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[WAP] Warhammer Armies Project : The Unofficial 9th Edition

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Et un de plus.


Monday, 15 February 2016

Warhammer: 9th Edition Beta out now!
Finally finished the beta version! It might look a little bare-bones and unfinished at the moment as there's still quite a lot of things left to be finished in regards to the layout, diagrams, artwork etc, but I will hold that off while I gather some feedback for the rules themselves, and can work on the army books in the meantime. For now, please refer to the 8th ed books in case you need a graphic representation of the various diagrams. As far as the rules text is concerned, this should be pretty much complete, except any future update content of course. I plan to add rules for both campaigns, sieges and more scenarios later on as well.

9th Edition is somewhat of a "Best of" collection of Warhammer rules, using a mixture of 6th, 7th and 8th edition all in one, as well as several additions. These rules will not make everybody happy, and that's fine, satisfying every single player would be impossible. I therefore leave it to the community to pick and choose the rules changes they like, and ignore the rules changes they do not like. I aim to have all 8th Edition books be compatible with 9th Edition as much as possible, so there will not be a need to change everything in all of them as well.

This book focuses solely on the rules of the game. For simplicity's sake, I have mainly used the rules as written in the 8th ed book and simply rewritten the rules changes. I do suggest both new and old gamers to read through everything carefully, as there are quite a lot of small tweaks that might otherwise be overlooked if you just assumed everything works the same as 8th Edition.

I've added nearly all things from the official errata and the FAQ, and I've added several small tweaks here and there that removes a lot of straight up cheesy tactics like conga lines, corner-to-corner charges, rail-roading, double flee etc. This means that a lot of old tactics will be invalidated, just as they should.
In general, the game will allow for the use of more smaller units, similar to 6th ed, while still keeping the infantry in the fighting with steadfast. Flanking and manoeuvring is now much more important, war machines need to be positioned more carefully, and basic missile weapons have gotten a needed boost. Monster Lords are more resilient but not overly so, and spear-armed basic infantry will be more useful compared to great weapon wielding elites. Panic will be a lot more important factor to the game, making ItP units more useful, as is keeping your leadership high due to no re-roll from the BSB.
In short, I think you will find the game will be a more about tactics and less about exploiting the game mechanics. Of course, there might still be a holes that needs plugging, which is why I hope you guys will playtest the crap out of these rules and let me know how they work out for you.
I'm going to get to work on making the Ravening Hordes lists soon as well, so you can start using them as quickly as possible.


Press cover to download

Below you can see most of the changes, there are some minor ones besides that I have probably forgot to list here:

Basic Rules:

  • For one model to have line of sight to another, you must be able to trace an unblocked line from its base to the base of the target.
  • A unit may never have more files than ranks (no more conga lines, enforces frontage rather than columns).
  • Unit Strength (US) is back, affects several factors such as aligning, steadfast, panic and so on. 
  • Charges cannot be completed unless you can get at least half the models in the front rank into base contact with the enemy (avoids corner-to-corner charges). 
  • Charge distance is 2D3+M" for infantry, 2D6+M" for cavalry (still measured from closest point with free "close the gap").
  • Units with less than US5 align to the charger rather than the other way round (removes lone models from directing the entire flow of battle).
  • Units that fail to roll high enough to reach their charge target may still complete their charge against another unit as long as they roll high enough to move into a new unit in a straight line ahead (makes double-flees less abusive).
  • Units may turn/pivot on the spot within 1" of an enemy unit, as long as they won't end their movement within 1" of an enemy unit. You may also nudge your unit so this is not the case (removes rail-roading of units like Abomination and Steam Tanks).
  • Wizards roll D6 for each wizard level, 4+ to channel extra dice. Wizard level divided by half for dispel dice.
  • Wizards choose spells instead of rolling for them. Spell level availability = wizard level + 2.
  • The number of power dice allowed when casting = wizard level + 2.
  • Miscast is based on number of dice rolled. Miscast result = D6 + number of dice used, the higher score, the worse result. 
  • Wizards do not get bonuses to cast/dispel based on wizard level (makes lower-level wizards more playable).
  •  Long range penalty removed, +1 To Hit on short range (25% of maximum range)
Close Combat:
  • Supporting attacks and horde is gone, making spears and additional hand weapons more useful, and nerfs halberds and great weapons.
  • Models with more than twice the WS of their opponent will hit on a 2+.
  • Rank and file models may always be targeted, even if only characters are in direct base contact (removes character walls).
  • Steadfast does not work when disrupted, requires US10+. It's based on the unit's unmodified Leadership value (so no more Goblins or Slaves being steadfast on Ld 9/10, and makes placing several close combat characters spread out over multiple units more important).
  • Outnumber is back, gives additional bonuses the more you outnumber your foe.
  • Flank attack can be gained twice, one for each flank.
  • Rank bonus is combined for each unit involved, as long as they are fighting in different arcs.
  • Units with wider frontage gets CR bonus (basic replacement for lapping around, and means having bigger bases is not always negative in combat) .
Troop Types:
  • Cavalry/MC/Mo uses the highest number of W and T value available. They also cause impact hits (D6 for Mo). No longer receives AS for being mounted.
  • Monsters work like MC (means you won't require separate on foot models in case mount dies, is easier to keep track of, and makes Lords on Monsters more resilient).
  • Shrines (Sh) added a unit type, replaces Unique Units.
Special Rules:
  • Always Strikes First does not give re-rolls.
  • Ambushers may choose to deploy as normal.
  • Ward saves capped at 4+, can be combined with other ward saves.
  • Expendable rule added (for slaves and the like).
  • Immunity (*) added, replaces ItP and covers all immunities like Flaming , Poison, KB, Fear etc.
  • Regeneration more similar to 6th ed, cannot be used if slain (units can regen while some members are still alive). Can be combined with Ward saves.
  • Hatred must re-roll successful rolls to restrain from pursuit.
  • Fast Cavalry can make one free reform while moving. Characters with lower than 5+ AS can join. FC can't have better than 5+ AS.
  • Fear gives -1 to Ld, Terror -2.
  • Monsters and handlers include Monster Reaction chart, rather than ridden monsters.
  • Stomp removed (replaced by Impact Hits).
  • Magic Resistance works against all spells, including ones that does not allow saves. 
  • Volley Fire allows all models to fire with a -1 To Hit penalty. 
  • Frenzied units do not need to test to restrain from charges, but must instead move towards closest enemy within LoS (means less failed charges, and makes screening Frenzied units more important).
Weapons and Armour:
  • All bows and slings can fire Multiple Shots (2) if the unit does not move. Does not work with stand and shoot.
  • Slings have AP rule.
  • Morning stars counts as hand weapons for simplicity (since there are no units that only uses morning stars anyway).
  • Great weapons -2 Initiative instead of ASL.
  • Bucklers added (tower shield would have no drawbacks for spear armed infantry, and limit model availability) 
  • Pikes added.
  • Pikes and spears give Initiative bonuses when charged.
  • Spears and lances give Initiative bonuses when charging.
  • Medium armour (5+) and full plate armour (3+) added. Most units with heavy armour will have it replaced with medium armour, heavy cavalry will have heavy armour (4+) which makes their save the same as before in total. Elves and Dwarfs will have a mix of medium and heavy armour. Fast and medium cavalry will have lower AS in general, but will get cheaper in return.
Command Groups:
  • Champions can no longer make challenges or be attacked separately, allows re-rolling failed reforms, redirects, marching instead.
  • Swift Reform does not allow decreasing/increasing ranks (avoiding slingshot tactics).
  • "Look Out, Sir!" works against all templates, including spells. Can only be used on one character per missile attack (deters Deathstars with multiple characters, which is now much more risky).
  • BSB only allow re-rolling break tests. 
War Machines:
  • War Machines have a front arc like normal units, pivoting outside it counts as movement.
  • Normal Cannons cause D6 W on impact, D3 W on bounce.
  • Cannon balls scatter D3" before bounce, "Hit" = no scatter.
  • Bolt Throwers does not ignore armour saves, have AP instead.
Magic Items:
  • Several new items added, some are removed.  
I hope you guys will enjoy most of the changes, and as usual, let me know of any bugs, unclear rules, things you feel should be changed and so on.


Edited by Fenrie

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Ce Mathias a quand même une sacrée productivité !

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Clairement. Mais je pense qu'il n'y a pas assez de tests et de réflexions parfois. Edited by Dreadaxe

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C'est le souci s'il travaille seul. A la fois il peut vraiment se lâcher sans être bridé par quoi que se soit (à part son imagination), mais d'un autre côté il se prive des nuances et des idées alternatives que pourraient apporter un petit groupe de travail (ou des béta testeurs à la rigueur).


Bon cette réflexion est caduque s'ils sont plusieurs bien sur mais bon comme seul son nom est indiqué sur ses productions je prend pas trop de risques !

Edited by Fenrie

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Il est bien seul et à tendance à remballer facilement les gens dans les commentaires. Il peut se permettre il a un fan club ;)

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Je t'avoue que j'ai pas trop lu les commentaires donc je ne cerne pas trop la personnalité du gaillard.

J'ai surtout suivi les sorties de ses bouquins sur les nations humaines (avec un œil très attentif sur ses versions réactualisées du culte d'Ulric, de Kislev et des mercenaires surtout mais j'ai poncé Nippon également) et elles m'ont globalement plu. Il a le mérite de proposer quelque chose d'assez complet et qui s'intègre relativement bien aux sorties et au fluff déjà existant.


Je suis en train de me pencher un peu plus sérieusement sur les règles du 9e Âge en ce moment donc je remettrai la lecture de sa nouvelle version à plus tard. Si quelqu'un l'a déjà lu et souhaite en débriefer par contre je suis preneur ;)

Edited by Fenrie

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Il est méticuleux et productif. Par contre il a souvent des idées bien arrêtées et à du mal à changer d'avis malgré la vox populi.

Ça n'enlève rien au fait que ses productions sont souvent pas mal. Edited by Dreadaxe

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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Warhammer 9th Ed 1.072 out now!

Updated  16/9:
  • Template weapons can only cause one hit on a single model in a building.
  • Ridden Mo gain +1Unit Strength.
  • Template weapons may not target units in close combat (the risk of hitting your own troops as well as unfair Mo sniping is too great).

Updated  8/9:
  • Fixed bugs with spears getting strength bonus 2.
  • Added strength bonus 1 to pikes.
  • Removed duplicate two hand weapons entry.
  • Stomps cause D3 hits against skirmishers and lone models.
  • Shooting into combat may only be done against units with US5 or more.

Well, the results of the poll are in, and it's pretty clear that the majority want supporting attacks to return! 26% liked the current system of 1 rank fighting, 41% preferred the 8th ed version, and 32% preferred to see a change to some weapons to balance it out. While the most popular option was the 8th ed version, 59% did want another option, and as such, I do think trying to fix the issues that 8th ed had with supporting attacks is the best way to go rather than just bringing them back wholesale.

I personally do not have a problem with supporting attacks per say, the issue with them was only really that it benefitted certain weapons too much, while other were made much worse, especially combined with the Horde rule. As such, this update contains the following changes to attempt to fix this, and more:
  • Supporting attacks are back (Horde is not). 
  • Great weapons get +1 Strength and the Strength Bonus (1) special rule, meaning you only get +1 Strength after the first round. This makes great weapons more like shock troops weapons, but are not completly useless like flails after the first round (other alternatives discussed was +1S and AP, no supporting attacks and no strength bonus for supporting attacks, but I think +2 strength the first round is the best way of keeping them close to their original role).
  • Spears get +1 Strength when charged by WB, Ca, MI, MB, MC, Ch, and Mo.
  • Additional hand weapons get the Parry special rule.
  • Javelins get armour piercing instead of multiple shots (2).
  • Throwing axes no longer get multiple shots.
  • Throwing weapons have range 8".
  • Units within 4" of enemy flanks or rear may shoot into combat. Rolls of 1 results in hitting your own unit. This makes skirmishers and fast cavalry with missile weapons more useful after the first turns, when most units are engaged in combat and their use on the battlefield is negligible.
  • Only Unit Strength 5 is required for +1 Charge combat resolution.
  • Removed Charge Bonus special rule, it is now simply Strength Bonus listed as only working when charging under the applicable weapons. 
  • Charge Distance is measured to the nearest point that you can draw a straight line to between the units involved (rather than the closest distance period, which means you technically can measure the range between impassable terrain, even of the charging unit would have to wheel around it).
  • Models with multiple attacks must allocate all their attacks towards the same target (just like shooting attacks).
  • Clarified that combat reforms are made after any pursue distance is made (in case of combats involving multiple units)
  • Removed "Look Out sir" roll, as long there are 5 rank and file models, you hit one of these automatically instead. This removes character sniping completely as well as avoiding too see your general die from an unlucky roll.
  • Cannons no longer scatters, but work as in 8th ed. Having playtested it more myself, the scatter rarerly has any effect anyway, and so just slows down the game. With the limitation on only firing in a 45 degree arc as well as only direct hits causing D6 Wounds, Monsters already have a better chance of survival compared to 8th ed.
  • Removed Last Stand rule, banner bearers now flee with their unit and keep their banner (unless killed of course).
  • Seized Standards now also applies to units that dies from a sucessful pursuit move.
  • Volley Fire can be used to Stand and Shoot against Flyers and Large Targets. It gives -1 to saves from cover (e.g. hard cover counts as soft cover, soft cover does nothing). Does not apply to buildings or forests.
  • Characters are limited to 35% of the army. Lords and Heroes may be 25% as before, but no more than 35% in total. This is meant to take the game away from Hero-hammer further and focus more on the units themselves. 
  • You may use a maximum of three dice when casting bounds spells (just like level 1 wizards).
  • Fixed bug with frenzy not allowing parry. 
  • Fixed bug with Overkill giving +5 CR.
I am planning some possible changes to the magic system with the next update if necessary. Are there anything you think needs to change with the current system in regards to casting values and how casting works?


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Je ne connaissais pas.


De bonnes intentions (mettre fin aux petits et très petites unités utilisées uniquement à des fins de redirection, etc.) mais une modélisation étrange et imo qui manque d'harmonisation, de hauteur.


Retirer les attaques de soutien dans un premier temps, puis les remettre dans un second temps, je capte pas du tout. Ca change du tout au tout. Ce n'est pas une règle mineure, c'est une règle majeure qui à mon sens doit être incluse ou non dès le départ selon le cahier des charges, la retirer puis la remettre revenant à changer ledit cahier des charges en cours de route.


Un autre truc : la charge à M + 2D3. Je comprends bien l'idée derrière : ne pas renoncer à la charge aléatoire (parce qu'elle a pour conséquence de permettre la mesure en tout temps en tout lieu et donc pour conséquence une amélioration du confort de jeu) mais réduire l'amplitude de ladite charge aléatoire (puisqu'en l'état une figurine avec 4 de M peut aussi bien faire une charge de 6 pas qu'une charge de 16 pas), une trop grande amplitude signifiant que la caractéristique de M est moins importante que le jet de dés pour ce qui est de la distance de charge. D'accord donc sur l'idée mais pourquoi M + 2D3 ? Certes ça réduit l'amplitude (de 6 à 10 pour un humain) mais ça démultiplie un cas de figure déjà présent avec la charge à M + 2D6 mais alors rarissime : la possibilité de charger moins loin qu'une marche forcée, problème de paradigme.


Fin globalement c'est intéressant, même si imo chercher à améliorer le réalisme sans refondre le système de moral c'est passer à côté. Dans tous les cas la règle a le mérite de présenter les différents changements, à défaut de présenter le cahier des charges.

Edited by Sgt. Reppep

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