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  1. Quelques informations en plus. Ca ne vaut pas une réouverture, surtout vu le flood que ce sujet a généré : Index Xenos: Ynnari The hybrid Aeldari faction of the Ynnari are the subject of a fascinating Index Xenos article. It kicks off with a detailed background section that summarises the seismic events of Wake the Dead and the Fracture of Biel-Tan, and the rite of awakening that stirred Ynnead, the God of the Dead, into being. Afterwards, you can check out the extensive bestiaries on Yvraine, the Visarch and the Yncarne – Ynnead’s emissary, sword and avatar respectively. Of course, no Index would be complete without shiny new rules, so you’ll also be treated to new datasheets for the three aforementioned characters and 17 powerful Stratagems, as well as 6 each of the following: Warlord Traits, Relics of Ynnead, Tactical Objectives and psychic powers from the Revenant discipline.
  2. La community manager a dit qu'il n'y aurait pas de nouvelles races ajoutées pour TWW2, il reste uniquement plusieurs Lord Packs à venir.
  3. Une nouvelle gamme... Je ne pense pas. Tout simplement car cela mettra à mal tous les efforts faits sur les tuto de peinture mis en place sur leur chaine depuis des années. De nouvelles entrées à la gamme (un peu à la manière à l'époque des "Blood for the Blood God", "Nurgle's Rot" ou encore "Ryza Rust" d'il y a quelques années), ça pourrait en effet être une piste. Bien vu !
  4. Règles du décor par ici : https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/04/11/battletome-fyreslayers-the-armoury-and-magmic-battleforge/ Effet sympatoche, ça fiabilisera un peu plus les prières
  5. Battletome: Fyreslayers – The Armoury and Magmic Battleforge In today’s preview, we’re delving into the armoury of the Fyreslayers with a look at their lore, before checking out the warscroll for the Magmic Battleforge. Fyresteel Weapons Fyreslayers do not forge their weapons from ur-gold, as doing so only captures a small amount of this magical mineral’s power. Instead, most Fyreslayer weapons are forged from some form of fyresteel, a super-hard magical metal. There are as many ways to make fyresteel as there are Fyreslayer lodges, with each modifying the alloy in their own way. The Thungur lodge, for example, mix in crystal from Hysh, making their blades shine with light. Fyresteel is forged into axes of all different shapes and sizes, including double-handed broadaxes almost the size of their wielders and pairs of matched hand axes, as well as lightweight throwing axes. In fact, nearly all Fyreslayers wield a clutch of these throwing weapons, allowing them to cut down their foes at range. The Latchkey Grandaxe Wielded by the Auric Runefathers, Latchkey Grandaxes are simultaneously symbols of office and weapons of war. In combat, they can easily behead a rampaging orruk in a single strike, while defensively, Auric Runefathers can use the blade’s notches to catch and break enemy blades. The shape of these weapons is no aesthetic affectation – each is a real, functioning master-key to the main magma-vault of their stronghold. Magmapikes Among the most unusual weapons wielded by the Fyreslayers are magmapikes. These bladed, magical hand-cannons fire bolts of lava that scorch flesh and melt through armour with deadly effect. Those who are not slain find themselves encased in rapidly cooling rock, making them easier for other Fyreslayers to kill. Trained Auric Hearthguard can even use these weapons to form barricades of molten stone to shield their allies from harm. Slingshields As befits their aggressive tactics, the Fyreslayers do not wear armour, relying on skilful parries and the shielding effects of ur-gold runes to protect themselves. However, some Vulkite Berzerkers wield bladed slingshields – razor-sharp discs that can be used to deflect incoming blows or hurled at close range on the charge to cut down their unsuspecting enemies. Magmic Battleforges Campaigning far and wide in search of ur-gold, the Fyreslayers often find themselves far from resupply and the forges of their home temples. Summoned by the Zharrgrim priesthood, Magmic Battleforges form from molten metals drawn from beneath the crust of the realms. From there, they can be used to forge new fyresteel blades, create ur-gold runes and ritually cremate the fallen. With the Shyish Necroquake having changed the nature of magic forever, Magmic Battleforges now manifest in battle spontaneously with far greater frequency. On the battlefield, Runesmiters and Runemasters can use the powers of these forges to augment their own abilities or ignite the runes worn by their kin, which translates to a whole suite of nifty effects! Available to any Fyreslayers army for free in matched play, the Magmic Battleforge will be a key part of how your army functions, particularly if you’re stacking up on Magmic Invocations. You’ll be able to add the Magmic Battleforge to your collection very soon! In the meantime, if your army needs some extra fyresteel, you can recruit some Vulkite Berzerkers today.
  6. Primariser Ragnar est plausible mais le passer MdC est peu probable vu que Grimnar a été refait en V7. Je ne pense pas que le passage en primaris des persos SM soit le topic ici Néanmoins ça peut être une très bonne discussion dans la partie générale !
  7. Nouvelle page sur les Endless Prayers : https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/04/09/fyreslayers-magmic-invocations/
  8. Fyreslayers: Magmic Invocations Battletome: Fyreslayers is coming – and it’s accompanied by some snazzy new models! We’ll be looking at the Magmic Battleforge soon, but today, we’re checking out the Magmic Invocations, with full warscrolls for all of them. Magmic Invocations are a lot like endless spells or Judgements of Khorne. Rather than being cast by Wizards, each is brought into the game by a Fyreslayers Priest. From there, it’ll stick around causing mayhem until it disappears on a random dice roll. As such, Magmic Invocations are a little unpredictable, but superbly useful, particularly as enemy Wizards won’t be able to dispel them! Zharrgron Flame-spitter A kind of magical landmine, the Zharrgron Flame-spitter is a Magmic Invocation that’s perfect for shattering enemy hordes – just summon one next to a key objective and watch as the troops assigned to guard it melt away! Runic Fyrewall If you need to shield your Fyreslayers from shooting, the Runic Fyrewall is ideal, blocking line of sight to any enemies looking to blast your Vulkite Berzerkers off the table – meaning you’ll have more to get stuck in brutal melee! It’s also a key defensive lynchpin, allowing nearby units to re-roll save rolls of 1. Molten Infernoth Part inspiring beacon to your Fyreslayers, part harbinger of fiery doom, the Molten Infernoth is a cracking pick for any Fyreslayers army, bolstering the bravery of nearby Fyreslayers while incinerating your enemies. We’ll be previewing the Magmic Battleforge later this week – in the meantime, if you’re looking to ready your army for the Magmic Invocations, make sure to grab yourself an Auric Runemaster so you can cast them!
  9. 10/04/19 à 08h30 Bonjour à tous, Je mets en vente mes livres d'armées de la V8 de warhammer. Au niveau des modalités: * paiement par paypal UNIQUEMENT. * Envoi par mondial relay de préférence * Frais de ports non compris dans les prix, comptez au minimum 4.5€ * Je privilégie les lots Livres d'armées V8 : 22.5€ chaque. L'état est bon pour tous les livres, très peu de marques d'usures et intérieur nickel. - Empire reservé darkzou - RdT reservé darkzou - Guerriers du Chaos reservé darkzou - Orques et Gobelins reservé Roland92 - CV reservé darkzou - EN reservé Roland92 - Ogres Cartes de magie : 7€ chaque - Guerriers du chaos - RdT - Orques et Gobs - CV Me MP pour toute question
  10. Bonjour à toi, je n'ai pas le temps immédiatement de faire une réponse complète à toutes tes questions. Néanmoins, si tu veux te familiariser avec le jeu, il y a bien des warscrolls officiels, pour toutes tes unités, disponisbles dans la section "Warhammer Legends" : https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/FRE_WH_Legends_Orcs_Goblins.pdf Attention, il s'agit de règles pour des entrées n'étant plus dispos à AoS (j'entends par là vendues et supportées par Games), aussi ne t'attends pas (sauf surprise) à une remise à jour de tout ça, ni à une évolution de ces warscrolls. Ils sont surtout pensés pour les vieilles collections et les parties entre amis les mettant en jeu. Néanmoins, tu as de quoi faire pour jouer dès à présent J'essaierai d'éditer ce post plus tard si j'en ai l'occasion.
  11. Début de la présentation de la mise à jour par ici : https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/04/08/battletome-fyreslayers-the-big-changes/
  12. Battletome: Fyreslayers – The Big Changes Battletome: Fyreslayers is on pre-order this weekend – your essential guide to Grimnir’s blazing duardin warriors. Part warrior-monks, part mercenaries, the Fyreslayers have proven a popular faction for Warhammer Age of Sigmar fans, and with loads of awesome rules in their new battletome, they’re about to get even better… Ur-gold Runes First up, we’ve got the core allegiance ability for Fyreslayers – their ur-gold runes! When you play Fyreslayers, every turn, you pick a different rune, each providing a different benefit to your army and allowing you to shift your tactics. These are very similar to their previous incarnation, with one significant adjustment to the Rune of Farsight, which now gives fyresteel throwing axes – ranged weapons wielded by pretty much every Fyreslayers unit – an additional +1 to hit and, if you’re fortunate enough to activate the enhanced effect, +1 to wound. This gives you some excellent firepower (or should that be fyrepower?) and is perfect for softening up the opposition early on in the game or clearing far-flung foes off objectives in the later stages. All Fyred Up for Battle Fyreslayers armies are built around a core trio of units – battle-hungry Vulkite Berzerkers, magma-spitting Auric Hearthguard and indomitable Hearthguard Berzerkers. All three of these units have become considerably more dangerous in the new battletome, not least because of a significant boost to their durability. In the lore, Fyreslayers are tough. We mean really, really tough – you don’t run around the Mortal Realms clad in little but jewellry and a mohawk without being pretty durable, after all! To represent this on the tabletop, ALL of the core infantry of the Fyreslayers have been given an additional Wound on their profile! Each of the Fyreslayers’ core infantry units has also received improvements to core rules on their warscrolls. Vulkite Berzerkers, for instance, can now attack even if they’re slain, making them great for dealing with your deadliest enemies. The Auric Hearthguard, on the other hand, are even better at slaying monsters than before, gaining a nifty damage bonus combined with a nasty penalty to the Move characteristic and rolls to hit their chosen prey. Lastly, Hearthguard Berzerkers have been given additional attacks, significantly increasing their offensive power and making them a superb unit with which to hammer your foe. Zharrgrim Blessings Every Fyreslayers army using the new battletome is going to want to include at least one Auric Runesmiter or Auric Runemaster, thanks to the Zharrgrim Blessings. This is a table of prayers available to any Fyreslayers Priest, offering them a range of powerful abilities that can augment your units or confound those of your enemies. Prayer of Grimnir’s Fury is particularly cool, allowing you to drive your chosen Hero to greater heights of glory by letting them attack again. Another incredibly useful option is the Prayer of Ash, which is perfect for sheltering a shieldwall of Vulkite Berzerkers – or a particularly valuable Runefather on Magmadroth. Artefacts, Traits and More! Battletome: Fyreslayers gives you more choice when customising your favourite Heroes than ever before. The book contains two tables of command traits, four tables of artefacts, and even a set of mount traits for Magmadroths. These can be used to create some awesome combos; for example, an Auric Runefather with Blood of the Berzerker, Drakeslayer and the Flame-scale Youngblood mount trait makes for an explosive combatant with the potential to deal a devastating number of mortal wounds. Or how about an Auric Runesmiter Ash-beard, the Droth-helm, and the Ash-horn Ancient mount trait? This makes for the perfect leader for a spearhead of crushing Magmadroths. The Lodges One of the most exciting changes to the Fyreslayers is the addition of lodges. These represent sub-factions of Fyreslayers from the background of the Age of Sigmar that are famed for particular tactics, all the while serving to reward some more unusual list-building choices. Chosen at the army creation stage, each lodge has an ability, command ability, warlord trait, and artefact of power. The Greyfyrd are able to take additional artefacts, and their Heroes can attack simultaneously – for maximum valour, we’d recommend using a cluster of artefact-armed Grimwrath Berzerkers. Lofnir, on the other hand, are a Fyreslayer Lodge from Ghur. As befits warriors from the Realm of Beasts, the Fyreslayers of Lofnir are famed for their Magmadroths. This is represented in-game by a rule which lets them take more Magmadroths than other armies, as well as allowing you to take a Magmadroth trait for each. And More! That’s all we’re revealing for now – but keep checking back! We’ve got more lore, previews and rules from Battletome: Fyreslayers all throughout this week. In the meantime, if the flames of your passion have been ignited, why not grab Start Collecting! Fyreslayers today?
  13. Mise à jour de la liste avec ce qu'il reste
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