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Suppléments "Punic Wars"

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Voici quelques infos pêchées sur la WABlist (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WABlist/messages) concernant le prochain supplément Guerres Puniques et la République Romaine.

Les réponses sont de Allen Curtis, l'auteur de ce futur supplément.

Malheureusement, pas de dates pour le moment...

Somebody wrote:

>>> My questions resolve around how people use Republicans under the WAB

>>> system. For me, winning is nice, but trying to be historical is

>>> nicer.

You might want to wait a bit.

>>> I can't see myself making a couple big block of Hastati/Principe and

>>> bashing into people like an early Greek army with Pilums.

Well, that is what most people seem to do, since they can;t get the AoA

Manipular Formation rule to work well for them.

>>> Are people succesful using smallish (12, maybe 15/16) units while

>>> utilizing the WAB rules from AoA for maniple swapping?

Nope. But I'm confident you will be able to do so with the Punic Wars

supplement list. Even the most skeptical playtesters have (for the most

part) been converted.

>>> ...I have a few lists in mind but what I'm going

>>> with at the moment is:

>>> 3K points

You will need it. Mor "stuff" will fit into "x" number of points in the PW


==> Attention à tous les joueurs qui préparent des romains républicains (oui, Sylvain, je parles pour toi !!) : les légionnaires et autres troupes coûteront moins chers. Il en faudra donc plus que pour la liste actuelle. Logiquement, ce sera plus long à peindre et donc il vaut pieux anticiper dès maintenant...

(bon là, si le message ne passe pas, je jette définitivement l'éponge... :whistling:)

>>> Army General

>>> ASB


>>> 4 X 12 Hastati (lt armor, ldr, std, mus)

>>> 4 X 12 Principe (lt armor & Pilum, ldr, std, mus)

>>> 2 X 12 Triarii (ldr, std, mus)

I'd bump up all to 15-16 for now. The triarii are just about useless at


>>> 2 X 12 Velits (Jav and Shield)


>>> 2 X 18 Italian (shld, lt armor, ldr, std, mus)

Not enough; should be in roughly equal numbers with the legions if used at

all. I'd dispense with them for now, in order to have more legionaries.

This way, you assume the allies are equipped after the Roman pattern, and

each set of hastati and pricipes (and half a unit of triarii) represents a

single legion or ala.

>>> 1 X 8 Cav (ldr, std, mus, jav, shield)

>>> 1 X 12 Cav (ldr, std, mus, jav, shield)

That's about the right number in proportion with the infantry, but you may

not find you can afford them all if you plus up the legions. Besides,

they're not awfully good. 8^)

If you're interested, drop me a note, and I'll send you some ideas on how to

build an army for the upcoming (perhaps, someday) supplement.

Allen (aecurtisATgte.net)

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