and can lead to debates.

  • Throw dices properly: announce why you roll dices before the roll, give dices a good roll for randomization, and remove failed dices (so that your opponent can check which results are success; do not remove successes).

  • Take clocks. If one player want to play with a clock then you must do it. Should a time related issue arise on a table without a chess clock, both players will be considered responsible and share in the penalties.

  • Clocks are not a weapon. The two players must participate in its use.

  • Before you ask a referee for a rule support, open the book.

  • Make sure you have the list of game keywords in English.

  • Make sure you have your list in English for the five games.

  • Both players are responsible to make sure that mandatory actions are taken during the turn.

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Le tournoi a reçu sa dose d'hormones et nous pouvons désormais accueillir plus de teams et plus de joueurs. Si vous êtes seul ou pas assez pour former une team, il y a toujours moyen de vous inscrire dans la(les) team "mercenaries" et vous faire recruter par une team ayant un manque ou un désistement

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