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  1. [V8][Craftw] L avatar de Khaine est-il un personnage nommé ?

    La réponse à la question du titre est dans la partie FAQ du PDF de mise à jour du Codex Craftworld v1.0. S'agissant de l'accès aux artefacts, il a été erraté dans ce même PDF.
  2. [V8][Errata] Suivi des FAQs

    FAQs sur Warhammer-community: Codex Tyranids V1.0 VO&VF Codex Grey Knight V1.1 VO&VF Codex Death Guard V1.0a VF
  3. La V8 et Forge World ; aussi frilleux qu'en V7 ?

    GM TheBoss™ : Article 9 de la charte La question d'effectuer une traduction d'ouvrages n'est pas visée par la question initiale. Elle n'a donc pas sa place dans ce sujet. Ensuite, je vous conseille de consulter l'article L122-4 du Code de la propriété intellectuelle. Par ailleurs, l'absence de réponse n'équivaut pas à une autorisation.
  4. [V8][Craftw] Vision spectrale guidée

    Vous sur-intérprétez "from your army" / "de votre armée" qui exclut simplement les Spiritseers de votre adversaire. Le stratagème ne peut pas affecter le Spiritseer dans un transport (Règles p184, colonne de droite, 5ème §, 1ère phrase), donc a fortiori s'il est en réserves.
  5. [V8][Tyran] Ruse extraterrestre (trait de SdG)

    GM TheBoss™ : Oui. Tu vas chez ton revendeur acheter ton codex.
  6. De l'utilisation concurrentielle de l'index et du codex

    GM TheBoss™ : La question initiale étant résolue, je ferme. S'agissant de la politique de GW, il y a un sujet en section Communauté > Autour du Warfo.
  7. Que pensez vous de la V8

    GM TheBoss™ : Discussion spécifique au tournoi transférée ici.
  8. Nouvelle version de Necromunda pour fin 2017 ?

    GM TheBoss™ : Pour la déclinaison en jeu vidéo, c'est par là.
  9. Gang Goliath : cuir, muscles et clous

    Pas le temps, sinon cela aurait été avec plaisir. Tactica: House Goliath Are you ready for the new Necromunda? If you’re looking to win your Gang Wars with brute strength and terrifying firepower, the Goliaths are the gang for you – and we’ve got some top tips on using them. House Goliath gangs boast superb characteristics by the standards of Necromunda, with distinctly above-average Strength and Toughness allowing them to deal some extra damage in close combat and take a beating in return. Where Goliath gangers suffer is their Will and Intelligence characteristics; a constant diet of growth hormones, stimms and extreme violence doesn’t do much for one’s temperament. As such, they’ll be better off trying to batter through any doors or caches they come across, rather than attempting the difficult work of decoding the access panels! Goliaths do possess an excellent Cool stat, however – this isn’t a representation of how awesome a model looks (otherwise they’d all have a 2+!) but how they respond to crises, such as watching fellow fighters killed, mid-game. Just watch out when you’re recruiting Juves in Gang War! Juves in the new Necromunda are the lifeblood of any healthy gang, accumulating new Skills and advancements faster than their comrades. However, Juves often possess a weakened profile; Goliath Juves, for instance, only have a Strength and Toughness of 3. You’ll have to work hard to keep them safe in the early battles of your campaign, lest you hurt your gang’s future prospects. The Goliath armoury is packed with unusual weapons, characterised by short range and heavy damage. You’ll be able to arm your gangers with brute cleavers, fighting knives, spud-jackers, power hammers and the savage renderizer. Which ones you use will come down to personal taste; we’d recommend experimenting with wielding a different close combat weapon in each hand. The brute cleaver, for instance, can disarm a foe, while the spud-jacker can knock foes back, making them handy secondaries. What might surprise you about the Goliaths is their deadly ranged weaponry. The combat shotgun is a fantastic choice for any ganger, capable of firing heavy slugs or delivering a template-shaped burst of shrapnel, while the stub cannon takes the principle of a revolver and super-sizes it, creating a weapon few outside the gang could even lift. Meanwhile, for the toughest of targets, the ‘Krumper’ rivet cannon is a deadly piece of heavy-duty hardware. With a ferocious rate of fire, decent AP and high Damage, this weapon doesn’t possess great range but can chew through enemy fighters with ease close up and is particularly nasty in Zone Mortalis games, where short-ranged shooting reigns supreme. It’s worth noting that grenades are deadlier in the hands of Goliath gangers than anyone else thanks to the way the Necromunda rules work. When throwing a grenade, the range is determined by multiplying the thrower’s Strength by 3, so Goliaths can propel theirs up to 12”. This is a great way to punish bunched-up packs of low-toughness fighters like Escher gangs, or bust open a stubborn door with a krak grenade to set up a surprise attack with another ganger. In Gang War, you’ll be able to upgrade your Goliath Gangers with skills from the Brawn and Ferocity skill sets, with options later to take skills from Combat and Shooting. These skill sets lend themselves towards close warfare, with one of our favourites being Bulging Biceps; it’s effective whether you’re wielding a heavy weapon or just want to see how much carnage you can cause swinging a renderizer with one hand. Another favourite, Bull Charge, is a deadly ability, albeit a simple one – if an enemy makes the mistake of standing near an edge, simply charge them and try to knock them off! Berzerker is a Ferocity skill that adds an additional attack dice to your close combat actions when you charge – as you’d expect, this couples superbly with Bull Charge and is a great choice for a second skill if you level up a Champion or Leader in your campaign. With Goliaths, you’ll want to keep your gang close together, making good use of cover before you’re close enough to the enemy to start shooting at them. You’ll be most effective at mid-to-short range – remember, even an ostensibly “ranged” Goliath ganger is a force to be reckoned with in close combat. One strategy you may want to try is using “sacrificial” gangers to try and bait out enemy charges. Thanks to the high Cool characteristic of the rest of your gang, watching a comrade go down is unlikely to trigger a failed Nerve test. In your next activation, you’ll be free to follow up with a deadly charge from several of your fighters, before forming up again into a defensive wall.
  10. [V8][AsMil] Leman Russ renégats et du culte genestealer

    La date indiqué est celle de création du PDF (que l'on trouve dans les propriétés du document). La publication sur leurs sites est plus tardive (et sans pouvoir toujours y associer une date précise). Pour l'index Xenos 2, Warhammer Community du 22/10/2017 (Astra Militarum...).
  11. Gang Escher : Cheveux teintés et bottes de cuirs Tactica: House Escher The new Necromunda is just a few days away – have you picked your gang yet? If you’re looking to win your games through speed, guile and deadly chemical weaponry, House Escher gangs are for you. With this info, you’ll be playing like a seasoned champion when your copy arrives. Escher Gangers are fast, smart, and fragile. With a 5” move, you’re a hair more mobile than the Goliaths, and the BS and WS on your average ganger is a respectable 4+, allowing you to take advantage of both ranged and melee weapons. Strength and Toughness 3 aren’t superb, but there are a few ways to overcome this – we’ll be going into the weapons you’ll be able to equip your gangers with in the Gear section. Each of your fighters has a solid Initiative, Will and Intelligence, meaning that – generally speaking – you’ll be able to rely on your fighters to open doors and caches when you need them to. Whether you’re playing with the Warhammer: Underhive boxed set or Gang War, Escher gangs have an unusual and varied armoury. Generally speaking, Escher Gangers can be equipped in one of two ways, either packing cheap and reliable weapons like lasguns and autoguns, or armed with some more esoteric weaponry, like the shock whip or “Nightshade” chem-thrower. Auto and las weapons might not be flashy, but they get the job done, and Escher has access to loads of them. Lasguns are perfect for keeping gangers cheap when filling out your roster and leaves some room in your starting list for some promising Juves. Meanwhile, autopistols are a great pick for a Juve, boasting a solid rate of fire while still being pretty reliable. In close combat, every Escher can take a stiletto knife, power sword or shock whip. All of these weapons are more costly than average, but perform excellently against a variety of targets – which one you pick will be down to personal taste. The power sword is a superb all-rounder, capable of parrying incoming attacks and slicing through armour, the stiletto knife can take even the toughest gangers Out of Action thanks to its venomous tip, and the shock whip can be fired at short range like a firearm, representing its superior reach. All Escher gangers (apart from Juves!) can take plasma pistols. While these weapons have a nasty habit of running out of ammo (or exploding!) they’re pretty powerful and suit the short-ranged warfare the Eschers aim to excel at. You can try to keep a reasonable distance from deadly close combat Goliath gangers, but still perform well if things get too close, thanks to the weapon’s Strength. Finally, House Escher gangs can take a range of lethal Toxin and Gas weaponry, including the aforementioned stiletto knife. These weapons bypass the normal process for wounding fighters and are therefore perfect for the low-Strength Escher. The needler/bolter combi weapon has superior range, while the chem-thrower can hit multiple fighters at once – catch your opponents off-guard, and you could clear up an enemy gang in a single gout of toxic gas. Gas grenades give every Escher ganger a deadly backup weapon and are particularly punishing against grouped fighters – particularly devious leaders might want to use one of their fighters to bait multiple chargers as a way to set up a particularly deadly shot. There are loads of skills to choose from when setting up your starting gang, but we’d recommend picking defensive abilities from the Agility set for starters. Dodge and Step Aside allow fighters to avoid attacks and ensure that your most costly Champions don’t end up a liability in your games. For your leader, consider some Leadership skills; while it’s tempting to turn your boss into a close combat killing machine, abilities like Mentor and Commanding presence help you make the most of the rest of your gang and help you press your numerical superiority against the foe. When playing with an Escher gang, you’ll be relying on cunning to keep your key fighters safe. While you may lack the durability of a Goliath gang, there are several ways to make sure that your key fighters stay alive and get to choose their fights. Firstly, you’ll want a couple of low-cost gangers to lead any forward assaults. The purpose of these guys is to absorb incoming fire from your enemy’s heaviest guns – in Necromunda, models can usually only fire at the closest target, so keeping your characters safe is sometimes just a matter of having enough meatshields (such is life in the underhive!). Secondly, in games on 3D boards, you’ll want some gangers with long ranged weapons hanging back to Pin key enemy fighters. Autoguns are great for this – while they might not be particularly strong, their rate of fire makes up for your average Escher’s BS and should suffice to keep any particularly nasty Goliath gangers ducking for cover, making space for the rest of your gang to advance. Positioning is key for the bulk of your Escher gang. Weapons like the “Nightshade” chem-thrower and gas grenades allow you to control space very effectively, but you’ll want to place your fighters carefully so you don’t end up injuring them. In short, Escher gangs reward devious players willing to make use of cover and mobility with a range of deadly tricks – equip yours with a variety of weapons, pack a chem-thrower or two and the underhive will be yours in no time.
  12. [V8][AsMil] Leman Russ renégats et du culte genestealer

    C'est sur le site Warhammer Community en date du 01/10/2017 (Death Guard/ Adeptus Mechanicus). La v 1.2 n'apporte rien à l'Astra Militarum.
  13. [V8][HADGua-Chao] Death Guard/Daemon Nurgle - Psy

    Commentaire des Designers dernière page. Document de mise à jour PDF du Codex Heretic Astartes Death Guard 1ère question des FAQs.
  14. [V8][HADGua] Retombées pestilentielle

    Modo TheBoss™ : La réponse est en toute lettre dans le Codex p74. Pas de [TAG] de version. [TAG] d'ouvrage incorrect (liste). Je ferme.

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