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RoR - Les Hommes-Serpents du Chaos de Saranth le Hacheur d'Elfe


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Cet article m'a rappelé que comme beaucoup de figurine Citadel chanque figurine vintage citadel de homme serpent avait un nom.
Comme il n'y que 5 modèles différent, pourquoi ne pas créer des règles pour le Régiment de Renom.

Opinion ?

2013-05-18+21.36.49.jpg2013-05-18+21.37.11.jpg c27snakemenc3.jpg
Chaos snakemen There are only 5 different minis so I had to get my hands on an extra one and commit the unspeakable : cut in the lead...

Saranth Elf Mangler is my champion for this unit so I decided to use a colourful skin tone to show his rank compared to the more classic colours of his retinue. I also placed him volontarly at the limit of the base to make him stand form the rest of the unit and give the feeling the others are following him.

The second one is S'sirron Fangthrane and is my favourite of the 5. His noble stature and the overall look are a pure delight. He' also got the best sculpted scales imho. There are some kinds of tatoos on his left arm (invisible on the photos below) but I haven't treated them correctly and might have to get back to them with a bluish approach in a celtic way.

Third next is our dear Higgat Dwarf Slicer. Definitely not my favourite. The sculpt is to "flat" though the arlour is quite excellent. The broken shield is here to break the flatness of the mini and to link it with my brettonian army as well.

Fourth is S'Lon Life smasher, very sneaky or should I say snaky with his shoulders raised and the fact is seems to be going backwards. This one is the one who looks the nastiest to me. He looks like he's wainting for th eright time to stab the injured or the ones fleeing...

S'Lon Life smasher Fith and Sixth are S'Lararet Slintered Fang and S'Liip N'ot Bolt Thrower which are the same miniature, the latter having received a spear from a chaos marauder to make him look different from the former.

S'Lararet Slintered Fang
S'Liip N'ot Bolt Thrower

To finish this post, here is one of the only illustration of a snakeman I could find. It comes from the Slaves to Darkness tome of the Realm of Chaos books.
2013-05-20+21.55.43.jpg Edited by Dreadaxe
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Joué en count as Fimir. Pourquoi pas.

I have had a bit of another busy week, hence the small and late blog update today. However, I have managed to finish painting the Snakemen. As those of you who have read my blog before may recall, the Snakemen are to be used as a proxy for a Fimir ally contingent in my 3rd Edition Dark Elf Army.

I have yet to rewrite the army list to include them, so will update the blog with that soon. I have already painted several of the Dark Elves, so the army is nearing completion.

The contingent consists of 16 Snakemen, divided up into two regiments of 8 'Fimm Warriors', and 7 'Fianna Fimm' with a 'Fimm Warlord' as the regimental leader. I painted them up in a green flesh colour (well, scales!), as, after trying a couple of other colours, I thought green was a better base for the rest of the colours of the equipment. I went for golden bronze armour to offset the green and becuase it looks unusual, and blue and red for the two different regiments.

They were a joy to paint, and are lovely miniatures.

I have included several photographs of the Snakemen, as well as a few photographs of a couple of random things.

Enjoy smile.gif
SN+011.JPG The ally contingent. Snakemen+29th+sept+2013+002.JPG Eight Warriors of the 'Fimm'. The first of the C27 Snakemen, S'lararet Slintered Fang. Rear view The side view of the armour, showing the skull faced shoulder armour. Snakemen+29th+sept+2013+007.JPG Higgat Dwarf Slicer. I love the breastplate in the shape of a fanged face. Snakemen+29th+sept+2013+008.JPG Rear view showing the shield. Snakemen+29th+sept+2013+009.JPG I had two broken Snakemen. The first of them was missing the sword, and so I converted him into the unit leader by giving him a mace. Snakemen+29th+sept+2013+010.JPG The second was also missing his sword, and so gave him one from the Skeleton Horde box set. Snakemen+29th+sept+2013+011.JPG The second regiment, the 'Fianna Fimm' with the 'Fimm Warlord'. Saranth Elf Mangler. Left hand side. Rear view. S'Sirron Fanthrane. Rear view. Another Higgat Dwarf Slicer, this time in red. The contingent leader, S'lon Life Smasher. I only have one of him, so thought he fitted the role of contingent leader very well. Rear view. Shield side view.

Edited by Dreadaxe
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l'illustration de RoC déchire totalement, et je suis passé à côté de cette seule représentation hors figs en effet!

ELle confirme cet info de gamme qui mettait les hommes serpent dans les troupes du chaos:

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L'idée est plus de ressortir des modèles vintage donc des proxies c'est pas forcément intéressant. Mais bon si on suit cette logique on a les hommes serpent de Mierce qui sont aussi fabuleux.
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Un peu plus sur eux


Awesome Lies by Gideon


This post continues my history of WFRP1, which started here.

It all started when Bryan Ansell decided that WFRP should introduce a new race to the WH world – “to be as distinctive of Warhammer as the Broo are of Runequest” were his exact words if memory serves….

– Graeme Davis, Usenet discussion

This incident can probably be dated to the time between May 1986, when Graeme Davis joined GW, and November 1986, when WFRP1 was published. In light of development times, it seems more likely that it occurred in the earlier part of this period. However, the push for distinctive Warhammer creatures seems to have extended further back. Warhammer had long had the slann, which had been developed by Richard Halliwell some three years before (see part XIX). Skaven had also been unveiled shortly before, in December 1985 and April 1986 (as discussed in part XXXII). Around the same time Charles Elliott even did some work on a race* of Chaos snakemen, miniatures of which were advertised in September and December 1985.


Chaos snakemen in the third Citadel Compendium (December 1985)

No material was ever published to accompany the snakeman figures, though Elliott has suggested he had plans in that direction.

… Evil and barbarous, the Chaos Snake Men were Chaz [Charles Elliott]’s take on a splintered off section of Slaan [sic], a result of a breeding mutation. Though the idea of Chaos Snake Men was not expanded beyond the five models he designed for Games Workshop, Chaz had visions of Chaos Snake Men atop Elemental Worms and Snake Men sub-factions.

– John Wombat, blog post

Elliott’s plans went unfulfilled. Snakemen never appeared in Warhammer, though they did receive a passing mention in an article that introduced skaven to Blood Bowl in White Dwarf 86 (February 1987):

Did you know?…

…that the most famous Skaven Player [sic] of all was called Tarsh Surehands. Tarsh has two heads and four arms, features which made him the leading pass receiver in the league. Sadly, in a crucial wild card [sic] game against the SSSchHtt V’gghUYth snakeman team, a missed pass led to his two heads having a violent argument, and before anyone could stop him, he had strangled himself to death!

– ‘Skaven Scramblers’, White Dwarf 86 (February 1987)

It is not clear why snakemen were not developed further. Ansell may have disliked them, thought them insufficiently distinctive or been concerned that they would fail to sell. Whatever the reasons, they fell by the wayside, and Ansell decided to create his own Warhammer race. This was the zoats. [...]



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Du WFB8 Montruous Arcanum à propos des Mythic Artefacts page 19 :



The White Sistrum (Arcane Item) 150 points
There many night-haunted legends emanating from the foetid jungles and deadly wastes of the far hinterlands of Khuresh. Story abound of the dread Snake Men and the foul and nightmarish Blood Nagas queens who rule there, and it is a realm where men are no more than hunted prey, and blood and souls are the only coin in trade.
Rarely do artefacts of this fell civilisation reach the Old World and all are steeped in blood and misunderstood power. One such artefact is the White Sistrum, a strange ivory-graven rattle-drum shaped like an hourglass, whose discordant music brings madness and death, and evokes the terrible rites of the Naga.

The bearer of the White Sistrum causes Terror. The bearer and any unit they are with and any mount they ride gain the Poisoned Attacks special rule. The bearer gains the Loremaster special rule (Lore of Shadows). In addition they may invoke the power of the Naga of Khuresh and the slaughter of forgotten ages when the cold blooded serpents of Chaos held the world in a stranglehold of terror.

The Sistrum is empowered as the player who owns it gathers more of the Storm of Magic’s strength.
• Presence: All friendly units, other than monsters, within 24 of the Sistrum’s bearer gain the Frenzy and Swiftstride special rules.This effect does not include the bearer, any unit they have joined or their mount.
• Equilibrium: In addition to the Presence effect, if any doubles are rolled by the owning player for the winds of magic, all friendly Wizards gain +2 to their casting rolls and all enemy Wizards suffer -1 to their dispel rolls.
• Dominance: In addition to the Presence and Equilibrium effects.select one enemy unit within line of sight of the Sistrum’s bearer he Shooting phase, That unit suffers 3D6 Strength 4 poisoned hit as a swarm of venomous serpents erupts from the earth under them. Casualties are distributed as per a shooting attack.



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Cool, ça c'est des infos.

En relisant le sujet, je suis assez choqué par le soclage 40x40 choisi par un des seuls gars qui en présentent des peints actuellement.. Sans aller jusqu'à des régles créées pour eux ou des count as, l'illustration me dit bel et bien que ce sont des hommes bêtes, tout simplement (à la manière des figs d'HB de RoC, qui présentaient autres choses que des hommes boucs).



Ce soclage oblige a les jouer en minotaure/ogres du chaos ce qui est du bon count as pour le coup. Alors que sur 25x25 ils feraient du bons gors! (snakegors).

avec un brin de recherche:


la barre de soclage ne laisse aucun doute ce sur quoi ils étaient censé être mis comme socle, à l'origine:


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Graeme Davis nous propose une adaptation à WFRP4




Chaos Snakemen – A Forgotten Warhammer Race

Recently, Gideon over at the excellent Awesome Lies blog posted a very interesting and thoughtful piece on some of the more unique creatures in the Warhammer world. As well as the oft-discussed Zoats and Fimir, Gideon takes a look at a more obscure race, Chaz Elliott’s Chaos Snakemen.
c27snakemen-c3p31x-01.jpg Ad from the third Citadel Compendium.

Chaz tells their story himself, and gives some details about the background he had devised for them, in this interview on Captain Crook’s Funky Wenis Rodeo. Only five miniatures were ever made, and they were never formally written up for the Warhammer rules.

In 2015, Tim Prow sculpted a small range of Snakemen for the Antiquis Malleum project by Diehard Miniatures, and a few more have appeared on the Diehard Miniatures web page.

As far as I have been able to discover, though, no rules have ever been published for them – so here is my interpretation of them for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th edition. Needless to say, what follows is in no way official and should be considered a fan work. No challenge is intended to copyrights or trademarks held by Games Workshop, Cubicle 7, or anyone else.



S’Nethen (Chaos Snakemen)

image.png?w=393 Image stolen from the Diehard Miniatures web site.

A failed experiment by the Old Slann, the S’Nethen escaped from Lustria and fled north. Initially they planned to gather their strength and return to defeat the Old Slann and free Lustria, but the catastrophe of the warpgates and the creation of the northern Chaos Wastes made mere survival a struggle, and as centuries and millennia passed the proud S’Nethen degenerated into a barbaric and mutation-prone remnant of what they once were.

They should not be underestimated, though, for they have guarded their territory for millennia against the forces of Chaos, where peoples have been assimilated or destroyed.

M WS BS S T I Ag Dex Int WP Fel W
4 40 30 35 45 30 40 30 30 45 25 15

Traits: Armour 1, Cold-blooded, Fast, Night Vision, Weapon +7

Optional: Armour 3 – 4), Bite +5, Constrictor, Corruption Minor), Dark Vision, Mutation, Ranged +7 (100), Size (Large), Spellcaster (Any), Tail +5, Venom (Easy – Very Hard)



L'interview de Chaz Elliott le sclupteur qui en apprend un peu plus... Qui fait aussi dire que niveau fluff il n'avait pas grand chose d'intéressant.



The Pure: The Untold Story of Chaz Elliott's Snakemen


Welcome to the Rodeo, vaquero. Now grab my wenis and come for a spin...
The Pure: The Untold Story of Chaz Elliott's Snakemen

This illustration from The Lost and the Damned supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Battles 3rd Edition shows a four-armed snakeman joining a legion of man-beasts on what appears to be a door-to-door charity cookie sale.



Back in the dawning of the Warhammer 
world, one man had a vision of a subterranean empire, a hollow realm 
where creatures part man and part snake burrowed and writhed in the 
dark, tainted earth beneath the frozen northern chaos wastes. That man 
was Chaz Elliott, and this is his story, the untold origin of the 
iconic, enigmatic Citadel snakemen sculpts that captured the imagination
 of many and generates discussion in places like FB and the Oldhammer forum to this day.

(Please note, the following is taken from my
 chat logs from a several month period and may be altered for 
convenience and legibility).

The snakemen as they appeared in the citadel catalogues in days of long ago. Chaz would not confirm or deny that the word 'Slintered' is actually a spelling error, and that it was meant to read 'Slingwad'.


CC: When the subject of your snakemen sculpts comes up on our forum,
 a common theme is one of discussing their origins - questions arise 
like what are their rules? What base size were they intended for? Are 
they just a different class of beastman? Can you please shed some light 
on how the snakemen came about?  


Chaz: Split off from the Slann - feckup breeding program - they 
went to the darkside and moved to the frozen north to build new 
underground breeding pits so they could return to Lustria and take it 
back from the alien overlords -- or something like that. Wanted a 
barbarian feel to them - like badass snakes that live in a cold climate 
cos they are dead ard. [They would use] Sigil magic - based around 
shards of the first hatching.






S'lararet Slintered Fang: Likes long walks on the beach, writing romantic poetry and swallowing live rodents.


CC: That's fascinating. Who pitched that idea?  

Chaz: Me. Never took off. Jez thought that they were too close to his style and told me to stop copying him - find some originality - and move my wrist more. Sage advice.

CC: Ooer...

Chaz: The discussion with Jez was amiable - he was a good teacher- his perspective was to set me on my own journey of discovery rather than slavish adulation - did me a favour - now I can sculpt in a myriad of different styles - always good to have a hero to inspire you - even better if they give you good advice. 


Saranth Elf Mangler: A patron of the Arts who regularly donates rare collectible pieces to charity auctions.



CC: Speaking of sculpting, the work you did on the snakemen has impressed a lot of people, and continues to do so after all these years. Looking at them closely you can see so many wonderful details; twisted faces in the armour, mysterious potions tucked away in pouches - at what stage of your sculpting career were you at when you made these snakemen?
Chaz: I think they were my 10-15th actual miniatures.
CC: What else had you done up till then?
Chaz: Most of the treasure piles, dungeon furniture range - then I think the Chaos battering ram - then the snakemen. I think that was the order - hard to remember.
CC: Is it true you taught Kev Adams how to sculpt?
Chaz: I gave him some tips when I went to see him in Cambridge - he was called 'Dog' - he pretty much taught himself - can't remember if I gave him his first bit of green putty?
CC: Why 'Dog'?
Chaz: Have to ask him - no idea - didn't ask as he was a tall spiky punk and I was a small headbanger - he want's to be called Dog - no worries?
CC: I can see how that wouldn't be a problem (makes a mental note to ask Kev why he was 'Dog').
Do you have a funny anecdote from those times you could share?
Chaz: Funny? Errr nope - insane - maybe. Kev used to coat all of his minis with diluted Humbrol matt white and an airbrush - barking - but brilliant.

CC: What other ideas were there for the snakeman range that you'd hoped to realise? 

Chaz: snakes riding large earth elemental wurms - digging and delving through the frozen north - encountering warpstone and mutating - battles between Natural Born and Warped Snakemen - that kind of pooh.

Higgat Dwarf Slicer: Works at a delicatessen, does not get visited much by Dominique Pinon. 


CC: Sounds awesome! You didn't happen to make any sketches did you? 

Chaz: I did - but lost the sketchbook some time ago - A friend took some photocopies as he was a figure frother -- but he passed away 5 yrs ago and his wife threw everything out -- had my ideas and sketches for Ogres in there too.

S'lon Life Smasher: Lead researcher at a global health institute. Owns an extensive butterfly collection.


CC: I'm sorry for the loss of your friend, and the art. Did you have a name for the snakemen?

Chaz: S'nethen -The Pure.


S'Sirron Fangthrane: A badass snake mutant with a halberd who likes to chop people up. What were you expecting?


So vaqueros, there you have it. The untold story of the snakemen finally dragged hissing from the depths of the frozen north to wreak havok on your minds and small mammals. It's a shame that the background for these scaly man-squamata never took off back then, but all is not lost, for this is where you, the Oldhammer enthusiast, come into it. Something small like a lack of rules, points cost and knowledge of appropriate base size is no deterrent for a wargamer like you. I have a dream, a dream that one day my poor little snakelings will have an army of their own, full of Pure ones, not having to share with smelly goat-men or fish-dudes or elephant-heads.


Some all-new snakeman sculpts by Tim Prow for the Antiquis Malleum line of Oldhammer inspired miniatures.




 In this dream, snakemen lords ride giant tunneling wurms into the heart of enemy formations, crushing and devouring all before them. Also in this dream, Mickey Mouse tried to sell me some bad hash and I went down the street with Denis Leary and Howard the Duck and we put some serious hurt on that little bugger, but then it turned out he was my mum and I was late for school because all my teeth kept falling out in the bathroom. 



Pictured: The Dread Maw from Forge World. Not pictured: Mickey Mouse getting a beat down. I should prioritize my pictures better.

But let's focus on the snakemen. I'm not saying that we should all abandon our previous ideas and utilisations of these fine models (i'm still planning to use mine as some Slaanesh followers at some point). I'm just saying that the background that Chaz came up with all those years ago has some real potential. Admit it, you know you want to see some snake-on-snake action. 


Ooh, yeah, that's it...





While his vision of the tunneling wurms was more along the lines of a beast with an omni-directional head with a twelve-piece jaw, each segment having a single eye on it (like the most nightmarish D12 you ever saw) and a whole lot more spines, I'm willing to take some artistic licence here. 

My challenge to the Oldhammer community at large is this: help me develop the S'nethen into the rich and exciting race they were meant to be. I want to see long winded discussions on unit types and earthwurm stats, and I want to see artwork, fluff and amazing model conversions and paint work. Show me the pride of your Natural Born hatchlings, show me the dark twisted forms of your 

Warped Ones... And i want it all 5 mins ago. Get on it, peeps!


"This snakeman has a sword on a stick" - Little Miss 4


"The good guy is fighting the snakeman" - Young Master 5


"Some snakemen. One is drinking a potion" - Little Miss 4

Big thanks to Chaz Elliott for putting up with my constant nagging for the last few months - your time is precious and I appreciate you spent a little on me!

- Captain Crooks


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It’s none other than the legendary Snakeman Star Player Boa Kon’ssstriktr. This sashaying serpent is the first Snakeman in Blood Bowl, from a race we haven’t seen on or off the pitch in quite some time.


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Posted (edited)


Zhu Bajie comme toujours nous vend du rêve


There are rules for "Serpent Crawlers", which are Snake Men in 1st Edition:

Warhammer 1st Edition :
  M WS BS S T W I A Ld Int Cl WP PV
Serpent Crawler 3 3 3 2 3 2 4 2 7 7 7 7 18

The origins of this half human, half serpent, are obscure - they have magical associations and are most commonly found singly as the guardians of treasure or religious temples. The Serpent Crawler is unusual in that it is immune to Fear and Poison no matter what the cause. They never test for Psychological or Morale reaction at all. They are also allowed a saving throw as if wearing Full Plate armour as their skins are magically toughened and iron scaled. Fire damage has only normal effect against them, acid no effect at all


They're probably based on the Yuan-Ti from AD&D (first appearance 1981) but don't have my books to hand to double check if the special rules tally up.


Of course you're free to ignore all of that and create whatever you want  :D


Edited by Dreadaxe
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