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news à propos du supplément "Divine Wind"

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Je vous retransmet un post de Rob Broom paru sur le forum de la WPS, à propos du prochain supplément "Divine Wind".


The book has always been planned to deal with the Samurai up to 1615 and the fall of Osaka.

It will start "around" 1000 AD.

I would love to get back to writing it, but current work commitments offer a delay.

Also with no Koreans from around 1580-1590 available as a miniatures range, I am still hassling Alan Perry, (hes asks "wheres the book", I reply, "wheres the Koreans" )

Breifly the book will cover Gempei Wars thru to Osaka, and take a look at the Mongol invaders and their allies as well as the later invasions of Korea.

Sohei and Ikko Ikki lists will also be included.

I have to stress that the book will focus on the Samurai and their wars and history, rather than the myths and western assumptions based on Hollywood action movies.

That said, that does rather leave me with plenty of good "stuff of legends!"

Its probable that the work will feature some ship to ship skirmish fighting rules so that the Gempei war and Mongol invasions deck to deck fighting can be played out, theres some nice 25mm Japanese ships out from Scheltrum with Korean turtle ships to come! (they also do some 15mm stuff for those who want to go "large", and the Korean miniatures problem disappears as well at that point with several companies producing ranges for the Koreans, and the Chinese)

Currently I am reviewing the publishing schedule for the next 24 months and so, it would be nice to get the work well under way so it can feature within that time frame!

Anyway. hope that helps.

kind regards


Warhammer Historical General Manager.

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