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  1. Every Gang Needs a Hype-Man – Necromunda’s Agitator and Propagandist Are Here To Shout Your Praises Sometimes it’s not enough to be good – you have to let everyone know that you’re good. What’s the point in being the best if you haven’t got someone to shout about it? That’s where the new Propagandist and Agitator come in. Whether they’re dedicated members of a faction or simply professional rabble-rousers, Propagandists can be found across Necromunda giving speeches, painting slogans on walls, and spreading favourable rumours. Not only are their boasts good for increasing your gang’s Reputation, but they help with recruitment too.* Cults and criminals also need to yell about their achievements, which is where the Agitator comes in. Need to spread subversive rumours throughout the underhive? The Agitator is your man. Like his law-abiding cousin, he can help with your gang’s Reputation and recruitment. Be careful when the Enforcers come round, though – they’ll have one or two questions to ask about where he got that helmet from. If you’re wondering which of these nefarious orators will best suit your gang, bear in mind, Propagandists are Hangers-on that can be taken by any gang, while Agitators can only join Outlaw gangs. The Propagandist and Agitator will be available to pre-order from Forge World soon. Grab The Book of Judgement for the Propagandist’s full rules and The Book of Ruin to get the rules for the Agitator. * There’s no word yet on whether those screens can pick up Warhammer+ though.
  2. Build Any Vehicle You Can Think of in the Necromunda Wasteland Workshop The next expansion for Necromunda is nearly here, and it’s essential for any serious ash wastes gearhead. The Book of the Outlands is absolutely bursting with crucial rules – including two complete gangs, expanded vehicle rules, and a few surprises yet to come. In case you’d prefer to drive straight out of the showroom, this book contains stats and upgrades for standard Imperial vehicles such as Wolfquads, Achilles Ridgerunners, and Goliath Rockgrinders. You can turbo-charge their engines, festoon them with spikes, boarding cages, and boobytraps, or just bolt on extra weapon hardpoints. But even that element of customisation pales in comparison with the raw possibilities of the Wasteland Workshop – a new system which lets you build almost anything short of a banjaxed Baneblade, slam it into top gear, drive it right out onto the ash wastes and start shooting (or racing, or ramming, or boarding, or…) For a system that’s so flexible, it’s actually incredibly simple. First, pick a chassis size – small, medium, large, or walker. This will govern how many weapon hardpoints and upgrade slots you can cram on, as well as key stats like toughness, hull points, and speed. Second, add some hardware. There’s a huge range of stuff, from wheel scythes and extra armour to headlights, escape hatches, and plasma engines. Not to mention guns. You can strap on pretty much any weapon you can find on the Trading Post, all you have to do is decide who’s operating it and where it’s pointing. Third, choose how you’re getting around. There are four locomotion types to pick from: Wheels are moderately manoeuvrable, but don’t enjoy rough terrain Tracks are a bit slower but a bit hardier in the dirt Legs are very agile, but they’re a little wobbly Skimmers zip serenely above the fray,* but first you’ll have to find them on the trading post (and at Rarity 10, or 8 for Van Saars, they’re not exactly commonplace) Finally, you’re ready to go. There’s just one thing to remember. Custom vehicles all have the jury-rigged special rule because they’re cobbled together from whatever junk has been lying around the surface of Necromunda, so repairs cost twice as much as they would for standard configurations. The Book of the Outlands will be with us very soon, alongside a whole convoy of other cool kits for the ash wastes. Sign up to the newsletter to hear more. * Yes, you absolutely can bolt an anti-grav unit to a Leman Russ to see what happens.
  3. Dominate the Underhive with the Psychic Powers of the Delaque Spyker We’ve seen Necromunda expand out into the wide open spaces of the ash wastes, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still plenty of horrors lurking in the underhive, just waiting to be revealed – such as the big-brained behemoth known as the Delaque Spyker. As anyone who’s read House of Shadows knows, the creation of a Spyker isn’t a straightforward process. Gangers with a glimmer of psychic potential can be force-fed a concentrated solution of Ghast,* undergoing a dubious kind of evolution. At the end of the process – if their brain doesn’t explode – they’re gifted a fabulous cape and sent off to work with a Delaque gang. The resulting Spyker is a psychic sponge, soaking up the dirty little secrets of anyone nearby. While this alone makes them valuable (if somewhat babbling) informants for a Delaque gang, they also hold their own in a fight… These floating psykers can unleash a variety of unnatural powers, quite distinct from the subtle Psychoteric Whispers available to Psy-Gheists. Force enemies to flee in terror with a Psychic Scream, cripple their minds with a Psychic Assault, or even use a Force Blast to send them flying like so many plastic carrier bags on the wind. Although they’re recruited as Hangers-on, a Spyker is always ready for a fight – they’re treated like a regular Ganger when you select your crew. Of course, as non-sanctioned psykers, anyone who takes them Out of Action can collect quite a bounty on their oversized heads… The Delaque Spyker will be available to pre-order from the Forge World webstore soon. Yet to join the House of Shadow? Grab a Delaque gang so your Spyker has some friends to fight alongside. * Take it from us – this isn’t a cocktail you want to try. Try the Wild Snake instead.
  4. Je pense que c'est tout a fait utilisable pour necromunda classique, ilssont compatibles avec les decors mechanicum et zone mortalis. Ça peut s'intégrer à une zone commerciale ou d'habitation. Perso je les verrais bien au dessus d'une mer de déchet genre cabane de pêcheur. Les passerelles se clipsent sur les arceaux non? Pas besoins de les aimantés. Pour les plateforme elles ont le même système d'accroche que les décors du mecanicus, logement sous le décors pour insérer des tétons.
  5. 16 May 22 The Squats Make Battlesuits Out of Mining Equipment – And Corpses out of OtherGangs At Warhammer Fest, we saw Necromunda’s new Ironhead Squat Prospector gang for the first time. These abhuman excavators are a fierce bunch in their own right, and tooled up for double-barrelled destruction – you need to be, when searching for survey sites out in the ash wastes or guarding a land train loaded with precious chems and ore. Sometimes, though, you need something a little bit bigger to accompany your Prospectors on their most dangerous digs. Sometimes, you need the Vartijan Exo-Driller. These suits of rugged exo-armour were originally designed to protect Squat miners in the most hostile environments – and the ash wastes definitely qualify. They’ve been upgraded over the centuries with heavier weapons and better defences, and Prospector gangs now bring them along to fight off Ash Waste Nomads or other hostiles trying to claim the prime dig sites out in the Necromundan badlands. The Vartijan Exo-Driller is a widely-used variant, named after the legendary Squat engineer Valya Vartijan, of the Svardhol mining clan – make sure you give thanks to her every time it stomps an enemy fighter into jam. Aside from its piston-powered pulverising fist and seismic crusher, the suit’s also armed with a Squat-made heavy flamer – which can be replaced with a heavy bolter for even more serious killing potential. The Vartijan Exo-Driller is a Brute that’s exclusively available to Ironhead Squat Propectors. Its rules will arrive in the forthcoming Book of the Outlands, alongside a host of other cool rules and nasty outdoors surprises. You can get ready for the Ironhead Squat Prospectors and their new Brute by picking up the Necromunda: Ash Wastes boxed set – and sign up for our newsletter to get all of the latest updates from the underhive and beyond sent straight to your inbox
  6. Bonjour, Si tu veux rester sur le standard du nouveau necro c'est 2,5 et 5 ps la hauteur des étages. Je me permet de partager quelques idées : Une table verticale puisque tu aimes la verticalité : http://teamtoutseul.free.fr/wordpress/?p=736 Des exemples de décors en carton de calendriers (gratuit facile à travailler et résistant): Plaque de jeu (construction): http://teamtoutseul.free.fr/wordpress/?p=428 Plaque peinte (pour l'exemple la peinture n'est pas terrible): http://teamtoutseul.free.fr/wordpress/?p=555 Tuto escalier: http://teamtoutseul.free.fr/wordpress/?p=541 Un début de bâtiment : http://teamtoutseul.free.fr/wordpress/?p=82 Et pour des décors plus décoratif n'hésites pas à faire un tour sur youtube et chercher necromunda from junk ou from trash Par exemple: Ou
  7. Pour démarrer à necromunda je vous conseillerais plutôt la boîte hive War. J'ai bien aimé le livre de règle qui inclut tous les gangs avec les règles adapté au contenu des boîtes de figurines. Du coup c'est très accessible. Et le temps d'en faire le tour ça vous pourrez économiser pour acheter les suppléments qui vous intéressent.
  8. C'est ça, si l'on n'utilise pas le livre et les dès de la boîte ça revient à tout payer pleine pot. Du coup mieux vaut attendre une grosse boîte de décors par exemple. @Vitaliqc'est dommage. Necromunda est un jeu qui ne coûte casiment rien. Si tu es nouveau dans la figurine tu n'as besoin d'acheter qu'une dizaine de figurines d'humains et un livre pour jouer. Les décors tu peux te les faires. Cherche sur youtube "necromunda terrain from junk" et tu verras que tout ce que sort GW c'est pour les feignasse qui ont de l'argent (comme moi j'en ai bien peur...) Mais que ce n'est absolument pas indispensable.
  9. 24 bandes qui passent oop. Déjà il y a L'intégralité de la saison 1. Et pour ceux qui trouvent que les dernières bandes sont des "re-skin" de vielles bandes bonne nouvelle, les anciens skin disparaissent ?
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